Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Artificial sweetners fatten by removing protein....Today's post:  Tuesday, 4-24-2018

Yesterday on Google Health News I found this:


This article reports research that artificial sweetners fatten by removing protein from muscles & bones & other lean tissue.

The researchers at “at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette” were able to show that using artificial sweeteners caused the body to remove protein from muscles for calories within a 3 week time period. 

This is FRONT PAGE news!

I.  Successful fat loss or avoiding excess fat depends on adding healthy muscle and bone and other lean tissue while removing excess fat. 

Whether lack of any exercise or strength training or sitting too much removes muscles & bones & other lean tissue and does so for several years in a row, this causes relentless and continuing fat gain.  You eat what you are used to eating and feed more and more fat which keeps increasing.

Having artificial sweeteners do this directly makes them an extremely effective fattener!

Research has repeatedly found that ingesting any of the 6 approved artificial sweeteners fattens  even more than excessive sugar or even a high intake of high fructose corn syrup!

Eating or drinking anything containing artificial sweeteners makes you MUCH fatter instead of slightly less.

This research shows that it is a direct effect! 

2.  It is less well known than it should be, but soft drinks are a direct cause of osteoporosis in multiple ways when they contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

BUT this research takes that to another level!  If the loss of protein in your bones continues you’ll have osteoporosis!

And, if you eat or drink any regular level of artificial sweetners, every day you do so, your bones become weaker and more hollowed out.

This research shows that this too is a direct effect! 

III.   An excessive sugar intake and a high intake of high fructose corn syrup are well proven to be fatteners. 

It is attention getting to say the least that artificial sweeteners fatten even more!

We know several reasons for this already:

a) Many people drink and eat more drinks and foods with artificial sweeteners than they were doing of drinks and foods with a high sugar or a high intake of high fructose corn syrup.

So, if artificial sweetners are actually more fattening, people gain even more fat or lose even less.

This is well known in soft drinks.  Whatever amount of regular soft drinks people where drinking if they switch to diet soft drinks they tend to drink 50% more or even double the number of drinks.

b)  Sugar and high fructose corn syrup cause rebound hunger and for sugary and starchy food and drink when your blood sugar drops.

Artificial sweeteners do this and often do it even more forcefully.

c) Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners kill bacteria in your gut that helps you stay lean and replace it with bacteria that tend to fatten.

But this new research may be an even stronger reason than these to avoid artificial sweeteners entirely to stop getting fatter and stop getting lighter & weaker bones! 

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