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Possible new way to good health….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 12-4-2014

1.  The great power and improved results of evaluating systems in the body by an integrative doctor for each individual patient instead of having a traditional diagnosis where the set of symptoms are matched to a general label:

A few years ago Dr Mark Hyman sent out emails on a couple of his successes as an integrative doctor.

He had two patients other doctors had not been able to help. One middle aged man had definite signs of mental decline and lowered capacity.  The other was a teenaged girl who had been happy and doing well at school who suddenly had health issues AND depression and lack of energy.

Other doctors had diagnosed the man with early stage Alzheimer’s.  But the man and his family had heard doctor Hyman sometimes could help people other doctors did not and didn’t want to give up on the man and his life before checking to see if Dr Hyman agreed or not.

Instead of going by the diagnosis or label suggested by the symptoms, he tested out several specific systems in the man’s body and its functioning. Several of those were not functioning well and he had excessive mercury in his bloodstream.  Doctor Hyman was able to remove most of the mercury and bring the man’s other systems back to functioning well.  His mental capacities were completely restored.

Dr Hyman used the same process with the teenaged girl of testing several specific systems.  Here again, several were not functioning well.  He cured one specific problem with a drug targeted to it and was able to restore the others with food changes and supplements.  In two weeks all of her symptoms were gone.

To be sure, many of his patients clearly had problems most doctors could fix as well.  And, he also likely had some patients who he made better that were not that much better as these two.

But it was completely clear to me that this kind of individualized medicine was likely to usually deliver better results and it could often deliver MUCH better results in many cases than what most doctors do now.

2.  The MAP test.  A doctor Richard DiCenso found that there were 5 key systems most doctors didn’t look at and that people with troubling symptoms often had issues in one or more of those systems.  More than that, he was able to find a way to test these 5 systems.  Once he did that and corrected those that were not functioning well he found that a surprisingly large number of people escaped symptoms that other doctors could not explain or help the patients get rid of.

His MAP test of urine and saliva tests all five of these systems.  
(See:  www. .)

It certainly looks worth trying if you have the money easily available and have troubling symptoms your doctor has not helped with or has given you drug symptom removers for instead of removing the causes.

3.  Why this post?

That having been said, he sent out an email listing the five systems.

And, it occurred to me it might be worth it to simply do the things known to help each one.

“Any chronic, unresolved symptom is your body's "call for help"--a way of communicating that something is "out of whack" with your body. And, it could only be 1 of these 5 things.”

[We list each one and then list actions known to help each one stay in good health.]

Food Digestion: How well you're digesting your food, determines how much waste product you're creating. What happens to that waste product can be a leading cause that triggers any number of chronic symptoms

[a) Some salt in foods, some sea salt, and some No salt potassium chloride to be
able to make HCl.

b) Eat enough organic vegetables and fruit and beans for fiber.  (The health results for those are proven; and grains with fiber often cause health problems and people who avoid them avoid those problems far better than people who eat grains.)

c) Take probiotics.

d] Take no reflux meds if you possibly can avoid it. 
(Following this lifestyle stops reflux for some. And there is finally a less invasive, safer procedure to turn reflux off that avoids overdoing it as the original fundiplication procedure does:  See )

e) Use no artificial sweeteners, particularly no sucralose

g) Eat or take garlic in various forms.

h) If you have reflux or other signs of poor digestion take digestive enzyme supplements before meals.

Elimination: Is the waste product you produce being processed efficiently or is it being stored? Stored waste product becomes toxic, corrosive and acidic contributing to unhealthy cells and eventually digestive problems, inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain--even weight problems.

a) Eat 4 to 9 servings a day of organic vegetables; one or two servings or pieces of organic fruit;
-- and an average of one serving a day of nuts, if you aren’t allergic; and eat lentils or beans 4 to 7 days a week.

b) Get abundant exercise that causes deep breathing or leg or abdominal
contractions so the lower intestines get help staying in shape and moving things

Burden on Key Organs: This measures how well your organs are working to eliminate waste, and if they have the raw materials needed to perform their normal functions, like liver and kidney functions. Any burden on these key organs can lead to serious digestive disorders

a) Keep alcoholic drinks down to close to an average of one a day and rarely
go over 2 drinks in a day and never over 5. Have at least 2 no alcohol days a week.

b)  Take milk thistle and tribulus daily. 

c)   Eat organic liver at least once a month

d) Add enough exercise to that style of eating to ensure low normal or desirable
blood sugar

e) Eat organic foods and avoid herbicides, pesticides, and GMO foods and as
many chemicals as possible.  Do what you can to drink water with no chemicals
or poisons in it.

f) Drink enough water (And drink no regular or diet soft drinks and zero to very few glasses of juice that has none of the fiber of the fruit in it.)

g) Avoid eating foods that cause harm:  which include refined grains, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, excessive sugar, oils high in omega 6, and absolutely zero foods having trans fats or the hydrogenated omega 6 oils that contain them.  Also dramatically minimize animal fat from animals fed grains. 
Doing that set of things removes most GMO foods from your diet; but if you can avoid GMO foods  in other ways, do it!

Energy Production: This is a measure of how much energy you are producing to fuel the vital functions of the body and can be a contributing factor to how efficiently the systems in your body are functioning. A lack of energy production can be the curse for many chronic symptom sufferers.

a)  Get some kind of vigorous exercise most days of every week and add some
moderate exercise as you are able to fit it in.

b)  Take ubiquinol, PQQ, and quercetin if over 40 or you have low energy.  Doing this helps ensure the energy generators in your cells, the mitochondria, are plentiful enough and operating well.  (Do NOT take statin drugs as they do the reverse!  And, doing the other things on this list is far more life and heart protective.)

c) Do use some form of caffeine.  Organic coffee and green tea and oolong and
black teas all work.  But avoid overdoing them.

d) Learn to get enough good quality sleep and do it on as regular a schedule as
you can.

e) Besides exercise, eat or take DHA and some forms of choline each day.  Doing
that helps get you repair of any damaged brain cells when combined with exercise.

f) Take 5,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 and probiotics and other immune system
boosting nutrients; wash your hands before eating; only touch your nose or
eyes with a clean cloth; and get flu and pneumonia vaccines.  Also take 30 mg
a day of zinc and at least 1,000 iu a day of vitamin C.

(If you don't get sick, the drop in energy that causes never happens to you.)

Nutrient Density: This is a measure of the amount and availability of nutrients you have to fuel normal body functions--factors that could eventually trigger disease and pre-mature biological aging.

Know and eat the foods accessible to you that are high in nutrient density.  Organic produce tends to be very high.

Organic greens and cruciferous vegetables and some kinds of organic fruit are high.  Liver from organic and naturally fed animals and whole eggs from chickens fed on non-polluted pasture only are also high.

The ideal is to eat 6 or more vegetables from this list and one or two whole servings of such fruit each day and eat that kind of liver at least once a month.

Eating such eggs several times a week, for sure containing the yolks, also helps.

Since people who take his test are likely to upgrade their lifestyle in the way they need most, I support his work.

But if you do all these things, you are likely to test well on his test and BE well!

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