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Best protein foods to burn fat….Today’s Post….Thursday, 4-26-2018

Last week we began this 3 part series with Best Protein Foods to Build Muscle and Burn Fat. 

We included some information on each and then featured a woman who lost 61 pounds by changing the protein foods she ate.

This week, after this next section, we cover the foods that work best to burn and lose fat.

Many of the people who have used the three styles we have here have lost fat and kept it off.

Most of them became healthier and some began to look noticeably younger.

Next week, in the third part of this series we’ll cover the best protein foods to build muscle.

Medical News Today had a story, I think they have had before, that lists: “What foods are high in protein.”

They include both foods that help build muscle and bone and those that help you keep muscle and bone when you are minimizing carbs and even doing some partial or intermittent fasting.

To lose fat, building healthy muscle and bone and preventing its loss, adds to the calories you burn that do not feed fat.

Building healthy muscle and bone and preventing its loss also avoids the situation where you eat what you are used to or hungry for but have less and less muscle and bone than you did have means so you feed growing amounts of fat with the food that used to feed muscle and bone.

Eating both the health OK proteins that build muscle and bone best and the proteins that help lose fat best is one strategy.  And, effective strength training and vigorous but brief cardio and some walking each week can do both.

That said, eating to build muscle and bone does work best with some protein foods. 

And -- eating to mostly lose fat while keeping bone and muscle works best with other protein foods.

1.  Last week we posted on a woman who ate less saturated fat containing protein foods where her heredity had been preventing fat loss to some degree because it processed even normally health OK saturated fats less well.

(She also likely ate a high protein food lower in fat and calories than cheese to get the 61 pound fat loss she experienced.  She also kept doing a high level of exercise.)

2.  This means that eating protein foods that sustain bone and muscle but are lower in saturated fat and fat overall –AND lower in calories for each gram of protein can help lose fat.

(Cattle and lambs fed only grass and organic hay and organic sprouts and move about freely have less fat and less saturated fat than the factory fed ones that eat corn and other grains that are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides AND are penned up and do not move at all.)

It also suggests that eating protein foods that are very high in other nutrients your body needs more than building more muscle and in a bit lower amounts each day, can help you lose fat while remaining healthy and keeping the bone & muscle you have.

The four foods that do this best are eggs from pastured chickens, and organ meats from naturally fed animals, and the proteins in broth made from both the bones and marrow of grass fed cows,  and organic, non-starchy vegetables – mostly cruciferous.

Some people who don’t have a problems with cashews and other high lectin nuts and foods can do well with some nuts for protein and nutrition that are zero glycemic and have a source of monosaturated vegetarian fat, almonds work best for this for people not allergic to them. 

Such people can also often do well with some cooked beans for fiber and protein and appetite control.  Cooked organic lentils work best for this.

Because even organic and fermented soy, to some degree -- and ALL other soy -- is quite harmful to your health, it’s best for your health – AND fatloss – to include none at all!

Ms Terry Wahls MD in her book, The Wahls Protocol, uses a diet that is almost all vegetables with zero additives or sugars.  And she has found that for optimum nutrition eggs from pastured chickens and organ meats are valuable to add.  I believe that you’ll stay healthier if you eat only organic vegetables. 

The amount of vegetables a day she has people eat is a bit challenging logistically. 

Note that Whole Foods now carries eggs from pastured chickens.  And US Wellness meats has braunschweiger beef liver sausages from 100% grass fed cows. 

(She also recommends some seaweed for its multiple mineral nutrition.  Wakame and spirulina both work and are very high in protein.) She also suggests some wild-caught fish.

The people who come close to or manage her eating style completely with protein from nonstarchy vegetables and pastured eggs and liver from grass fed cows keep their bones and muscles, particularly if they do moderate intensity strength training and walking.

Note that she does NOT include ANY grain which means zero hybrid wheat!

If they have excess fat when they begin, people who eat as she recommends lose their excess fat  gradually with no rebound until they are quite lean.  They also stay lean as long as they eat this way.

The doctor who found that nonstarchy, high nutrition, vegetables actually have a very high amount of protein per calorie that compares quite favorably or is greater than eggs and beef is Dr Joel Furhrman.

Note that he does NOT include ANY grain which means zero hybrid wheat!

Since his diet is completely vegan, it’s important to take methyl B12 and zinc and iron and other minerals, DHA & omega 3 oils, to be able to follow it and keep your health. 

Dr Wahls covers this with organ meats and seaweed and eggs.  She also suggests some wild-caught fish.

That said, people who follow Dr Fuhrman’s eating plan or come very close without any sugars or harmful additives, also tend to lose any excess fat gradually that they did have at first with no rebound effect until they are quite lean.  They also stay lean if they keep eating this way.

3.  Lastly, people who fast or go on a ketogenic diet, tend to keep their muscles and most importantly keep their bones and joints healthy if they drink bone broth from both bones and marrow from cows fed only grass.

Next week, in the third part of this series we’ll cover the best protein foods to build muscle. 

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