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Remove toxins and prevent cancer....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 5-20-2014

A.  To remove harmful metals:

1.  Eat cilantro & fibrous vegetables and beans and lentils and mushrooms and berries -- all in quantity.  Most cruciferous vegetables are high in fiber and prevent cancer several ways besides!

Eating cilantro leaves diced up into salads or salsa or even added to a VitaMixed blend has been found to help remove mercury and other harmful metals.  (Mercury causes nerve damage and helps trigger mental decline including Alzheimer’s disease.) 

2.  Avoid eating or drinking them to begin with or using personal products they are in!

a) Recently it was found that all lipstick tested that was from the major companies in the United States contained lead.

So for sure stop any lipstick made by a company based in the United States.  Don’t use lipstick or use lipstick from a small company specializing in cosmetics with no harmful ingredients or at least use lipstick from a company based in Europe. 

For lipstick, this company looks worth checking out:  www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com .

They carry lipstick in many colors and shades and for sure DO refuse to use many biochemical ingredients such as Triclosan known to be carcinogenic or health harming.  They did not specify that they have tested their product to be sure it’s also lead free.  But the things they ARE sure to not include are well worth avoiding.  And, to ask about lead or any testing they have had done, email them at info@gabrielcosmeticsinc.com  .

b)  To avoid mercury avoid eating swordfish or king mackerel at all.  (The sardine sized small mackerel are OK as are sardines, herring, and wild caught salmon.) Never eat farmed fish which are massively polluted with all the things that Gabriel Cosmetics avoids in their products and may also contain excess mercury.  And, eat tuna an average of once a month to once a week only and pregnant or nursing women not at all! 

c)  To avoid aluminum read our post from last Thursday, 5-15, on how it does cause Alzheimer’s disease and how to avoid it.

d)  To avoid arsenic, eat no rice or only a small serving three times a month or less.  This is wise as rice is too high glycemic to eat at all if you want to stay healthy.  But a mix of brown rice with quinoa or wild rice can be OK a few times a month.  Now we know that besides being too high a glycemic food, rice also has too much arsenic in it to eat more often than that.

It also helps to be sure your drinking and cooking water are arsenic free.  But at this writing I do not know any method that is money and time efficient enough to do that to share.  But if you find one or a source of water tested to be arsenic free by all means use it and share it – and email me also at davideller7@yahoo.com

B.  For cancer prevention or surviving any you get, here are some other things that help.

1.  Come as close as you can to completely avoiding tobacco smoke 100 % of the time. 

Don’t smoke or quit for sure and never go back; avoid second hand smoke; and avoid moving into or renting a place to live that had a heavy smoker live there just before you.

Tobacco smoke is very carcinogenic.  Worst is the first few drags from a smoker who lit the cigarette with a lighter instead of a match or being right next to them.  But tobacco itself is radioactive so even contacting the left over ash is carcinogenic too.  All second hand smoke is harmful AND is also known to trigger heart attacks!

Because tobacco is radioactive, use no tobacco products of any kind.
Lastly, despite not causing cancer as far as I know, the nicotine in tobacco DOES help cause heart disease.  So also avoiding all e-Cigarettes and their users also is important.  And, if the nicotine is sourced from tobacco, it may be radioactive too!

2.  Often in people with strong immune systems, their immune systems routinely kill off cells with pre-cancerous changes and prevent them from becoming full blown cancers. This function is robust in healthy, young people but as people age and their immune systems become less robust this function does also.

So boosting your immune system helps:

Immune boosters that work:

Eating mushrooms even button mushrooms from any produce department; and lemon juice and citrus fruit and citrus rinds or zest but from only those fruits that are organically grown; and taking astragalus supplements, probiotic supplements, and 3,000 to 8,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 each have been found to be effective immune system boosters. 

The vitamin D3 is so important that people who are severely deficient which is most people who don’t live outside during all daylight hours and take no vitamin D3 of at least 1,000 iu a day, have MUCH higher death rates in this has been shown to be true for virulent flu strains and other diseases.

3.  High chronic inflammation has been shown to cause and to speed up cancer.  So avoiding it is protective:

Inflammation reducers:  Taking turmeric and curcumin supplements; eating ginger and taking ginger supplements; eating tart cherries and taking tart cherry supplements; & taking Shea oil supplements; and taking devil's claw supplements all work.  Turmeric/curcumin, ginger, and tart cherry seem to be most effective.  Taking turmeric or its curcumin extract with black pepper has tested to work as an anti-cancer method in fact.

4.  Removers of excess estrogens and chemical estrogen mimics:

Eating cruciferous vegetables in quantity both raw and lightly steamed and taking indole 3 carbinol supplements is the best at this.

5.  Cancer preventers:

All cruciferous vegetables in quantity both raw and lightly steamed;

Turmeric and curcumin supplements;  (The second listing for this one!)

All high carotene vegetables cooked from steamed to lightly braised to boiled or VitaMixed raw or steamed AND then eaten with a health OK food or two from extra virgin olive oil to tree nuts and avocados if not allergic to pitted olives both green and ripe (brown); & lycopene supplements.  Carotene containing vegetables work raw.  But cooking them or VitaMixing them and then eating them with a health OK oil works even better a second way to prevent cancers!

Raw, minced garlic and raw or sautéed or braised onions and green onions and leeks; and deodorized garlic supplements.  Those also have strong anticancer properties.

And take 3,000 to 8,000 iu a day of vitamin D3. (The second listing for this one also.)

This is one of my choppier and less organized posts.  And, I’ve posted on many of these before.  But some is new.  And it all may be new to some readers.

I hope you do many of these things and have them work for you!

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