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New way to stop MS and ALS....Today's post:  Tuesday, 7-17-2018

1.  One of the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is shrinkage of the white matter in your brain or malfunctions in it.  That’s because white matter connects the parts of your brain to each other.  In particular it connects your hippocampus that forms and feeds back new and short term memories to the main part of your thinking brain.  The connections for long term memory retrieval tend to stay in place the longest.

Regular exercise most days of every week tends to prevent white matter shrinkage.  People who are totally sedentary for decades show severe shrinkage in their white matter.

There are other causes and preventions of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; but it is totally clear that because of this white matter shrinkage, that regular exercise is a very important way to prevent dementia!

Walking – and, both cardio and strength training that have controlled doses of intensity that causes you to have to catch your breath from time to time seem to best release the BDNF, the brain and nerve growth hormone that prevents brain shrinkage.

Taking DHA and Omega 3 and the herb bacopa and following a low inflammation lifestyle increase this effect.

That’s because added inflammation tends to block the formation of BDNF and the effect of DHA and Omega 3 oils.  Excess inflammation tends to damage nerves directly on top of that!

Taking statin drugs that harm the mitochondria involved in this process reduces or cancels this effect.  Statin drugs harm nerves directly and worse they make the protective exercises harmful to do. (Mercifully, there are much more effective ways to protect your heart than statin drugs.)

2.  Now a new study reveals that endothelial dysfunction also causes harm to the white matter when it occurs in blood vessels in the white matter.

It also contains the enormously important information that the myelin that insulates all your nerves and the nerves in your brain is made in the white matter and is a key function of it!

This means that:

Avoiding things that damage the endothelium, or inner surface of your blood vessels tends to prevent MS and ALS—

-- in addition to protecting your heart and other parts of your brain. 

Similarly, it means that things that heal the endothelium also tend to turn off MS and ALS.

This is enormously important. 

We know how to stop and sometimes reverse MS and ways to at least stop the progress of ALS. 

With this new information we now know why they work.  Even better, we may be able to do more and cure MS and ALS entirely.


"A new study — led by the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom — has now uncovered how a disease that affects the brain's small blood vessels contributes to dementia and stroke."

They made some important discoveries. They identified, for example, a mechanism through which blood vessel changes from CSVD harm the myelin covering of nerve fibers that carry signals between brain cells.

Brain scans of individuals with dementia often show abnormalities in white matter, which consists mostly of nerve fibers and their myelin covering.

But until this study, the underlying mechanisms implicating CSVD as a driver of myelin damage in white matter were unknown.

Should the mechanism be the same in human CSVD, these findings could pave the way to new treatments for dementia and stroke.

CSVD is common among older individuals. Not only does it directly cause stroke and dementia, but it can also worsen the effects of Alzheimer's disease and give rise to depression and problems with gait.

For a long time, it was thought that the "different features" of CSVD were signs of "different types of tissue changes." But more recently, scientists have come to realize that these features likely share many similar changes that affect small blood vessels.

And, as imaging technology advances, they are finding it easier to explore underlying mechanisms.

Prof. Williams and her colleagues discovered that CSVD causes dysfunction of endothelial cells, which are the cells that form the inner lining of blood vessels.

They also found that dysfunctional endothelial cells stop precursor cells from maturing into cells that make the myelin covering on nerve fibers.”

It seems, in other words, besides connecting the parts of your brain, your white matter when healthy and served by healthy blood vessels makes myelin!

So doing things that cause you to keep your white matter and keep the blood vessels in it and into it healthy tends to prevent dementia and MS and ALS.

3.  Books about ways to achieve these results:

The Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahls details dietary changes that tend to reverse MS both by adding needed nutrient and completely stopping harmful ones.

The Better Brain Book by Dr David Perlmutter details how IV glutathione tends to stop ALS from getting worse.  Apparently this strong anti-oxidant heals the endothelium.

Dr Dale Bredesen in his book, The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, explains how inflammation, lack of key nutrients in high enough amounts, and exposure to toxic chemicals or viruses and other biological toxins and agents each cause Alzheimer’s.  He found that if you stopped each of these for a person in a customized way and did it soon enough, their Alzheimer’s reversed. 

In his book, AntiCancer, Dr David Servan-Schreiber, reveals how far too many foods and drinks most people consume cause very high excess inflammation.  He also says what foods lower inflammation and protect against cancer.

4.  Two toxins proven to cause harm that contribute to endothelial dysfunction and high excessive inflammation are the proton pump inhibitor drugs and all forms of MSG and similar compounds.

5.  Supplements and other actions that can help in good ways include: 

Vitamin D3 of 10,000 iu a day or more and vitamin K2 taken together remove calcium from your blood vessel walls; and deodorized garlic helps keep them healthy and smooth. 

Avoiding MSG AND keeping your salt intake under 4,000 mg a day tends to keep your endothelium healthy.

Eating organic whole fresh fruit and taking grape seed and fruit extracts such as bilberry/elderberry and cherry and cranberry and a very low toxic exposure all can help keep your endothelium healthy in the blood vessels in the brain.

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