Thursday, August 28, 2014

Saturated fats from carbs harm others do NOT....

Thursday, 8-28-2014

Saturated fats from dairy have odd numbers of carbons and tested to not cause diabetes problems and in and of themselves may not cause heart disease either.

However, when people eat too many carbs or fast ones, their bodies turn the sugars into saturated fats with even numbers of carbons.

Given the source, no surprise, those tend to go with type 2 risk.  And eating sugars and other high glycemic carbs boosts triglycerides which DO cause an increase in small particle LDL and heart disease.

I have seen some other evidence of this from other sources.  But that the two kinds of fats have different kinds of molecules is new information I’d not seen before.

Here’s the link to the Medical News Today story with that study.
Saturated fats' impact on type 2 diabetes risk 'varies across acids'
The influence different fatty acids may have on type 2 diabetes risk may depend 
on whether they contain odd or even numbers of carbon atoms, according to a new 

My comments and other related information:

I’m a bit conservative where high saturated fat intake from animals is concerned compared to some Paleo advocates.  So, I still eat beans and wild caught fish and nuts and mushrooms for much of my protein intake if not the majority of it. And, I’m in the process of adding enough greens which are high protein per calorie to boost my protein intake that way.

1.  But it is beginning to look as if much to most to maybe even ALL of the harm initially attributed to the saturated fat from animals was real enough.  BUT it came from the horribly inflammatory omega 6 oils from animals fed grains instead of their natural diets.  That means to avoid such foods or to only eat the most fat removed versions of them and NOT eat them often.   And, it looks likely that the saturated fats got a bad rap.  They were there; but they didn’t cause the bad effects it now looks like.

2.  Animal fats from animals fed grains that are high in omega 6; oils like soy, corn, and canola; eating a lot of or any significant amount of grains combined with low intake of omega 3 oils – particularly those from fish and other seafood causes dreadfully high inflammation which in turn causes heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease and contributes to causing cancer and making cancers more harmful.

3.  Both the DASH and Mediterranean diets avoid such fats from animals fed grains and get good health results.  The DASH diet uses nonfat dairy and light intake of things like skinless chicken breast and very lean cuts of meat from which all visible fats have been removed.

The more health producing versions of the Mediterranean diet tend to use nuts and fish and seafood and vegetables as their protein sources primarily and besides nuts and the omega 3 oils in wild caught fish to use extra virgin olive oil for their oil.

Both eating styles also stress eating LOTS of vegetables which have high protein per calorie and which have been shown to slash the death rate from all causes for those who eat enough of them every day.

4. Also, eating saturated fats in eggs from pastured hens and butter and cheese from cattle fed only grass and organic sprouts or hay and NEVER fed grains only boosts the protective HDL cholesterol.

That has certainly been my experience.  My HDL has gone from the 80’s to over 100 by adding these foods.  And, though I did do other things to get there, my triglycerides and LDL cholesterol dropped dramatically.  Clearly adding animal fats from animals fed their natural diet did NOT boost my heart risk!

5.  Also the health results of the Paleo people who eat far more meats than I do but only from naturally fed sources while slashing grains and sugars and eating a lot of vegetables have been quite good.

6.   The very worst track record for harming health is by eating processed meats often.  Most such meats sold currently are double harmful and their track record of producing harm reflects that.

They are high in fat from animals fed grains that is very high in omega 6 oils. And the very high levels of salt and other preservatives in them is also harmful

Most unfortunately, this includes bacon and sausage and pepperoni and salami and most hot dogs and lunch meats.  (I do allow myself bacon from time to time but just a few times a year! And, I hardly ever eat the others now that I know better.)

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