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Advanced fat loss solutions and tips....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 1-8-2015

Last time we posted on the four key parts of fat loss that works and is permanent.

( Some of that information in turn was from the post before that that had how to make starts easy enough to be for sure doable so you can actually start upgrading your health!)

There are two areas we will post on:

First we have some useful information to make the basic things easier to do and related strategies and tips.  That’s in this post.

Second we cover a bit about the 5th step we promised last time: (This was to be in this post; but due to time constraints will be in our next post instead!)

5.  There are people who need more than the basics due to medical conditions or triple bad genes;
and some people will want or need faster results or to lose all their excess fat – not just most of it. 

But we are beginning to have some real solutions that work for these problem areas.
at well and enjoy it and still lose fat you keep off! 

I.  Useful information to make the basic fat loss methods easier to do:

a)  There are five eating styles that as they are or with some health upgrades produce good health and enable or even force fat loss.

ALL of them feature more vegetables servings per day than most people eat.  (Five to ten a day instead of none to two!)

(None of them have ANY soft drinks or packaged foods with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils or GMO grains. None of them have foods with MSG or agave or high fructose corn syrup.)

The three best ones for fat loss have no grain.  And the two that have grain do best for fat loss if you substitute vegetables or quinoa or nut flours or nut meal for grains. 

(Whole grains cut disease MUCH better than refined grains. But whole grains are very poor choices for people wanting to lose fat.  They also tend to help cause type 2 diabetes and mental decline in people who eat even a bit too much of them.

Whole grains also have zero effect at cutting cancer while eating fruits and vegetables both DO cut cancer.)

A UK study found that people who eat 6 servings a day or more of vegetables have a 43%  lower rate of death from ANY cause than people who do not; and 24% of that 43% comes from reduced heart disease and fatal heart attacks.

*The best of these five eating styles for fat loss is Dr Furhrman’s high nutrition low calorie for best nutrition per calorie plan and has only vegetables and beans and some fruits and nuts and avocados. 

It’s totally vegan and has no grain.  For best health, people eating it should supplement with vitamin B12 and zinc and iron and omega 3 oils and DHA and some other things. 

But the few people who manage to eat his way have a BMI of about 23.0 to 23.5! 

And those who were in the 40.0 or higher range on BMI who have switched completely to his plan have often gone to the 23.0 to 23.5 range without doing anything else!

This just about proves that if the vast majority of what you eat is organic produce and mostly a variety of nonstarchy vegetables you either will lose fat or will find it MUCH easier to do. 

In fact, the effect is so powerful only those with the most severe diseases or drugs that prevent fat loss will stay fat when they eat it!

Dr Furhman’s plan may also be the best for cancer prevention.

The two best eating plans for health otherwise are the one recommended by the Weston Price foundation and the Wahls Protocol.

They both are about 90 to 95% the same as the Furhrman style with that many vegetables; but neither one is vegan.

*Weston Price studied several cultures that still ate only their native foods and no sugars or wheat flour etc.  They had astonishingly good health; but none were vegan.  They ate wild caught fish or protein foods from animals eating only their native diets AND they all had some source of vitamin K2 from those foods.

Unless you have autoimmune disease or cancer this is the most health producing eating plan.

*The Wahls protocol was created by a woman doctor who had MS in the hopes it would help and she carefully crafted it to have ALL the known nutrients with the advanced knowledge that by doing this from foods all the dozens if not hundreds of micronutrients in real foods that made those nutrients most effective were included.

She includes organic liver and maybe some eggs from pasture fed chickens or wild caught fish.  But the liver has enough nutrients not in the vegetables eating it once a month or once every other week provides super nutrition.

She didn’t work to find organic produce; but her eating style will clearly give you better health results if you do.

And, she includes a weekly or more serving of seaweed. This provides iodine and other less common minerals.  AND seaweed tends to force fat loss too.

Because she recommends NINE servings a day of vegetables this too is a great eating plan for fat loss.

The best part of her eating style is that unlike Weston Price where some of the foods he found are not available in today’s stores, all the foods in the Wahls protocol ARE in today’s stores!
The other interesting thing is that once she had her plan complete and ate only that way for a few months, her MS gradually left her.  She quite literally went from a wheel chair she couldn’t get out of without help and may have been on the verge of dying from the MS and unable to work to going back to work and taking hikes for exercise!

(Since one group of people who have severe fat loss problems are those who have autoimmune diseases from the drugs they take, going on Dr Wahls’ plan may enable them to safely stop taking those fattening drugs!)

Important note:  Only very determined people who those with very supportive spouses who help with the food prep can eat in these 3 ways in most cases.

BUT almost anyone can who uses a Vitamix to blend the vegetables into a drinkable form.  Three or four vegetables two or three times a day plus one or two servings in a casserole or salad make eating this many vegetables a day quite doable in practice!

Both Dr Furhman and Dr Wahls note this helped some of the people succeed or their plan; but I think neither realizes how essential it is to teach people this!

Even better, the new wider profile and quiet Vitamix makes this easier and quieter thatn the earlier models AND unlike other juicers or blenders, it takes SECONDS to clean the Vitamix!

*The Mediterranean diet removes the dairy fats from cows fed GMO grains with a high intake of fattening and inflammation producing omega 6 oils AND those oils, corn, soy, and canola themselves.  Instead it uses extra virgin olive oil, nuts, avocados, and wild caught fish.  It has fabulous health benefits for this reason.   But for fat loss it works best with even more vegetables and removing grains and using quinoa or nut meal or vegetables like spaghetti squash instead of past.

The DASH diet does stress eating enough vegetables and stopping the harmful foods and drinks.  To add fiber and remove oils from the dairy fats from cows fed GMO grains with a high intake of fattening and inflammation producing omega 6 oils AND those oils, corn, soy, and canola themselves it stresses to eat fat reduced and very lean versions of those foods.

And, the people who adopt it who do a good job adding that many more servings of vegetables who eat it often find they lose 25 pounds with no further effort needed!


But eating dairy foods and eating meats and poultry from animals fed ONLY their native foods like cows fed only grass and sprouts or pasture fed chickens is more health producing than the regular DASH diet.  And, some of the health benefits of the regular DASH diet come not from reducing saturated fats which it does do; but from reducing the amount of the high omega 6 oils people eat.  Avoiding animals or foods from them that do NOT eat these high omega 6 and GMO sources is a superior solution.

But again, note that the fat loss from eating the DASH diet comes from eating a LOT more vegetables and what it requires you to stop eating and drinking. 

Four of these styles also do that and the Mediterranean diet with more vegetables and no grains also does that!

So, as you can see, a blend of these you like or are find OK to eat that fits you makes fat loss likely or for sure or easy AND you can easily keep doing it once you work that out and do it by habit.

b) Three tips for fat loss in addition:

*Watch way less TV than most people as in 5 to 15 hours a week instead of 25 to 50!

The minimum of 10 hours a week this gives you back is more than you need to do extra healthy food prep or exercise.

Watching TV uses less calories than sleeping!  So the less of it you do, you burn more calories automatically!

Leaving the fattening and harmful foods and drinks gets easier because by watching less TV you see less of the ad for that stuff!

Watching less TV also helps with the next one.

*Except for a handful of special occasions, NEVER eat while watching TV. 

You’ll eat less harmful and fattening foods and you’ll avoid the extra calories from continuing to eat while your attention is diverted away from the fact you are no longer hungry by your TV!

* Know how to eat more calories and be less fat!

Did you know that there ARE three ways to do that found to work!?

Here they are:

*People who eat nuts in their raw, unsalted, and unoiled form have been found by actual test to take in more calories and are lighter and LESS fat than people who don’t eat nuts regularly.

(Other than people who are allergic to tree nuts this is great news.  People who do this also have better heart health. And the natural form of alpha tocopherol and gamma tocopherol fractions of vitamin E and the bioavailable selenium in nuts ALSO have been shown to prevent many cancers!)

What seems to happen is that by having so much heart health OK fats, and fiber and protein and nutrition eating nuts does a nice double.  Your metabolism may speed up and you automatically become enough less hungry you eat far less fattening foods than you otherwise might and can wait longer until you eat next.

*Always eat breakfast and include a health OK high protein food and some kind of organic whole fruit.

Your body burns calories and so much better and boosts your fattening blood sugar surges so much less first thing in the morning, the results on the scale show that the calories at breakfast are almost free of fat creation!

Just like eating nuts, people who always eat breakfast tend to take in MORE calories and weight LESS compared to people who never eat breakfast.

The other reason why this is so is that people who eat no breakfast are much more likely to be too hungry to turn down harmful and fattening snacks.

And, in practice, people who eat too much at dinner and lose control of their appetite and again are sometimes too hungry to turn down harmful and fattening snacks and foods.

*Do effective strength training such as superslow reps with weights you keep increasing and short bursts of vigorous cardio.

Both of these burn calories for as many as several hours after you stop doing them AND they build muscle and your calories feed that muscle instead of adding fat to your body.

You DO have to know to avoid eating a fattening treat or three that has more calories extra than this burns.

But if you eat well of the lower calorie, less fattening health OK foods, again you can eat more calories and be less fat!

c)  Also notice that eating that many servings of low calorie vegetables each day allows you to eat a much larger amount of food and have your belly stay full than people who don’t do that.
I found myself that there are times that I would have been hungry but am not because I did this.

So between the last two tips there ARE ways that allow you to eat MORE and be less fat too!

This makes having your fat loss be permanent MUCH more doable and sustainable!

II. There are people who need more than the basics due to medical conditions or triple bad genes;
and some people will want or need faster results or to lose all their excess fat – not just most of it. 

But we are beginning to have some real solutions that work for these problem areas.
at well and enjoy it and still lose fat you keep off! 

The good news is that there already are things that do this and there is a lot of new progress that’s here or coming soon.

(This was to be in this post; but due to time constraints will be in our next post instead!)  

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