Thursday, May 01, 2014

This prevents cancer and turns off cancer too….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 5-1-2014

This is really good news for two reasons.

The less cancer forms in you and the better you turn off any that shows up, the less serious problems you will have from cancer.

This both protects you from cancer and its potentially severe damage to you AND it may even protect you from the extremely high bad side effect cancer treatments that might otherwise be necessary.

The best news it that we know two quite effective ways to increase the amount you have. AND, these same two methods are dramatically health protective in other ways some of which also have anti-cancer effects!

This magic substance is called p53.

Here’s the Medical News Today article on its anticancer effects:

Invading cancer cells cut off by p53
The tumor suppressor p53 does all it can to prevent oncogenes from transforming
normal cells into tumor cells by killing defective cells or causing them to
become inactive.

Here are the two things that give you more of it:

1.  Eating curries containing turmeric or taking curcumin supplements derived from turmeric – with black pepper or its piperine extract increases p53 in your system.

One researcher was so impressed with the research he saw on this, he added turmeric to some part of his food three times a day!

I don’t like the taste that much!  But I do take curcumin and black pepper daily and eat a curried dish with turmeric and black pepper three or four times a week.

Turmeric is even more powerful for cancer prevention and good health besides!

Ingesting turmeric and black pepper also turns down chronic inflammation that is too high.  That helps prevent cancer and having any cancers you get from becoming life threatening or spreading also!

It lowers LDL cholesterol and has substantial Alzheimer’s preventive effects too!

(You can see why the researcher who had seen all the studies showing these effects used a lot of it himself!)

Guess what else he said got much of its anticancer effects from boosting p53?

Hint it has even more health benefits than turmeric!

It’s doing some kind of exercise including vigorous exercise almost every day.

It helps of course to keep the levels and amounts of vigorous exercise low enough your body can keep up with them and to build up the intensity levels gradually and slowly enough to make it safe to do.

And, it helps to take enough and eat enough antioxidants and to eat enough good quality protein and get enough sleep to help your body recover well from your vigorous exercise.

But if you do that and do it nearly every day and keep doing it, this kind of regular exercise boosts p53.

And, it cuts high chronic inflammation and keeps your telomeres longer too.

Both of those effects ALSO prevent cancer!

But by also cutting your LDL and triglycerides and boosting your HDL and increasing your circulation, it also slashes your risk of heart diseases and stroke too!

No surprise that such exercise is proven to cut the amount of virtually all diseases that older people often get and enables people who do it to live years longer and have as many as several more decades of  healthy life.

Research at Stanford found just that!  And, it’s worth considering that the comparison group who didn’t exercise and didn’t enjoy these benefits was ALSO well educated and economically well off and mostly did not smoke!  

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