Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment heals.....

Today's post:  Wednesday, 8-30-2017

A few months ago Dr Al Sears said that in some kinds of dental surgery, the site would not heal at all when simply left to do so.

But when the area was infused with platelet rich plasma, patients DID heal in a reasonable time and the healing was permanent!

In a more recent article he said that platelet rich plasma therapy works so well in part by causing stem cells that fit the area injured to rebuild it.

He even cited a study where platelet rich plasma therapy restored fertility to a menopausal woman!

Healing things that normally don’t and restoring function to aging systems sounds like the thing the fictional Dr McCoy did on Star Trek.

But what is it exactly and why can it be safe to use?

A recent Medical News Today article covers that!

The most important point is that the platelet rich plasma that might be used to treat you is taken from blood YOU previously donated.

So given clean equipment, you don’t need to worry about getting viruses from someone else.

And, the stem cells it turns on are compatible because they are triggered by your own platelet rich plasma.

I agree with Dr Sears that use of platelet rich plasma for healing and some reversal of aging is a very important and not yet developed treatment that will become more and more important and widely used!

Here’s the link to the Medical News Today article:

Does platelet-rich plasma for the knee work?
The use of platelet-rich plasma as a treatment for knee pain is relatively new, and becoming more popular. Learn about this alternative treatment.

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