Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WHY diet soft drinks are more harmful than regular soft drinks....

Tuesday, 10-21-2014

From Newsmax & in their email of Thurs, 9-18-2014  "Artificial Sweeteners Risky for Diabetics: Study" reported on a story from the Wall Street Journal.

Eran Elinav, a doctor & immunologist at Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science, was lead author of the study which appeared in the journal Nature.

There already was another study that found that the main artificial sweeteners including sucralose, saccharin, and aspartame caused a die off of beneficial probiotic bacteria allowing more growth of pathogenic bacteria.  This is known to boost excessive chronic inflammation which helps cause or worsen heart disease and some cancers.

And, soft drinks have consistently tested to cause more diabetic changes and high blood sugar and more abdominal obesity than regular soft drinks.  Since regular soft drinks cause obesity by NOT reducing your appetite initially and then BOOSTING it from the blood sugar crash later, this means that diet soft drinks are more fattening than an almost perfect fattener!

What doctor Elinav reported was that this increase of harmful gut bacteria also was a direct cause of even more blood surges of sugar and high blood sugar.

In part because people have mistakenly thought that drinking diet soft drinks avoids these effects they actually have been tested to have, the average drinker of diet soft drinks --drinks about 20% more of them a day than the average drinker of regular soft drinks.

Since diet soft drinks are at least as harmful per drink as regular soft drinks because of these effects, that means people who drink diet soft drinks are harming themselves and fattening themselves MORE than people who drink regular soft drinks!

And, besides the bad effects of both kinds of soft drinks already listed, here are THREE more!

1.  The phosphoric acid in colas reliably removes calcium from the bones of people who drink them! People who drink many soft drinks per week times many years can literally cause or dramatically worsen osteoporosis by doing so.  And, phosphoric acid is in both regular and diet colas.

2. The high fructose corn syrup in regular soft drinks causes fatty liver which can and does kill people if it gets bad enough.  Many people who don’t know to avoid soft drinks and high fructose corn syrup don’t know to avoid the hydrogenated oils in microwave popcorn, commercial baked goods, fast food treats, and packaged dessert foods like cookies and snacks and chips.  This is tragic because ingesting both high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils at the same time is even more effective at causing fatty liver.

Do diet soft drinks do this too?  Because they do fatten and cause blood sugar surges as well or better than high fructose corn syrup due to this boost they give harmful bacteria, the answer is very likely to be yes.

3.  Could the news on regular and diet soft drinks get even worse?  Yes. That study was done and the news was really bad. 

People who drink soft drinks age faster in addition to being fatter and having diseases from high blood sugar!

Medical News Today had a recent story showing that drinking the regular soft drinks with their high fructose corn syrup also caused an increase in aging and an increase of all the diseases of older age by causing shortened telomeres.


If you want to stay healthy and not be fat or become less fat, NEVER drink any soft drinks, period!

Don’t drink regular soft drinks.  Don’t drink diet soft drinks. 

And, if you want to avoid weak bones and osteoporosis, don’t drink either regular or diet colas.

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