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New information on fat loss....

Today's Post: Thursday, 6-17-2010

Let me put it bluntly. Something that most Americans now eat is dramatically more effective at making people fat than they likely imagine; and they haven’t a CLUE it’s having that effect.

There is a set of strategies we have been consistently recommending in our posts because they clearly help protect your heart. They do so BETTER than taking statin drugs & can help avoid the readings that might cause your doctor to recommend you take statin drugs.

Two of the parts of these strategies we have also recommended to people for fat loss.

One part is well known to cause people to get fat. Like almost everyone else we recommend that people stop doing it. Most suggest you cut back some. We strongly recommend you cut back closer to 100% of the time because it also causes and worsens hear disease and because that’s a good bit more effective in making it easy to lose fat and keep it off to cut back that much.

The really scary and important news is that the second one that few people would guess might also cause fat loss may even be MORE effective at making people too fat or MORE effective in losing excess fat if you reverse it.

We had been recommending it for fat loss because it improved your heart health and protection-- because calories you waste on the part of it that’s harmful to eat could be used on foods that improve your health instead.

In making sure you don’t get too much calories each week to keep off excess fat or remove it, why eat ANYTHING that has calories that will make you sick from eating it?

Simply no longer ingesting these second group of foods also will more than double you fat loss too!

THAT is news. It’s news hardly anyone knows.

The first part that everyone knows is fattening is to drink regular soft drinks at all and to eat tons of sugar several times a day besides. Some people are also learning that eating ANY foods made with refined grains or eating more than a modest amount of whole grains has much the same effect.

Recently research came out showing that eating or drinking this stuff in the excess amounts most Americans still do not only is fattening but causes heart disease. It increases your small particle LDL that is one of the prime causes of heart disease, just like trans fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils. You can tell that because eating these high and super high glycemic foods lowers your protective HDL and sharply boosts your triglycerides. (Researchers have also recently found out that these two effects means it increases your small particle LDL.)

But as important as that news is, the second part is so much more effective at making people fat and also causing heart disease AND helping cause cancer, that I thought I should do this post today having found out the information just last night myself.

People evolved what their bodies do well on hundreds of thousands of years before people began eating grains. These foods include vegetables, nuts, some fruit, and some wild game and wild caught fish.

To this day, people who eat all or most of their food from these groups are far healthier – and far less fat -- than those who eat a lot of other things instead.

And, if people get enough exercise, they can do well eating beans and lentils and occasional servings of 100 % whole grain foods. (Beans and lentils are much lower glycemic than even 100% whole grains. So, they are far less fattening.)

It even used to be the case that people could eat things like beef, lamb, and other animal protein foods that people had raised and still be healthy and even NOT fat unless they ate huge amounts.

The really bad and big news is that this is NOT any longer the case for most people today.

Pasture or grass fed animals have about a 1 to 1 balance between omega 3 and omega 6 oils. They also tend to be leaner than grain fed animals who are unable to move about the way pasture fed animals have to, so they have less total fat and less saturated fat too.

People who eat the meat or milk, cheese, and even the butter from pasture or grass fed animals because of this 1 to 1 balance between omega 3 and omega 6 oils their bodies are optimized for almost always stay healthy.

But if you go to the store to buy these things today, the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 oils is something like one to FIFTEEN. Oops!

That’s so far out of balance it’s scary. But it happens every day all across the United States. The meats and animal protein foods in most stores today are from 100 % grain fed animal.

The reason is that the grains the grain fed animals are fed have virtually only omega 6 oils while pasture grass has or induces the healthy one to one balance instead in the animals that eat it.

So, since getting too much omega 6 oils and too little omega 3 oils strongly produces excess inflammation which causes sharply increased risk of heart disease, we have long recommended that people do a whole set of things to avoid this happening to them.

Last night I discovered that it is now known that eating foods that imbalanced also is extremely effective at making people fat in addition!

You can blame the increasing fatness of Americans on drinking soft drinks, eating refined grains, eating far too much sugar, watching far too many hours of TV, and NOT getting regular exercise. And, the evidence suggests strongly you would be correct in doing so!

But what if there was a second reason almost as potent as ALL of the above that virtually no one knew about?

It may well be that this massive imbalance in the fat we eat from grain fed animals may well be just such a reason.

How did this get discovered?

At the same time that children and adults got heavier and fatter than they once were, it seems that babies less than 12 months old did too! They have NOT been exposed to the other factors just mentioned. So what was causing it?

(I ran across this last night in the book, Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition by David Servan-Schreiber.

He includes it because it turns out this imbalance also tends to cause many cancers too.)

It seems that the breast milk or cows milk babies eat comes from a person or a group of cows that has been fed grain instead of the foods it has evolved to eat.

It’s almost like they have been force fed grains too, just second hand. And, because of this, the babies have been getting far too little omega 3 oils and far too much omega 6 oils.

This not only causes them excess inflammation and may slow brain growth from too little omega 3 oils, it also MAKES them FATTER than they should be!

Yikes !!

To review our previous advice, here are the things you can do to keep this factor from making or keeping YOU too fat – giving you an avoidable heart attack or cancer.

1. Stop eating oils high in omega 6 to the very best of your ability.

These include corn oil, soy oil, safflower oil, most sunflower oil, and canola oil.

And, also stop eating ALL products that contain them.

2. Do NOT eat any foods containing trans fats or any kind of hydrogenated oils. These are all high omega 6 oils BEFORE they are made even more health damaging by the hydrogenation process.

3. Instead, use mostly extra virgin olive oil -- possibly with small amounts on occasion of butter from grass fed cows only or of coconut oil.

Eat some nuts and avocados also as they have mostly the safely neutral monosaturated or omega 9 oils that extra virgin olive oil does.

(It turns out that the part one of avoiding all the high glycemic and very high glycemic also helps this balance and avoiding inflammation. For one thing, the refined grains are very high in omega 6 oils. That’s also a reason to eat no whole grain or only eat some but usually NOT every day.)

4. Do take DHA and purified fish oil with omega 3 oils daily AND eat some wild caught fish of a variety that is not high in mercury two or three times a week if you can. In other words rebalance yourself to the one to one level your body has evolved to thrive on by adding more of the omega 3 oils you otherwise would be short of.

5. Eat less meat and poultry overall. Eat them two or three times a week or a month instead of two or three times a day.

When you have meat, either get it from animals that have been grass or pasture fed only OR eat smaller amounts of the leanest kinds if you have to get the grain fed stuff. Since the excess omega 6 oils are in the fat, just eat WAY less of it if the animal has been grain fed.

This is also why the nonfat and very lowfat dairy products are better for you as the DASH diet recommends.

One way to get animal protein that doesn’t trash your omega 3/omega 6 balance too badly, is to eat 3 or 4 boiled or poached eggs each week. Seven or more tends to cause problems. But the amount of the fat in only 3 or 4 egg yolks is small while the biological completeness and bioavailability of the egg proteins is so high, you come out ahead. Egg yolks also contain multiple nutrients -- almost like a perfectly formulated vitamin supplement including a megadose of choline that helps increase your protective HDL.

To compensate for having less meat, in addition to the eggs, grass fed meat, skinless poultry, and nonfat and very lowfat dairy products, eat beans and lentils, nuts if you aren’t allergic, and wild caught fish. If you are already trim and exercise regularly every week, you can also get away with eating some foods that are 100 % whole grain too as a protein source.

4. Use ginger and curries with turmeric to spice your food several times a week. Ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and have other health benefits.

5. Take a daily curcumin or turmeric supplement. (Curcumin is though to be the key ingredient in turmeric that protects your health.)

We already knew you would be healthier and protect your heart and get far fewer cancers if you always do these 5 things.

But it’s good news for people who do them that it also helps you lose excess fat or not gain it.

And, for those who don’t yet know to, it’s very bad news indeed. They will have excess fat they will otherwise have trouble getting rid of even if they do other things right, like getting regular exercise.

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