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WHY lose excess fat....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 5-12-2016

I.  There are two ways to lose excess fat:

1.  One is to upgrade your lifestyle to the one that healthy, lean people live.

This the most important thing to do because you do NOT have to do things that make you extra hungry. 

After you do it, it becomes a normal, easy, and routine lifestyle.

This ensures any fat you lose stays off since the causes stay in place without much extra effort on your part.

And, once you’ve done it for a while, you find many foods that you enjoy eating that fit.

You find you enjoy being able to move easily and having enough strength to do things.

And, you stay healthy and avoid all kinds of nasty diseases that people who live differently get.

[Some people have more trouble than others making this upgrade and have to use extra effort at first to make the transitions and changes needed.  BUT, once it’s done successfully, continuing it becomes easy.

And, one way to succeed is to make the first steps small and super easy to do. 

Decide which one or two you’ll do first and start there right away.]

2.  The other way is to cut even healthy carbs and overall calories and eat enough calorie dense non-starchy vegetables to remove excess fat -- and keep off any fat your body tries to add back.

As we covered the last few Thursdays, particularly last the last two, Thursday, 4-28 & Thursday, 5-5, it’s imperative to do this consistently over time AND to use the large number of strategies that enable you to do this without excessive hunger AND without triggering your failsafe famine response.

(You CAN lose fat without being too hungry all the time and your body fighting back at each step of the way.  But you have to use those strategies to do that.)

II. So, if you aren’t doing the first thing now, learning how and making the upgrades will require some extra effort. 

(One of the secrets of achieving ANY fat loss is to make some of these changes quite small and easy to do at first!)

And because doing the second one requires consistent follow through; and at times it takes extra effort to do that, it requires extra effort.

(Here again, the easier you make this to begin the more likely you will do it successfully; and the more you do it by routine the easier it gets.)

BUT you have to be motivated to make some extra effort to begin both things.  You have to be motivated to want the results enough to continue once you start.

III. That’s why if you know WHICH of the benefits of losing excess fat are most important to YOU, you are far more likely to succeed.

(A second reason is that the end result you care about most likely has other ways to make it happen.  So if you know what that end result is and do those things too, not only are you more likely to achieve it, but by achieving it, you’ll get extra power to lose your fat and keep it off!)

Here are the reasons people want to lose excess fat.  As you read them, think which of them you want and how important each one is to you.

1.  You want to feel in control of your body and your life and to have the high self-esteem of people who do feel in control.

2.  You want to see you are on a path that will get you where you want to go.

3.  And you want to see that you are getting better at it as you do it.

4.  You also want to look better and feel better.

Successfully losing the fat you want to lose and living the way you will after you upgrade to that lifestyle will give you those things!

Are any or all of those four things important to you?

If they are, GREAT!  They will power your efforts and make them more effective too.

AND, hear this!  

Successfully beginning a regular exercise program or upgrading the one you have to be more effective, has been PROVEN to give people those benefits in the first 60 to 90 days after they start.

This happens right away!  It happens even before the fat you want to lose is all gone.

Best of all, doing these exercises will help you lose the fat and are a huge help in keeping the fat off!

It’s even renewable every week.  You see and feel yourself taking action on purpose and getting better at it almost every day!

(As a bonus, these regular exercises slow aging overall and literally cause your body to grow new and replacement nerve cells and brain cells and help prevent heart disease and much more.)

5.  Do you want better health?  Would it please you to look healthier and feel better?

6.  Are there diseases that can be avoided that YOU want very much to avoid?

If so, that’s wonderful news for your fat loss motivation for many reasons!

Most of the things people eat and drink that cause them to become fat or stay fat are absolutely horrible for your health and cause diseases.  They are harmful enough that most of them cause several diseases at once!  (The research on this keeps adding more things to this list; and it’s now huge!)

So if you want to avoid getting a heart attack for example like someone you knew and cared about did and died or became a cardiac cripple, it will be much easier for you to avoid consuming them.

Things you used to like that you know still taste that good, may be hard to pass up to lose fat, but if you know they are proven heart attack starters – and most of them ARE – they can be easy to pass up! 

(That’s a motivation that’s important to me; and I can tell you it works that well with great confidence because it works so reliably for me.)

Since these fattening foods and drinks often do little to make you less hungry and even make you more hungry, when you consume them, when you stop for health reasons, those cravings and addictive hungers leave with them.  (For some people this is immediate and for some it takes longer; but it’s quite doable and very effective at removing fat for both groups.)

And, the things that help you lose fat you keep off include vegetables and fruit. 

So, when you find out that eating as close as you can to 6 or more servings of organic vegetables a day and one or more servings of organic fresh fruit prevent strokes and heart attacks better than anything else known, it motivates you to find doable ways to add more.

Even better, cruciferous vegetables and dark green vegetables and yellow and orange ones high in carotenes are that effective in preventing cancer.

A bonus, if looking better or looking healthy is important to you -- is that eating lots of the dark green vegetables and yellow and orange ones high in carotenes actually causes your skin to become a bit more ruddy or orange.

Researchers found that in people who do this, people who look at them think of them as healthy or looking healthy.  AND, it’s subliminal!  They know you look healthy; but they have no clue as to why!

Do you want to avoid pain and stay able to move around without a walker, cane, or wheelchair?

Avoiding the foods that cause you to be extra heavy and get high inflammation plus doing effective strength training prevents the pain in your knees and hips by cutting inflammation and osteoarthritis and reducing the weight on them and increasing your strength.

Lastly, do you want to look attractive and have what love making you do go well?

Whether you are a man or a woman, losing fat and doing effective strength training to look more athletic will make you look more attractive.

AND, because of exercise and eating right increasing blood circulation and maintaining your nerves at full strength, exercise has been shown to make love making more enjoyable for both men and women!

Now it’s your turn.

Write down each of these motivations that appeal to YOU. 

List any that are important to you that somehow didn’t make this list.

Then underline any that are strong motivations for you.

Then circle any reason that by itself would be enough motivation for you to make the extra effort to lose fat.

For some people, only one or two of these will make that list.

But for others, ALL of them will! 

Then if you wonder why making an extra effort at both ways to fat loss is worth it in your case, you’ll already have your answer!   

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