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How to exercise to lose fat and protect your health....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 11-18-2014

If you want to keep off fat during the holidays or easily remove any you do gain after them, it will help if you know how to use exercise and what to put with it to do so:

Some people exercise and stay the same.  Some exercise and actually gain a bit of fat.  And, some people exercise and lose fat and even some peoples lose a LOT of fat they keep off.

Why?  What makes the difference?   
My nephew in New York who is knowledgeable and knows of my interest sent me this link:
“  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/11/12/exercising-but-gaining-weight/?smid=nytcore-iphone-share&smprod=nytcore-iphone
Many people who take up an exercise regimen wind up heavier, but a simple 
strategy may improve people’s odds of actually dropping pounds with exercise.”
I sent him this reply:
“A.  Thanks!

It's really good to know what's in the national media about fat loss and exercise. So many thanks for the article!

B.  Why do a blind study before consulting with people who know the subject?!

C.  Oh well.  At least they did find out something useful.

If you add a small amount of exercise and decide to create an add-on effect to help use the extra calories burned to lose weight and make diet upgrades too -- 
or you become much more active away from the sessions, once you gain some confidence from them without treating yourself to extra goodies because you exercise, you'll lose a bit after 4 weeks.

If you wanted to lose fat from the exercise and lost none after 4 weeks, you need to upgrade what you eat and not treat yourself to extra goodies because you exercised.

B.  But since the overall goal is to help people learn how to lose fat they keep off and improve their health in several other ways besides the fitness and exercise effects, it is sure too bad they used such a weak program to test and had no idea what they were about.

Why do a blind study before consulting with people who know the subject?!

1.  The exercise program they set up burned about 400 to 600 calories a week. The people who lose fat they keep off, burn four to seven times that!  

(It is hard so far in this economy to add that much exercise.  Part of the reason I'm still fatter than I'd like is I'm at the low end of that range instead of doing twice as much exercise.)

2.  Their program had no shorter sessions of much more vigorous cardio which is more time efficient per session and can have shorter sessions. 

This is the the kind trainers who have clients who lose fat find removes it.  (The trick is to start a bit easy for safety but keep gradually increasing the intensity and amount.)  

3.   Their program had no strength training.  The most effective exercise programs to lose fat tend to include some kind of strength training.  (Oddly this is most important for women and people over 60 though men under 60 are more easily interested in doing it!)

4.  The researchers didn't take the positive self-image changes from doing even this kind of exercise as someone who is effective and able to take steps to improve their health to add on other methods!

a)  Here are the foods and drinks and the ingredients they are made of that will make you fat and sick. 

So, now you realize you can act effectively to improve your health, you'll also lose fat and have more decades of life free of disability and dangerous diseases, by learning to stop them all totally.

Here's what to eliminate 100% and why; and here's what you likely can get away with just cutting back 80 or 90%

Here are the keys to what to eat instead.  There are several styles that work.  Here's what they have in common.  Here's where they differ and what to do about it to stay healthy.  And, here are the support groups and recipes and books for each one.

The wonderful thing is that the foods that support your health have fewer calories and keep you just as well fed as the foods and drinks you give up by doing this.  

Many people lose 10 to 20% of their initial bodyweight or even more over the first two years from just this one change.  And, all the blood tests and indicators your doctor looks at will improve dramatically -- and, with very real drops in your real health risks too!

b)  Some of the treats many people mistakenly eat more of once they begin to exercise will drop off your list of foods to ever eat!  But both for those treats and for less health harmful treats you may keep, here's how much exercise it takes to burn off that many calories.

You'll not lose fat if you take in more calories every week eating such treats than you burn in exercise!

(But if you don't know that, it's quite easy to do!)

If the researchers had known to do that study including all the parts, the results would have made the NY Times front page.

Exercise can remove fat dramatically.  But only if you do enough of the right kinds and know what else to add to it.
I closed with:  That’s my take on it.”
We post often on what to stop eating and what to eat instead.

In fact, our post last week on how to fix a health OK Thanksgiving dinner listed most of the foods, drinks, and ingredients to completely avoid or reduce and why.  We also listed some of the foods to eat instead. 

The best news is that you can make really good food that is completely health supporting to eat – or at least is enough better, it’s OK to eat on such occasions.

If you want to stay healthy and lose fat, remove the harmful and fattening foods, drinks, and ingredients from your life and eat real and health giving foods instead.

Then, when you add the kinds of exercise that work, you will lose fat and keep it off.

Moreover, you will age more slowly; and get so many fewer diseases of middle age, you will live more decades of healthy life. 

Research at Stanford found this directly when comparing people who exercised regularly with those much like them who were sedentary.

Since then, it has been shown that regular vigorous exercise lengthens your telomeres and  helps keep your mitochondria healthy that enable you to move well and have more youthlike energy.  

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