Monday, June 28, 2010

How permanent weight loss and fatloss are like driving....

Today's Post: Monday, 6-28-2010

One great way to learn to do new things is to find out how they are very like something you already know how to do.

Most people today and even many teens know how to drive a car.

And, most people either have someone show them how to drive or learn by watching other people drive.

It helps to want to do it enough you pay keen attention to people who already do it well. And, it can help enormously to have someone teach you and then coach you on your initial efforts who can show you the basics one by one and explain why they are important and how to get started doing each of them well.

Then trouble shooting any problems you have on doing each of the key things as you learn them can also be very valuable.

You then have to manage the process as you do it by looking out the window to see if you are going where you intended and can do so safely. You have to be sure you keep the fuel supply going if you begin to run out & do the needed maintenance.

And, you have to keep driving to get where you want to go.

If you run out of gas or pull over and park before that, you won’t get there.

Our posts over the last year -- and some before that -- contain many of the basics of successful fat loss of excess fat (and of the extra weight that excess fat often loads you onto your body.)

Last Friday’s post is a brief overview of these points.

It’s worth noting that every one of the guidelines in that post keep you free of excess fat if you do them all, learn to do each of them well, and keep doing them; AND they also keep you well and healthy and slow aging.

Once you learn them and do them well and begin to like doing them well, just like driving, if you watch where you are going and just keep adding fuel and keep going, you’ll get where you want to be.

If permanent fat loss is your goal, our posts are free to read and you can start here.

We are also working on a more complete and organized online course and a help and support site. When that’s done, we’ll announce it first here.

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