Thursday, March 19, 2015

You CAN have more energy AND be calm and stress resistant

Today's post:  Thursday, 3-19-2015

Most people know they’d like to have both those things!

1.  What few people know is that there ARE ways to do that now that are available!

2.  AND there is a new device that is beginning to show in tests that it can do this by itself. 
And, it may make the other things even more effective.

The device is called the Thync.

Before dates, you’d love to turn down the jitters and feel at your best.

While studying or studying for finals you’d love to have a way to wake up and have your mind sharp  that is even better and gentler than coffee. 

And, you’d love to have a way to turn off any exam worries or jitters so you can be at your best.

The Thync device just tested to do both and passed with flying colors I found out earlier today!

In addition to that. I’ve needed both effects badly enough that I also know what else that is time efficient enough to be actually doable now is available. (I list them later in this post.)

I.  Here are many other ways to use the ability to have these two things once you can have them reliably.

To experience less burn out during very challenging work or life experience that goes on for weeks AND to recover faster and more completely afterwards.

To be most productive at work.

Before important meetings or doing tasks in a team doing a high pressure or important task.

To avoid high blood pressure.  To de-stress or turn down high blood pressure with no time added to your day.

To help stop insomnia.  To get more refreshing and restorative sleep.

To help turn off stress driven and stress triggered migraines.

To de-stress before or after dinner with less wine.  (This can help with fat loss and can help keep you safer and healthier compared with drinking a lot more for stress relief.)

To double or triple or quadruple the success people have when they quit smoking AND do it without nicotine or high side effect drugs!! 

(A few people get a high from nicotine just like coke addicts.

But most people would quit smoking if they could get the fast stress relief they think they get from smoking with slow drags and if they could get the fast wake up they DO get from fast drags AND the other way to do these things made them healthier instead of killing them!)

II. Many supplements and practices also do these two things. 

a) Tai Chi works; some versions of Yoga that include the slow breathing work; the Resparate works for some people.  But each of these demands a LOT of time from people who practice them.

Meditation also works but not as well and takes even more time each day to do.

b) But there ARE foods and supplements that do these two things -- and are time efficient enough most people can fit them in to their lives.

*Lemon balm herb tests to increase a feeling of calm AND boost your higher mental skills at the same time. In addition, lemon balm may increase the length of your telomeres as it shows anti-aging effects.  You can get it and drink it as a tea.  But a faster and simpler way to get it is to get the lemon balm supplement from Paradise Herbs and take one just after you get up, one just after lunch, and on days you have an after dinner class or meeting, take one just when you get home for dinner.

*People who drink a Vitamix drink with several kinds of nutritious, organic, green vegetables two or more times a day report this exact effect! 

They report feeling a powerful and quite noticeable increase in energy that’s quite gentle. It’s simply suddenly there with no jitters or side-effects.

*We now know one of the main reasons this happens and also lowers high blood pressure or prevents it during times of stress. 

It’s because things like water cress and kale and beets and celery are each quite high in nitrates and ingesting them in amounts that high causes nitric oxide release inside your blood vessels.

THAT does the incredibly desirable double!  Your blood vessels relax and get healthier AND because they are now wider and your blood viscosity gets lower, your brain literally gets a supercharge from having so much better circulation!

(Blood pressure drugs lower blood pressure but REDUCE blood flow to the brain. So people who take them feel less energetic or dizzy or tired or mentally fuzzy.  Arrghh!)

*The supplements that you can take if you haven’t a Vitamix to use that do some of this are beet root extract, freeze dried beet juice, and the amino acid l-citrulline.  (Beets are high in nitrates and l-citrulline has tested to cause nitric oxide release.)

I’m just now experimenting to see if taking the beet root extract is enough to lower my slightly too high blood pressure.  And, I’m checking to see if adding several spoonfuls a day of the freeze dried beet crystals adds to the effect.

* Research DOES show that getting enough nitrates which for sure happens with the Vitamix drinks is quite effective and lasts about 6 hours.

So, once when you first get up, once just after lunch, once when you first get home for dinner, and one just before bedtime will give you this effect 24 hours a day!  

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