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How we chose Focus on Your Health and iehealth….

Today's post: Friday, 4-3-2015

How we chose our names Focus on your health and IEHealth and our two new ventures:

A.  IEHealth came first.

The background:

L. Ron Hubbard was an eccentric genius.  His science fiction was OK but not great. His theories of psychotherapy were wrong though some parts of it were sound. And, his religion was not that good and has at times been harmful. (To be fair it also has saved some people who would have been in horrible shape without it since some parts of the psychotherapy do work.)

But his genius was in his definition of real world intelligence.  

In fact, his insight on this was one of the most important ideas in Western Civilization in its entire history.

He asked himself, if you take ALL the parts of intelligence and state what it is that includes all of those parts and why intelligence is valuable, what is the summary statement that includes it all?

Here's my paraphrase and description of it:  

"Intelligence is the ability to perceive, pose, and solve problems in the real world."  

He went on to say that this applied to making the survival of yourself and people you care about and the quality of life of yourself and the people you care about happen and happen better.

My version is:  

Intelligence is:  the ability to notice threats and see or find opportunities and take the actions that stop or escape the threats and realize the opportunities in the real world.

After I read Hubbard's definition and thought it over, I decided my individual major at UC Berkeley was Creating Beneficial Social Change --through Entrepreneurship.

It was at that time that I discovered that it was possible to teach healthy babies and toddlers and young people to have a level of intelligence as measured by IQ equal to 160 to 250.  

And it was possible, and indeed had already been done successfully, to have people taught that way to achieve at competent adult to world class levels from about 8 years old to age 17.

So my initial concept was to help make that happen so we would have a lot more people like that in our world.

And, I decided to call my company based around this, Intelligence Enterprises.  

But I found out many people seeing the word “Intelligence” thought of military intelligence and finding out what your enemies and potential enemies were up to.  (The I in CIA refers to that kind of intelligence for example.)

Worse, other people already had names similar enough that we could not use Intelligence Enterprises as a business or corporate name.

And, I found out that while few parents cared much about making that kind of extra effort with their children or thought it safe and desirable to teach them that young, many people shared my personal interest in health.

So health became my main focus. And I decided on using the initials of Intelligence Enterprises plus the word Health -- IEHealth.  

B.  Then, when I decided to write this blog, I named it Focus on Your Health and its URL became .

And as you have seen, it is aimed at people who want to protect or improve their health and take actions themselves to do so.

So, if that includes you, Focus on Your Health makes it clear the posts are written for you!

C. Our two new ventures are:

1.  We are building a membership site to help people lose fat, lose all the fat they want to or need to, and keep it all off permanently.

The basics are simple to describe.  But since few people do them now, not enough people know why they should, those who do know why but got in the habit of doing the reverse often don't ever try to make the needed upgrades.  

And, people who try to make the upgrades often mess it up.  

Then, many people need extra methods beyond the basics and others find it hard to keep making the needed efforts.  Worse, many people use methods that ensure failure or even make future success very hard.  Sometimes they then no longer believe fat loss is possible for them.

So building a membership site that solves ALL those problems, is easy to use, and succeeds with virtually everyone who joins it, is a challenge to put it mildly.  

The good news is that every part of that has solutions we have found and know AND we are close to launching some of the key building blocks.

Then, just like learning a new language, once enough key building blocks are built and selling separately, combining them into a workable membership site will come together quickly.

We have chosen a name for this membership site.  We have good reasons for choosing that name.  But since the site isn't ready to launch, I'll not disclose it in this post.

2.  We also plan to build a membership site for people who in Leonard Nimoy's words, want to "Live Long and Prosper."

Some people live twenty or more years longer than average.  Even better, many of those people are healthy and mobile and mentally sharp all their lives.

It's long been possible to do that on purpose; but few knew how. 

The better news now is that not only do we know how to do it, we know in much more detail.  And we know how to help people take those actions.  

Plus we know in considerable detail how to prevent virtually all the diseases most Americans now get that prevent them from achieving this. 

AND we are beginning to know how to slow aging as well.  

We have a working title for this membership site also; but its exact form may depend on how the different forms test out in actual surveys and tests.

PS:  Why two membership sites instead of one?

Because we think we can help at least five times as many people by doing both and make at least five times as much money.

AND because there is a 95% overlap in the content!

As just one example, the most important basics for permanent fat loss and for living decades longer in good health are EXACTLY THE SAME!

Here's why having them both makes for far more sales and helps far more people:

1.  Imagine someone who wants permanent fat loss to look better and feel better and who hasn't bothered to make an effort to do things to avoid a heart attack.  

Many people like that may well then be willing to join the good health site to add the few extra actions to prevent heart disease once their fat loss efforts have already gotten them 70% to 80% of the way there.

2.  Similarly, imagine someone who is in the good health membership site to increase their productivity and eliminate 70% to 80% of their health care costs by never getting the diseases that would have added those saved costs -- because their employer made it worth their efforts & time.

They may never have been willing to make an effort to lose their extra 70 pounds of fat.  But when taking those health protective actions takes off 45 pounds of that fat - and they now see themselves as much more able to take health protective actions, they may then be willing to join to lose the other 25 pounds because they know for sure they can easily do so from their actual experience! 

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