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Best protein foods to build muscle and burn fat….Today’s Post….Thursday, 4-19-2018

Last week we posted on ways to avoid diabetes and fat gain, in fact we simply include that next.

You can scan by it for review if you saw it last week.

Both adding muscle and bone and preventing fat gain are important in doing this.

In both cases the foods you eat for protein are very important.  But you may like or have access to different protein sources.  And, the proteins that work best for muscle gain and the ones that work best for fat loss can be different. 

Some people genetically process saturated fat from health OK sources such that they do best limiting their intake of even health OK saturated fat to a moderate level instead of more.

We’ve posted on this before but we got three sources recently that together make an amazingly varied and useful list to choose from.

a)  Medical News Today had a story, I think they have had before, that lists: “What foods are high in protein.”

They include both foods that help build muscle and bone and those that help you keep muscle and bone when you are minimizing carbs and even doing some partial or intermittent fasting.

b) Then Medical News Today had a story, “19 foods to gain weight quickly & safely.”  Clearly that’s for use in adding healthy bone and muscle and other lean mass.  And it pairs well with strength training.  Plus although it does help to have a moderate carb intake to do that it’s important to not overdo that AND it’s very important that you use only health giving carbs and avoid those that cause harm or fatten.

In our post today, I’ll list those foods and my take on them. In fact, there is enough between these three parts this post may have a part two or even a part three.

Here’s last week’s post.  Today’s post begins just after it with:

I.  Some people genetically process saturated fat from health OK sources such that they do best limiting their intake of even health OK saturated fat to a moderate level instead of more.

1.  As we’ve posted before, eating in a low inflammation lifestyle with no hybrid wheat and few other grains and very little real sugar PLUS doing walking and effective and vigorous strength training and brief vigorous cardio – has all these benefits:

It is very heart protective lowering LDL & triglycerides and boosting HDL.

It tends to prevent fat gain in several proven ways.

 It tends to remove fat gained from eating MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners and packaged foods, desserts, and snacks.

It even helps you be less hungry because you no longer drink soft drinks that add calories without removing hunger.  And, it prevents craving level rebound hunger that free fructose and excess sugar and artificial sweetners all cause.

It’s even common for people who switch from the high inflammation-fattening lifestyle to the one that boosts calories burned and reduces fat formation to find that they lose as much as 25 pounds or more of fat with no added effort to restrict calories on the amount of food they eat.

By removing the causes of diabetes in this way you can often prevent it.  And, in many cases you can reverse it.

One of those ways is so effective in fact that it’s our next method.

2.  It’s not widely known; but strength training that puts your larger muscles into strong contractions causes you to have to catch your breath after each set AND it releases growth hormone to rebuild your bones and muscles better AND releases BDNF to repair and keep your nerves and brain cells.

Progressive, brief sessions of cardio also have these effects.

So doing some of each every week enables you to burn calories well enough to tend to prevent diabetes and fat gain.

Doing this set of things including the exercises tends to reduce insulin resistance and remove excess fat from your pancreas and release stem cells that may cause your beta cells to be restored and make more insulin.

But it’s the next effect of these kinds of exercises that is even less known that can directly stop diabetes!

When you do them enough that your muscles need to restore their glycogen they pull glucose from your blood without using insulin to do so!

Diabetes is caused by insulin resistance or by too little insulin which causes too much sugar in your blood.

But when your muscles remove glucose without using insulin that solves both of these problems simultaneously!

People from South Asia tend genetically to make less insulin.  When they move to the cooler temperatures in Europe or the United States and eat using a high sugar and high inflammation lifestyle, they often get diabetes even when they do not look fat.

So following the low sugar, low inflammation lifestyle and doing the exercises that cause their muscles to remove sugar directly without insulin, can remove their diabetes.

3.  In women, estrogen causes their bodies to release a hormone that enables them to feel full.

When their estrogen begins to disappear early in perimenopause women tend to eat more and gain fat because of this effect!

The researchers were able to show that less estrogen DOES remove this protection against eating too much.

But research has shown that estrogen replacement does NOT cause cancer or heart disease when a woman completely switches to the low inflammation lifestyle.

That means the estrogen replacement to prevent this cause of overeating and diabetes is  quite safe, particularly if after two years or so it is then discontinued.

A recent Medical News Today article reported research that proved this effect and also suggests that this kind of estrogen replacement can prevent the diabetes women often get at menopause.

(It’s also important to know for women to stop taking or not begin taking statins as some women do at this age.  Research shows conclusively that statins CAUSE diabetes AND cause the mitochondrial damage that makes the more severe effects of diabetes worse and more likely.

So, it’s important to use the more effective and safer methods to protect your heart instead.  And following the low inflammation lifestyle provides 80 or 90% of the best protection for your heart.) 

I.  Some people genetically process saturated fat from health OK sources such that they do best limiting their intake of even health OK saturated fat to a moderate level instead of more.

I found this one as a PR piece for 23andme on Facebook!

The story showcased a woman who got their test and used the information to lose 61 pounds!

The story is at this link:

Eating more lean & grass fed meat or wild caught fish and health OK nuts or eggs from pastured chickens or organ meats from naturally fed animals & way less cheese can help some people lose fat.

In her case, she was eating cheese several times a day.

Eating more lean & grass fed meat & way less cheese can help some people lose fat!

"Laird was surprised to learn from her 23andme report that genetic factors can influence how the body processes certain nutrients, and can also affect weight. 

The gene APOA2, for example, is involved in the production of a protein that affects the body’s response to saturated fat. 

And Laird was among the 10 to 15% of Americans who has a variant of the gene, called the GG variant, that predisposes her to weight gain on a high saturated fat diet—even if she eats a healthy number of calories."

She was told that since she had this gene eating more than a moderate 30% of her calories from saturated fat or even 15 or 20% might cause extra fat gain.

She then stopped eating tons of cheese and promptly lost 61 pounds!

Sounds like she also may NOT have replaced the calories in the cheese!

Enough grass fed beef or lamb to provide the same protein, also has WAY less saturated fat, and far less total fat than full fat cheese.

Since Ann Laird was already eating a lot of nonstarchy, hopefully organic, vegetables and exercising well and wanted to lose fat, by removing that many calories of fat without getting more hungry might well have worked well without this genetic boost.

Either way though it helped!  She believed it would help and it cut calories without cutting protein intake.

I currently eat a good bit of cheese and yogurt and whole milk and whey from cows fed only grass.

I do this for two reasons. 

I’m emphasizing muscle gain and I can do this at relatively modest cost using pre-made foods.

This makes it time efficient enough to work for me also.

When I have more time or money or both, I may do intermittent fasting and switch to meat & poultry from cheese as she did.

In short, I think you can use her successful example without needing to get the test.

Since I have read that makers of harmful and ineffective drugs get your information if your 23and me tests show you are more likely to get the conditions these drugs are supposed to be for I do not now recommend them as a way to get this tested.

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