Friday, June 11, 2010

How to be more than four times as likely to lose your excess fat....

Today's Post: Friday, 6-11-2010

The first thing to do is to learn what methods work well or best to lose excess fat. (We are working on an eBook to put all that in one place and make each part easy to use.)

That alone loads the dice in your favor

But most people know some of them.

Most people know that if they have been eating two or three desserts or similar treat foods a DAY, they will be far more likely to lose fat if they eat none or only eat two or three a MONTH.

And, though most people don’t yet know what kinds of exercise help the most or how to get into regular exercise if they haven’t already, they do know if they begin doing at least some regular exercise every week, it will help.

But, many people even know quite a bit and make an effort but either give up before they lose very much or wind up gaining back what they lost.

1. If they either plan what they eat and eat that way as well as they plan and do their commute to work or write down everything they eat or drink and review it once a week AND they do both things for their exercise program each week, they have been shown to double their chances of success of succeeding with fat loss.

For example, almost 100% of the time I have the breakfast at home that I planned to have that day. Almost 100% of the time I have the same planned lunch at work that I bring from home. And, 90% or more of the time I have the evening dinner I planned to have at home. But I have found I need to write down how many alcoholic drinks I have each day to be sure I only have the amount each week that is my goal and NOT more than that. The planned meals save me the time though of having to keep a log of what I eat.

With my exercise program, I write down what I do in my log book every time I exercise. I don’t exercise as often as I eat and use a kind of simple entry that makes this really fast. This helps me keep doing my exercises, encourages me when I see progress, and helps me get back on track if my performance drops off.

2. If they have access to and use a support group either that they go to in person or access online, it has been shown to double their chances of success.

3. If they do both of these things, their chances of success are then FOUR times what they would have been!

Weight Watchers does a great job for those people who haven’t a clue what to do that works or who need in person emotional support.

But it has some flaws.

It tends to set slightly too high goals for what people will do which causes many people to be too hungry to continue.

It is NOT yet anywhere as proactive is it needs to be in having people stop eating high glycemic foods.

And, it does NOT yet stress enough or support as well the regular exercise and vigorous exercise that gets faster results with less hunger and helps people keep off the fat they lose.

For people who have some ability to work on their own, or who have very busy lives, or who can’t easily get to their meetings, it would be nice to have better online access than the Weight Watchers meetings can deliver.

So, we are working on an online fat loss support or membership website that will solve these problems and deliver better and more reliable fat loss and do far better at helping people keep it off.

If there are any kinds of services this could provide that would help you – or – if there are specific problems with doing your fat loss plan you would like help with that this kind of site could help with, please add those to the comments for this post.

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