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Advanced fat loss solutions and tips part 2....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 1-13-2015

Last Tuesday, 1-6, we posted on the four key parts of fat loss that works and is permanent.

( Some of that information in turn was from the post before that that had how to make starts easy enough to be for sure doable so you can actually start upgrading your health!)

There are two areas we will post more on today that continues what we posted last Thursday, 1-8.

First we have some useful information to make the basic things easier to do and related strategies and tips.  That’s in this post.

Second we cover a bit about the 5th step we promised last time:

5.  There are people who need more than the basics due to medical conditions or triple bad genes;
and some people will want or need faster results or to lose all their excess fat – not just most of it. 

But we are beginning to have some real solutions that work for these problem areas.

They work well and enable you to enjoy eating and feel normal most of the time and still lose fat you keep off! 

I.  More useful information to make the basic fat loss methods easier to do: (part 2)

 [a, b, & c were in part one of this post on Thursday, 1-8-2015]

d) What are the special tricks to working on fat loss and lifestyle upgrades until you lose the fat you want to lose and succeed in keeping it off:

*The most basic is a strategy just emailed to me by Shaun Hadsall a few days ago. 

Everyone has times they do the wrong things or make too little effort at doing the right things.

His key solution he believes to be the foundation of success at fat loss is persistence.

Believe you can reverse the mistake or bad action and ALWAYS keep restarting. 

And, even if you aren’t making such mistakes now or haven’t for a while, keep making a CONSISTENT effort each day and each week.

This fits what Martin Seligman found out about what healthily optimistic people think about bad events.  They are temporary and usually have specific and temporary causes that may not repeat or can be prevented or fixed next time by extra effort.
So to succeed, think that way and make the extra effort.

In every field of human endeavor this is a key to success that works!

*I emailed him back that it also helps to load the dice in your favor in advance which both helps you be consistent and makes mistakes or lapses much less frequent to begin with!:

“Here are some that I found helpful.

a) For exercise, have at least part of your week's program at home and done in the morning before you leave &/or before you have the demands of your day can prevent you from doing it.  (This is proven to work.)

Have a routine -- so if it's Monday it's your light strength training day or if Saturday morning it's my heavy, superslow strength training day; and Weds, Friday, & Sunday morning it's interval cardio and abs day.  (Those are mine; but the idea of "if it's Tuesday, my routine is.." makes it much easier.)

Have a short version or do less reps rather than skip if you are pressed for time that day.  That also helps consistency.

Jon Benson even uses, if you just feel rotten or like skipping, try doing one set of the first exercise. Sometimes you can't even manage that. Going to the gym two evenings a week, about half the time that worked for me when I felt like skipping.  I felt like I needed someone to carry me into the gym; but after that one set, I was no longer feeling tired and was able to do the whole workout.

And, with my almost every day morning routine, that was OK since my overall consistency was still good. Now I do those sessions at home and they are that reliable too.

Always enter your session in a brief shorthand form in a paper or online log.  That also helps consistency.

b)  For what you eat:

Buy the ingredients for and cook up part to almost all of your meals for the week once a week.  Then use the same kind of planned variation for 90% of your meals each week.  That eliminates having to keep a log for most meals. You only need to write down extra snacks or treat meals that differ.  The rest of it stays the same.

Isabel de Los Rios also uses this one.

That also helps consistency. And, it saves enough time to make it a LOT easier to do.”

For example, I always have either oatmeal and 2% lowfat milk with my fruit at breakfast every other day and every other day I have two boiled eggs and a small dish of cooked lentils with my fruit and sometimes with Maple Hill yogurt with the fruit.  And my fruit on any given day of the week is always the same. 

I do a similar plan for my bag lunches for work and all my dinners except some Saturday evenings and special occasions.

That makes my grocery shopping consistent and my food intake consistent.  AND I know what I’ve eaten each day but only need to write down any extra or different snacks.  THAT keeps the same control as writing down everything every day.  But it takes 10 percent as much time or less!

e)  There are extra ways that you can lose to speed up or cause or continue fat loss besides the basics we already covered.

Those lose fat by eliminating foods and drinks and ingredients that are extra fattening or harmful AND ALL the calories in them.

Plus they replace most of those foods with organic vegetables and fruit that have fewer calories but turn down hunger more!  This nets out a drop in intake without making you hungrier

The other basic is to burn calories both during exercise and in burning calories and/or speeding up your metabolism by the calories needed to recover from more intense if brief exercise and by keeping &/or adding muscle that burns more calories than the fat would that you would otherwise be feeding!

But what are the extra ways?

If you cut calories by usually eating all you are hungry for but at regular intervals you eat more strictly with zero grains and less fruit and sugars and taking in less calories on those days that causes fat loss you can keep off. 

I do that every other day.  And, from when I began to do it to a few weeks later I had lost about 25 pounds and have kept off about 15.  Best of all I’ll not gain back any of that 15 pounds as long as I eat in this every other day style.

I found that my failsafe famine response prevents me from doing a partial or full fast one or two days a week and losing fat I keep off.  But this strategy has been extremely effective for some people!

Now I’m working on a way to cut grains and total calories and eat more vegetables than I do now one week out of four.

The bodybuilding coach Vince del Monte works hard at strength training and uses this to stay trim despite eating very well to support growing more muscle three weeks a month.

Studies show that ALL such methods cause more fat loss and far more permanent fat loss than forcing yourself to eat less than you are hungry for every day of the week.

f)  What about the health OK fats and protein foods in the eating styles such as Mediterranean with no grain and a lot more vegetables?

Studies show that people who eat these foods at least moderately instead of just a super low fat vegetable only diet lose MORE fat and are dramatically more successful in keeping it off AND are healthier than those who don’t.

They get better nutrition and are far less hungry from foods like extra virgin olive oil, avocados and nuts and wild caught fish not high in mercury and eggs and meat from pasture fed chickens and meat and dairy from cattle fed only grass or organic sprouts.

The protein and fats make them less hungry.  The health OK oils and clean proteins protect their health.

AND, their ability to keep the fat off that they lose by including these foods goes WAY up.

g)  What if there were a way to get you started on all these things and keep doing them that doubled your chances of success or even multiplied it by over ten?!

Startup personal coaching and continuing support test as doing just that!

*The best method for that I now know based on their results is found at retrofitme.com . It’s a bit pricey but their methods seem sound AND they get extremely good results.

*Weight Watchers has not used the best methods and tends to get early results based on eating too little and then have a high dropout rate after the first and/or second six months.

BUT they have just added a personal coaching startup service and ongoing online support by those coaches that may be effective.

It’s too early to know how well this is done.  But Weight Watchers methods have improved some; and this service may turn out to be worth trying.

*Of course we are working on a fatloss support service, all online, with a startup coach option that not only uses the best methods but continues to upgrade as new methods that work are found.  We think this will be a combination of the most effective support and startup with the most cost effective service.

(In these posts you have the key concepts for what we will teach and support people to do at no cost besides your time to read and try them.)

II. There are people who need more than the basics due to medical conditions or triple bad genes;
and some people will want or need faster results or to lose all their excess fat – not just most of it. 

But we are beginning to have some real solutions that work for these problem areas.
as well and that you can enjoy doing and still lose fat you keep off! 

The good news is that there already are things that do this and there is a lot of new progress that’s here or coming soon.

Some of these exist now and others may be doable now but require some real work to put them in place in usable form.

Others may be available soon.

a)  Some people have medical conditions that are now being treated by drugs that cause fat gain or prevent fat loss.

Some of those can be solved by replacing those drugs with drugs that produce the needed treatment effect but which are not fattening.

Others can be solved by replacing the drugs with lifestyle upgrades and key supplements the solve the problem with no drugs needed and sometimes with better results.

(Using the Wahls protocol to stop MS has tested to work and make the fattening and less effective drugs for it no longer needed PLUS it helps fat loss directly as one such example.)

b)  Some people are so very obese they need a fast start to remove enough for them to use the other methods.

Studies have found that any method that does this gets permanent results BUT IF AND ONLY IF they learn and adopt the basic fat loss methods before those extra pounds come off.

But the problem is that stomach reducing surgeries and methods of that kind cause a lasting health problem and also have a side effect rate that includes a death rate!

They are horridly expensive too.

There may be a safer and less invasive and totally reversible method coming soon. Medical News Today had a story about a simple continuous action stomach pump that enabled the people who used it to eat a very high nutrition diet and totally all they wanted but removed about half of what they ate each day.  This produced fat loss of about a hundred pounds a year and was easy and safe to remove.

c) Aging and exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen causes a drop off in growth hormone and  far more excessive estrogen like chemicals that,  in combination, stop the release of growth hormone and tend to cause muscle wasting.

(Muscle wasting for this reason called sarcopenia.  And it is a major reason for fat gain in older people and middle aged spread.)  

Some of that can be at least held to a minimum by effective strength training each week.

And, using glass containers instead of plastic ones and buying foods unpackaged or in glass containers instead of in plastic containers or cans can solve some of this.  Keeping them out of your drinking water is harder.

But in each part of this area, there are some solutions now and far more will be available soon.

d)  Menopause is a big cause of fat gain that is hard to reverse in women. 

Bioavailable hormone replacement or partial replacement works to solve this problem but as yet is not available in cost effective form everywhere in the United States.

The better news is that this situation may gradually improve.

AND not only is this far safer than using the nonhuman but similar hormonal drugs to do it, we now know that following the anti-inflammatory lifestyle well will prevent it from causing any other harm!

e)  For faster fat loss and for people with more severe genetic bad luck there are two solutions.

One is to use all of the most effective basics together.  People who use the Furhman method with such problems have often gotten the same fat loss effects as people without them!

The other is to use one of three advanced fat loss boosters.

*Cold packs that are cold enough to cause calorie burning and turn on brown fat do work. 

They not only can work for whole body fat loss by using them on your neck or love handles or belly or arms where you need spot fat reduction you can remove that fat directly.

A friend of mine found a version that does the double of being only cool instead of too cold to stand but cool enough to work.  We plan to do enough development work to offer doable packages of this to our customers.

*In addition to eating right and exercising right and doing some antiaging protocols that work, there may be certain hot pepper supplements that boost metabolism enough to burn extra fat.  We are researching that too.

But perhaps even better, a recent Medical News Today story reports that a drug to do this safely may soon exist.  The previous drugs did it but caused harmful side effects on the heart and other parts of you and weren’t safe to use.  This agent has tested to work even better to remove excess fat quickly and effectively AND its site of action is ONLY in the gut area.  It IS effective. Now if it can be tested and found to be safe it could be a huge advance.  And, it now looks promising that it will test as safe!

Using it won’t have the health protective and antiaging effects of the basic methods; but it sounds like combining it with them will be dramatically effective.  This is one drug I hope tests as safe!

*The third of these is to burn a thousand calories a week or more doing moderate exercise at your desk at work.

The existing methods for this are pretty bad.  They are hard to use and work at the same time and horribly expensive and cannot be retrofitted to the existing desks most people now use as they are too big.

We know how to make a version that solves all these problems and plan to make it available to our customers once the development work is done.  

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