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Most soy is HARMFUL for your health....

Tuesday, 9-16-2014

Three ways of eating have good health results that contain very little red meat. 

1.  One of them gets protein from some very lean poultry and a bit of very lean meat and some nonfat or lowfat dairy, the DASH diet. 

(The meat is not that bad for you nor its saturated fat it turns out.  But most beef cattle and dairy cattle and poultry are fed or overfed GMO grains that are way too high in the omega 6 oils that cause disease from inflammation.  And, they contain the bioconcentrated herbicides and pesticides in their fat.  So minimizing these foods and making any of them the leanest, most fat trimmed version IS protective.)

2.  One of these 3 ways of eating gets protein from wild caught fish and seafood and nuts for those not allergic and some beans in the most health protective version of the Mediterranean diet.

3.  Dr Joel Furhrman’s vegan diet gets protein from dark green vegetables and beans; Dr Furhman also says eating nuts for protein and health OK oils is OK in moderation.

But the most health protective version of Dr Furhman’s diet adds some supplements such as B12 & 3,000 iu of vitamin D3, some iron, and magnesium and zinc for some people though the diet often does have enough magnesium in the greens if you eat enough of them.

Dr Weston Price found that it is also essential to add vitamin K2 in a supplement if you don’t eat the foods that contain it.

The MOST health protective part of these 3 diets however, is that the best versions each contain 6 or more servings a day of organic vegetables.  Recent research shows that is literally the number one way to protect your health and cut your risk of dying from ALL causes! 

(The fourth super healthy way of eating is the Wahls Protocol which suggests closer to 9 or more servings a day of a variety of vegetables.  It’s so good for you it even is worth it if the vegetables aren’t organic; but it is far better for you if you only eat organic vegetables.  Besides nuts and wild caught fish, it does include organic liver or chicken liver due to its sky high level of nutrients, particularly the B complex vitamins and the safer organic form of iron.)

Vegetarian diets usually have good health results.  But in previous times they had a lot of refined and whole grains and soy based protein foods.

We and some other sources have written on how harmful refined grains are and to a large extent even whole grains are; and that this is most true for GMO, hybrid wheat foods.

We have also written on how harmful ALL these foods are for their excessively high level of omega 6 oil.

But many people who are vegetarian still rely on soy for their protein foods.  And, those who once ate meat, often like to eat the meat-like foods that are made from soy.

And, you still find that most “energy bars” have soy protein in them for example.

It turns out this an extremely harmful kind of soy food to eat!

There is some evidence that the traditional fermented soy foods and the traditionally processed tofu from soy that is NOT GMO can be OK in moderation.

But, even those can add phytoestrogens that in today’s world add to the various chemicals in foods that overdo estrogen like compounds and make that overdose worse. 

And, one doctor found a heart damaging effect in the scientific literature.
So even these kinds of soy foods should be eaten in moderation or not at all.

The really serious problem is that a massive amount of soy foods now in the stores and that some people eat are from soy oils or isolated soy protein from dreadfully processed GMO soy.  Simply put they should never, ever be eaten by people who value their health!

We’ve already posted on how all soy oil is high in proinflammatory omega 6 oils and best 100% avoided because that inflammation causes or worsens heart disease and osteoarthritis, mental decline, and many kinds of cancer.

And, I’ve read that the processing of soy oil also turns some of it into the heart attack starter, hydrogenated oils!

Unbelievably, such processed, GMO soy is even worse than that!

Nick Pineault is a cutting edge nutrition researcher who recently published information that added even more harmful aspects of such soy products!

It was so scary and persuasive, I decided to do this post to help ensure our readers know to stay away from such soy products and decided to include it directly in this post:

Here’s Nick:

“Discover The DARK Side of Soy…

Are YOU One Of The 81% Americans Eating This So-Called "Healthy" Plant Food PROVEN To Age You Faster, Increase Belly Fat And Disrupt Your Hormones?

See that bottle of oil on the right?

It's healthy, "heart-friendly" soybean oil.

Or at least that's what food marketing, the FDA, Hollywood stars following the vegan diet and maybe even your own doctor want you to believe.

As you'll soon discover in the eye-opening article below, soy foods might be one of the darkest food scams in History.

Over 81% of Americans have been convinced and deceived into believing that soybean oil and other soy products like soy milk, soy patties and tofu can help you burn more belly fat.

In reality it's the complete opposite.

New studies from independent sources now reveal that soy products age you faster, increase your belly fat and disrupt your hormones.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking WHY in the world should I trust this advice or believe any of this?

Because scientific research confirms it's 100% FACT.

You see, I used to believe that certain health foods, like soy, were good for me too! 

But then I researched over 582 studies and discovered the REAL Truth About Fat Burning Foods.

My name is Nick "The Nutrition Nerd" Pineault, and I'm just a regular guy from Montreal, Quebec that wants to burn more fat, stay lean, young looking, and be healthy for life just like YOU.

Over the last 7 years, I've uncovered hundreds of dirty little tricks the big food industry, the diet industry, and even governments pull off behind your back to make a quick buck. These are the same food LIES that harm your body making you age faster, while sabotaging your body's ability to burn fat—STOPPING you from feeling great and looking your best.

But wait, it gets even worse.

MOST doctors, nutritionists and health professionals are misinformed and don't even realize they've been misled into recommending potentially dangerous FAT-STORING foods.

The good news is that after reading the short article below you’ll learn the REAL truth about commercial soy, and MANY other so-called “healthy” foods that could be making you feel WORSE, while making your waistline bigger.

You’ll also discover how easy it is to replace these “fattening” health foods with delicious and healthy REAL FAT-BURNING foods.

The 3 "hidden" dangers below show you EXACTLY how
soy can screw up your hormones, making you
store MORE belly fat with every bite...

Once you stop buying into these food lies, you'll be able to easily transform your diet from fat-storing foods to healthy fat-burning foods WITHOUT being misled or deceived by the food industry or some health professional.

It's all part of my 24 hour diet makeover that you'll learn about below specifically designed to KEEP your body in a consistent, fat burning environment 24 hours a day – without extreme dieting, weight loss pills, or some other dangerous quick fix.

Soy Danger #1:

Hidden Toxins That Make You Store MORE Belly Fat

EVERY living organism in nature has some sort of defense mechanism.

While animals use obvious weapons like claws and teeth to survive, certain plants like soy use special toxins that are linked to several health problems, which can potentially screw up your hormones.

Here are 6 examples…

Natural toxins: Impair your digestive system.

Phytates: Prevent you from absorbing certain minerals.

Enzyme inhibitors: Hinder protein digestion.

Goitrogens: Interfere with your thyroid function and metabolism.

Phytoestrogens (Isoflavones): Genistein and daidzein, which mimic the fat storing hormone estrogen. They're also shown to increase your risks of hypothyroidism by 3 fold. (1)

Haemaggluttin: Causes red blood cells to clump together and inhibits oxygen uptake and growth.

Now you can probably see why Asians have been using a process called "fermentation" for years now. It gets rid of most of the anti-nutrients, allergens and hormone-disrupting compounds found in raw soy beans.

But in North America, no one seems to care! And companies carelessly put hormone-disrupting raw soy in soymilk, soybean oil, soy patties and tofu – which increases fat storage, drains your energy, and HARMS your body.

On the next page, I reveal a ton of healthy alternatives you can use to replace these toxic products in your diet in 24 hours or less.

Soy Danger #2:

Genetic Modification That DESTROYS Your Digestive Health & Immune System

What you may, or may NOT know, is that 93% of the soy grown in the US has been genetically modified by the food giant Monsanto.

You might be downplaying this like it's no big deal, but researchers have discovered that the Bt toxin inside GMO soy that's supposed to repel bugs accumulates inside your gut, slowly leaching TOXIC pesticides into your body. (2)

In fact, latest statistics show this dangerous and fattening toxin can be found in the gut of 93% of pregnant women and 80% of unborn babies... (3)

(It's no wonder GMO foods have been banned from several countries now, even though the FDA does NOTHING about it...)”

“Soy Danger #3:

Heavy Chemical Processing That Harms Your Body and Ages You FASTER...

Soybean oil, soy protein and other popular forms that are touted as "healthy" are all heavily processed, which presents ALL kinds of problems.

Here's why: natural plant oils inside soy plants are very fragile, so they instantly become damaged and inflammatory the second they're exposed to heat, oxygen, or even sunlight.

That's why soy products contain so many inflammatory compounds like trans-4-hydroxy-2-hexenal (HNE), a byproduct that SPEEDS up the aging process.

This same compound is found in large amounts inside the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease. (4)

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: many soy products are processed and extracted with hexane, a dangerous byproduct of gasoline refining.

Soybeans are left soaking in a toxic hexane bath for hours on end in order to squeeze every tiny bit of oil possible. After that, the hexane is completely removed by evaporation.

At least that's what is supposed to happen. In reality, studies by the EPA clearly show that hexane can still be found in soybean oil and isolated soy protein. (5)

That's because the FDA doesn't bother setting a maximum residue level in soy foods for dangerous chemicals like hexane, which means it could be very harmful for you and your family.”

These facts suggest these foods should simply no longer be sold at all.

But since they are and were once thought to be good for you, I think it’s important for you to know why to virtually never eat any!  

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