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Possible cure for migraines....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 8-14-2014

1.  Most migraines are painful and some are almost or are incapacitating.   They can make you feel powerless when they happen on top of other stresses &/or keep you from dealing with the demands of your life.

So, understandably, most people who have them would like them to happen less or be milder or both.  

And, if they could manage it, they’d like to never have another one!

Worse, migraines are mostly vascular and people who have them seem to be at added risk of heart attack and stroke.  So, despite being little known, that’s another reason to want to turn them off!

2.  The much better news is that:

a)  Almost for sure you can have fewer migraines, have milder ones, and even possibly stop them.  And, making heart disease and stroke less likely without drugs is quite doable we now know. 

b) There’s a report of a new medical procedure that has tested to be able to turn off almost all the remaining migraines!  (For people with migraines too severe to try the other things, you might even want to start with the procedure.)

This post has both listed below:

c) By doing both, we now look to have a very robust cure for migraines!

3.  How you can have fewer migraines, have milder ones, and even possibly stop them –
-- and do it without drugs or the new procedure:

1.  Since migraines are vascular and correlated with heart disease the first steps should be those that make the blood vessels healthy.

This may reverse the migraines in some people and people who have had problematic migraines need the protection.

(Things that do turn off heart disease whether or no they help migraines include
*Stopping ALL heart attack starters in your diet such as:
No longer eating hybrid, GMO wheat and most grains; stopping ALL high fructose corn syrup, all artificial sweeteners, and soft drinks – and cutting way back on real sugar and fruit juices;
Stopping ALL hydrogenated oils -- which means stopping most commercial baked goods and many packaged desserts and movie popcorn and margarine and nondairy creamer and shortening;
*Stopping all cheap oils high in omega 6 such as corn, soy, canola, and safflower oil – and using only extra virgin olive oil or nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and pecans and avocados and fats from wild caught fish instead and maybe coconut oil and dairy such as butter from cows fed only grass instead;
*Eating 6 or more servings of organic vegetables a day.
*And taking the supplements shown to cut LDL cholesterol and small particle LDL such as sterol supplements, real niacin, and turmeric with black pepper, and ginger.
*Getting regular vigorous exercise that you start super easy and build up to more very gradually and having slower parts or complete rest breaks to avoid continuous stress on your heart. 

The first set of things WILL cut your heart attack and stroke risk and may help with reducing migraines.  And many people switching to that lifestyle will lose a lot of the fat poor eating has added to them without any hunger problems.

But the regular vigorous exercise has often stopped migraines!

a) In particular, regular vigorous exercise and taking extra of all the B complex vitamins has stopped migraines, reduced their severity, or reduced their frequency and  should be tried every time for those reasons.

The exercise does the double of added heart protection and has a track record of slashing migraines too!  And, the B vitamins are brain protective and have a track record of reducing migraines

b) The same is true for taking magnesium supplements and eating abundantly of health supporting foods containing magnesium. Those include the nuts that are heart protective which are best eaten raw and without salt of heart damaging oils and eating or drinking organic, dark green vegetables.  People who take in abundant magnesium have fewer migraines, better health of all kinds, and stronger bones!

c) Most of the actions that prevent heart disease and keep the blood vessels healthy have empowering physical and mental effects and give migraine sufferers better health and more ability to deal with the migraines they do have.

2.  For some people, cutting back on coffee a bit or drinking tea in part or switching to tea may help. Coffee and its caffeine tend to tighten blood vessels a bit much.  So doing this may help.  Drinking coffee at first and then switching to tea or green tea after that each day can help you cut this effect without cutting your mental sharpness.

3. The herb with the best track record of turning down or preventing migraines is butterbur.  So people who do the first two things who still have migraines or who want to do everything right away should try it.

Many people who do the first 3 things have no more bothersome migraines.

But for those who do or want more leverage and faster results, you can add the next one right away:

4.  Some chiropractors have found that their techniques relieve pressure on the neck and facial nerves and stop migraines.  Since this has apparently worked for many people, it's worth trying.

Note that as many as 70 to 85% of people who do all these first 5 things can stop having migraines or stop having the ones bad enough to be disruptive to their life close to 100%.

BUT, what about people who want even more reduction and HATE migraines--even short and mild ones that don't happen often?

What about the 15 to 30% who still have problematic migraines?

We now have a way to double the effect of all of the above that works differently!

In fact, combined with this first set of things, we now have close to a 100 % cure for migraines!

5.  Since botulism treatment of facial nerves has stopped migraines, a cosmetic surgeon thought more carefully targeted and individualized facial cosmetic surgery might help really bad migraines or those these other methods hadn't helped or stopped.

It tested to stop the vast majority of migraines in the people who had it done

This technique tested as so effective that when added to these other methods, we now have close to a 100 % cure for migraines.

Here’s the Medical News Today article and link: 

Symptom relief following non-endoscopic migraine surgery
A revised version of a surgical procedure to treat severe chronic migraine 
headaches led to significant symptom relief more than 90 percent of the time in 
patients treated at Massachusetts...

 At this time, you might have to travel to Massachusetts and be able to have that surgeon do the surgery.  And even if he does an excellent job with the hand washing and other techniques to avoid infection, today with bacteria highly resistant to most antibiotics, there is a risk that did not exist before to this degree.

So, if you are well to do and your migraines are so bad, you are more than willing to take that risk, you might want to get this procedure done first.

For everyone else, turning off most migraines with the first set of things and waiting for the technique to be learned and practiced by doctors local to you and covered by your insurance might make more sense.

Based on the studies, most people who do all the first set of things will have no migraines or almost none that art bothersome.

Still, for people who want something FAST right now who can afford it and those who still have bothersome migraines even if less severe and less often, this new technique looks to be a huge advance!  

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Blogger David said...

An article just since this post had 3 more ways to cut migraines!

1. In March, the FDA approved a nerve-stimulating headband, the Cefaly device, to treat migraines.

This is a 20 minutes a day treatment to avoid or turn off having the nerves in the forehead and face trigger or continue migraines.

This may be a less expensive way for short term use -- and a more available way; and definitely a less invasive way to stop such migraines than the surgical method in this post. (They target the same cause but in different ways.)

Avoiding triggers and improved stress relief practices can help.

2. But avoiding triggers can be limiting. Many people LIKE wine and chocolate for example. So turning off migraines in other ways is more desirable and doable.

However, ONE trigger listed is very beneficial to remove with many other health benefits to doing so! The ONE trigger to be SURE to avoid is MSG!

And that, in turn suggests eating more vegetables and some fruit and avoiding high salt intake might also help AND that following a low inflammation lifestyle might help.

MSG adds a lot of sodium you can well do without and significantly boosts harm to blood vessels and helps trigger gout and high blood pressure because it boosts inflammation so much.

Because MSG boosts chronic inflammation so much, besides completely avoiding it, following the low inflammation lifestyle we recommend in other posts may also lessen migraines. (See also the book, Anticancer, that teaches this lifestyle and explains it as a way to avoid cancer.)

3. Adding stress relief practices may help but NOT when time pressures of current stresses make it less doable.

You can do the other things to stop migraines which may free up enough time to do a few minutes a day of Yoga or Tai Chi in the time that the migraines were costing you.

And, you can do other things to escape or turn down stress that we will post on later today.

2:00 PM  

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