Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CoQ10 article reports the REVERSE of what the researchers found!

Today's post:  Tuesday, 3-17-2015

"Study refutes benefits of popular-anti-aging supplement" sounds like the researchers found that the supplement had no anti-aging effects.

Nope.  That is not at all what they found!   

They found it wasn't that great at being an anti-oxidant.  So what?!  There are plenty of foods and other supplements that are great anti-oxidants.

What people take CoQ10 and its much stronger form, ubiquinol, for is its effect on cellular energy and as an anti-aging supplement by helping you continue that effect when it would otherwise gradually disappear.

The researchers found that CoQ10 DID have that effect!

The real title for what they actually found would have been:  

Despite showing few antioxidant effects, study finds CoQ10 does have an anti-aging effect.

This article must have been paid for by the drug companies it's so stupidly written and thought out and pro-drug.

(The writer of the article is competent enough I know from her other work that I think she just reflected the write up she got as it was given to her.)

1.  What the researchers actually found was that CoQ10 was not much of an anti-oxidant which some people have indeed believed.

But the best source for antioxidants is getting them along with the complementary nutrients in real food or in specific antioxidant supplements that are known to have other health benefits.

So that's not really that much of a big deal. 

2.  CoQ10 and its active form, ubiquinol, are known to be health boosters and anti-aging supplements precisely because they keep mitochondria functioning well!

Mitochondria are the internal generators of energy inside each of your cells.  

When they are all, 100% of them, healthy and at full strength you have the energy of a healthy 10 year old.  But when over 90% of them are dead and the rest are not at full strength you tire very easily cannot move much which tends to happen in very elderly people over 90 years old.

The researchers found that CoQ10 DOES indeed HAVE THIS Anti-Aging effect.

That means the headline, "Study refutes benefits of popular-anti-aging supplement" is precisely the opposite of what they found! 

Because the researchers suggest that drug companies make a mitochondria saving drug based on CoQ10 and that consumers not take CoQ10 which already safely delivers that effect, this is clearly written up as a pro drug company report.

But when they add this, there is zero question their write up is a deliberately anti-supplement slanted article:

"Dietary supplements cost a lot of money to patients throughout the world - money that would be better spent on healthy food. What's more, the hope for a quick fix makes people less motivated to undertake appropriate lifestyle changes."

Real food as in organic vegetables and fruit IS worth spending money on instead of packaged snacks and dessert and fast food and soft drinks.

There is even a legitimate case that this is more powerful than most supplements.  

But the question they researched overall is if you add taking CoQ10 to that as well, does it have anti-aging effects?

They found the answer was YES.  It was NOT a NO for the most important anti-aging effect!

Further, other research shows that the supplement, the ubiquinol form of CoQ10, ALREADY available as a supplement, is now much more effective at this anti-aging effect.

They say that you need to wait on the drug companies to see if they can make a safe drug to do that.

This is baseless pro-drug company propaganda. This facts show it's not the case.

Here's the link to their surprisingly biased article:

Study refutes benefits of popular anti-aging
Commonly used to combat aging, ubiquinone is a
dietary supplement that is hailed for its antioxidant properties. But it may not
be an antioxidant after all, a new study finds.

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