Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Better ways to lower high blood sugar....

Tuesday, 10-7-2014

GLP-1 agonists, glucagon like peptide boosters, are drugs that boost glucagon and help cause fat loss and lower HBA1C that is too high according to the Medical News Today article below.

But they can have nasty side effects and are harsh in how they need to be taken.  

These drugs can be a bit too effective for safety as they can kill people by causing sudden drops in blood sugar below the level that can support life and knock out people so quickly they can't take the actions to reverse it in time.

But natural ways to boost glucagon that work may be a key to getting fat loss and lowering high blood sugar without the drugs or ANY drugs.   They also cut the death rate instead of increasing it!

A very low sugar, low to no grain diet with tons of vegetables and health OK proteins and moderate amounts of health OK oils apparently is the main key to doing this well.

(Drinking either regular or diet soft drinks or using the artificial sweeteners and eating most breads and packaged foods and snacks and desserts and commercial baked goods and most fast foods does the opposite. 

So the second main key is to 100% eliminate these and the ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils and GMO grains and MSG and oils made from high omega 6 GMO grains that they are made out of.)

Eating six or more servings of vegetables a day lowers the death rate from all causes including heart disease -- lowering both strokes and heart attacks -- and cancers.  

Adding some low glycemic, high nutrition, fruit, at least one a day that people eat mostly early in the day also lowers the death rate from all causes and heart attacks and is even better at reducing the risk of strokes.  

(Organic berries, organic cherries, kiwi fruit, and supplements such as bilberry, elderberry, cherry, cranberry, and grape seed extract can add to this effect without boosting fructose as the whole fruit or its juice does.)

Super slow strength training with heavier weights and high intensity cardio look to also boost glucagon.

So doing two or three such sessions of each even if brief each week is the third main way to do this.

This set of things boosts natural glucagon. 

The  Medical News Today study found that when glucagon is high from the drugs that boost  it, the problems of too little insulin is produced or it has too little effect on blood sugar are both overcome and blood sugar also goes down more with lower doses of added insulin in people where blood sugar was very high.

When I had allergy shots as a kid, you had to wait in the doctor’s office for a bit to be sure you didn’t get too severe a reaction.

These GLP-1 agonist drugs require an injection to deliver them; and to be safely given likely need that kind of extra wait in an area where other trained people can step in if the reaction is too extreme after they are used

So if your blood sugar is dangerously high and/or you are unwilling to make these lifestyle upgrades, these GLP-1 agonist drugs may be very helpful.

But since making all these lifestyle upgrades also is effective and has very desirable other health benefits, why not do those before you get to that point?

Here's the link to the Medical News Today story:

Combining gut hormone with insulin proves more effective at controlling type 2 
diabetes than other common treatments
Combined treatment with a drug that mimics the action of a gut hormone and basal 
insulin [1] is more effective at improving blood sugar control than other 
anti-diabetic treatments, with...

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