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Ways to avoid dangers in using insulin for diabetes....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 2-3-2015

The two solutions: 

1.  Solve the high blood sugar problems safely without using insulin.

2.  And, add the buffer proven to make blood sugar levels so stable that it prevents dangerously low blood sugar plus reduce the need to use as much insulin with the first solution.

The background:

There are a number of ways to turn off type 2 diabetes with lifestyle upgrades.  

a) Most of too high blood sugar is caused by eating or drinking foods and drinks that cause extremely frequent and ongoing blood sugar spikes that literally begin to wear out the ability of the body to deliver effective insulin. 

Completely stopping all these foods and drinks and only eating real food and drinking unsweetened traditional drinks instead is effective for most people, in reversing the problem. 

b) Some of it is caused by genetics or harm that prevents the release or enough release of insulin.  This is similar to type 1 diabetics in which the beta cells that make insulin are damaged or reduced or even completely destroyed.

There are some supplements that cause the beta cells to release more insulin such as biotin; and there are some promising biotech or stem cell therapies to restart the growth of beta cells.

c) And, some of it is caused by liver problems in how the liver metabolizes insulin.

With the lifestyle upgrades and taking Metformin and supplements like Milk Thistle; and drinking moderately and NOT heavily every day; and eating absolutely ZERO high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, this is often enough to overcome this cause.

d) Any of those is made worse by lack of regular moderate and vigorous exercise which both directly burns blood sugar AND helps reverse the insulin resistance, the wearing out of the ability of the body’s insulin to lower blood sugar.  That way, with another way to remove blood sugar and more effective insulin, the level of excessively high blood sugar goes down.

Whatever drops in too high blood sugar you can get by upgrading what you eat and drink and any blood sugar surge reduction supplements you take, will work better or work more quickly if you also do such exercise, particularly vigorous exercise if only for a few minutes most days of every week.

The drugs so far, other than Metformin to control type 2 diabetes have proven to usually have dangerous side effects to such an extent that a study found people who went on insulin if Metformin was not enough to keep their HBA1C under 6.9 had better control, less damage from the high blood sugar, and I think the death rate was lower too than people who took drugs other than Metformin.

Those other drugs are also dramatically more expensive than Metformin!

The potentially fatal problem:

But for people using Metformin both eating foods or spices and taking supplements that lower high blood sugar along with still eating and drinking foods that spike blood sugar, this can be obnoxious at best and fatal at worst.

That’s because it can cause blood sugar that is far too low and can cause fainting.  It can even drop the blood sugar fast enough to cause people to become unconscious and go into a fatal coma.

People can lose consciousness fast enough or while they are asleep that they die without being able to get help in time.

This can also happen to people who use insulin directly and overdo even just a bit or a lot.

The three solutions:

a)  Clearly slamming to a stop the consumption of the foods and drinks and ingredients that cause the blood sugar spike is the number one method when combined with switching to only eating real food and drinking unsweetened traditional drinks instead is the first thing to do.  This cuts down having insulin then slam the blood sugar too low.

Refined grain hybrid GMO wheat slams blood sugar up nearly twice as much as pure regular sugar, sucrose.  So does ingesting high fructose corn syrup --or agave which is also free fructose.  And, based on their tested outcome results, the most used artificial sweeteners act as if they do also.

So stopping ALL soft drinks and foods made from wheat and eliminating or cutting way back on even whole grains really helps.

This both makes blood sugar that much too low less likely with just Metformin or Metformin and a supplement such as fenugreek or cinnamon.  AND, it may reduce high blood sugar levels enough, the use of insulin is not needed.

b) Adding enough regular exercise makes both more stable blood sugar more likely and the need to add insulin much less.  When exercise lowers blood sugar, the body has a hardwired and usually safe way to manage that.

c)  For the last solution, I am greatly indebted to Mike Geary who stays at the state of the art in what foods to avoid and why and what foods to be sure to eat for good health.

I already knew that your brain has TWO ways to get energy.  One is from blood sugar and one if from fats from ketones.

This is how super low carb diets plus coconut oil allow people with dangerous blood sugar reactions to get superior energy delivery to their brains even with low blood sugar levels.

BUT here is the best news:

Adding enough health OK fats to your mostly vegetable diet not only makes it easier to keep eating without getting too hungry all the time, it produces EXTREMELY stable blood sugar.  So if you eat those fats every day as part of what you eat that day, if you overdo things that lower high blood sugar, that stability will buffer the effect and prevent dangerously low blood sugar.

Type 2 diabetes and its resulting damage AND obesity! come from spikes in blood sugar after eating grains, particularly refined grain, hybrid, GMO wheat.

Clearly one substitute is eating organic vegetables and some fruit and nuts and beans.

But adding health OK fats and oils besides nuts such as avocados and extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil and fats from animals never fed grains such as butter in moderation from cows only fed grass or organic sprouts -- does an extremely valuable triple: 

a) You can add a LOT of very tasty foods to your food you eat every day AND between the fiber in the organic vegetables and some fruit and nuts and beans plus these good tasting and health OK fats, you can avoid being hungry and having cravings and still be lean!

In fact if you have been eating grains and other fattening and harmful foods and make that switch you will lose fat from that alone!

b)  You can avoid or reverse or at least turn way down any type 2 diabetes and have much lower HBA1C readings.

c) You can double up on blood sugar reducing supplements AND add Metformin without the worry of having blood sugar that is too low.  

To some degree this is also true if you take insulin and overdo it a bit.

Too low blood sugar is obnoxious at best and can kill you at worst.  So being able to SLAM down high blood sugar safely is a HUGE advantage.

Mike Geary wrote this: [I added the bolding.]

"....the more that you get most of your calories from healthy fats instead (avocados, coconut oil, grass-fed butter and cream, olive oil, nuts, seeds, eggs, and pasture-raised meats), the more you train your body to be a fat-burning machine.

This is called creating a "fat adapted metabolism" and you do this by reducing your overall carb intake and simultaneously increasing your healthy fat intake. ....

By relying mostly on healthy fats for energy instead of carbs, this balances your hormones and gives you VERY stable blood sugar levels throughout each day, allowing you to also have VERY stable energy levels throughout each day without the typical spikes and slumps in your energy that most carb addicts feel every single day.”

Also note that doing this gives your brain enough energy from these fats that it is then much safer if your blood sugar does go a bit extra low.

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