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High HDL and low LDL prevent cancer spread….

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 5-13-2014


Important new way to survive cancer and even get rid of it since you can keep it from killing you off while you attack it!

We now know several effective ways to turn up HDL and turn down LDL and triglycerides and keep them all well supplied with anti-oxidants and free of attached excess sugars and keep inflammation low.

Base on this research, if you do that set of things, your more aggressive cancer cells lose their ability hitch-hike elsewhere!

That allows you to attack it where it is now and be far less afraid it will attack you all over the place!

This is HUGE good news!

This story was in Medical News Today:

Cancer spreads with help from 'bad' cholesterol
A study shows for the first time that low density lipoprotein, or LDL, helps
cancer cells migrate by providing them with velcro-like molecules that help take
up root elsewhere.

Here are some quotes from the article:  (The bold sections I placed in bold.)

Cancer spreads with help from 'bad' cholesterol   Friday 9 May 2014

"…. an international study published in the journal Cell Reports and led by the University of Sydney in Australia identifies "bad" cholesterol as an important culprit in metastasis.

"…. If untreated, cancer cells can escape their primary tumors, travel to other parts of the body and grow into secondary cancers or metastases. Metastases are the major cause of death from cancer.

If we are to significantly improve cancer treatment, we need a better understanding of metastasis. One of the areas researchers are keenly investigating is what helps cancer cells escape primary tumors and set up new sites elsewhere in the body."

"We already know that most of the cells in the body stick to each other because they have velcro-like molecules on their surfaces called integrins. In recent years, researchers have discovered that integrins help cancer cells to escape tumors and settle elsewhere in the body."

'Bad' cholesterol helps integrins move, 'good' cholesterol keeps them inside cells
Researchers have discovered that integrins can move from the surface of cells to the inside, and that cholesterol, one of the major lipids in the body, is needed to keep integrins on the surface of cancer cells. But the underlying mechanisms, until now, have been somewhat unclear.

Thomas Grewal, a senior author of this latest study and an associate professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sydney, says they identified "that 'bad' (low density lipoprotein or LDL) cholesterol controls the trafficking of tiny vessels which also contain these integrins, and this has huge effects on the ability of cancer cells to move and spread throughout the body."

He says they found high levels of "bad" cholesterol seem to help the integrins in cancer cells to move around, and in contrast, high levels of 'good' (high density lipoprotein or HDL) cholesterol seem to keep the integrins inside cells."

He and his colleagues conclude that fine-tuning of cholesterol levels could be a way to influence cancer cell migration and invasion.

Knowing "how to manipulate and lower 'bad' cholesterol could significantly help to reduce the ability of cancer cells to spread," says Prof. Grewal, who with co-senior author Carlos Enrich, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona in Spain, has been working on the link between cholesterol and cancer for 15 years."

Written by Catharine Paddock PhD

Cancer spreads with help from 'bad' cholesterol
A study shows for the first time that low density lipoprotein, or LDL, helps
cancer cells migrate by providing them with velcro-like molecules that help take
up root elsewhere.

The wonderful news is that we DO know how to sharply decrease LDL cholesterol.  Moreover, the high side effect statin drugs are not only not needed, they are much less effective than those methods together. Those better methods also lower the death rate of the people who do them from all causes.

We also know how to increase HDL.

In fact, the most protective things usually do both at the same time.

Here's a list of them for those who haven't seen them in our other posts.
1.  The first thing to do to keep HDL high and LDL and triglycerides low ALSO prevents 30% or more of all cancers too!

It's stay away from tobacco smoke as close to 100% of the time as possible, to avoid nicotine use, and to avoid using tobacco products.

Tobacco itself is radioactive and whether you get it into you from its smoke or putting it into your mouth or nose.  Because that radioactivity goes into your blood stream tobacco causes cancer in every part of you since your blood goes everywhere.

Nicotine can be useful to step down the addiction to it to help some people quit smoking.  But e-cigarettes that mostly dispense nicotine are harmful too.  It seems that the nicotine itself was found to be one of the agents from tobacco that reduces your HDL and increases your LDL.  Nicotine is also a good bit of what makes tobacco products addictive and harsh to stop for many people.  So avoid using it and withdraw from any use of it as fast and well as you are able.

Tobacco smoke with its particulates of smoke to send the radioactivity far into your lungs and carcinogenic and shortlived hydrocarbons also causes cancer.  This effect is MUCH worse for people who use lighters instead of matches which almost all smokers now do. 

The best news is that the more health protective things you do from exercise to eating more vegetables to taking supplements or eating foods that protect you from the heart disease and cancer risks you had by using tobacco products.  People who do all three of these things, are much more successful at quitting AND their health recovers better.

2.  Small particle LDL is the kind that does the most damage.  And, research found that when it's low your HDL is high and your triglycerides are low.

So, that means it clearly is the very likely bad guy here that makes cancer much more likely to go all over the place.

a) What lowers it that you should do to get the protection of very little of it?

Two things are known to do so. 

Regular and vigorous exercise most days of every week directly lowers small particle LDL.  The sessions can be 5 to 30 minutes long too.  You can literally make a big difference with 15 or 20 minutes even three or four days a week. You can start easy with a 10 minute session once a week if you have to.

Based on the effects it has on your HDL, LDL, AND triglycerides it's clear that people who take niacin have lower levels of small particle LDL.  People who do so were tested to lower their death rate by taking niacin. 

I've found that even taking 300 mg twice a day, once after my large breakfast and once after the large part of my lunch produces little flushing and then only when I eat a smaller lunch and it goes away quickly.  (Some people have problems with it if they combine it with statins.  But people who just take statins get many of those problems. Doing this set of things is more effective and makes statins unnecessary.)

I've also read that insositol hexaniacinate of 300 mg delivers 250 mg of niacin and because it does this slowly and without plastic buffers or fillers doubles my net intake of niacin a day to about 1100 mg and insositol hexaniacinate does deliver its niacin with no flush at all.

b) What things dramatically increase your amount of this dangerous small particle LDL that you can stop ingesting totally?

Don't eat or drink heart attack starters!

All hydrogenated oils have been directly tested to do just that.  In addition, if they are on the ingredient list of a food, the only safe amount of that food to eat daily is ZERO.  Cutting down leaves you with more than enough to boost the dickens out of your dangerous small particle LDL.  Here's why:  Because it's unnatural to your system, it takes your body several days to get rid of half of it.  So if you eat it once, after a few weeks it may stop harming you.  But if you eat even a bit every day, each day you eat it, you add to what was left over from the day before and the day before that, etc.  That means if you eat just a little bit every day you'll always have enough to boost this dangerous small particle LDL!

The other thing is to stop doing anything that causes your triglycerides to go way up.  Sugars, particularly high fructose corn syrup, and isolated fructose such as in agave syrup, and refined grains, particularly refined wheat flour, and even 100 % whole grains all are VERY strong boosters of triglycerides.

So minimize real sugar and eliminate these other foods! 

(The people who do and eat health OK protein foods and oils and mostly vegetables otherwise have dramatically better health on almost every measure known.  In fact, just eating 6 or more servings of vegetables and one or two pieces of whole fruit a day was recently shown to cut the overall death rate of the people who did it by 42%.  (About a 60% of that was heart attack and stroke death reduction and 30% was from cancer death reduction.)

3.  Other helpful actions:

These boost HDL:

Drinking from low moderate to higher moderate but not more red wine increases HDL and provides many complementary nutrients that are heart protective.

Following a low inflammation lifestyle with no oils or animal fats high in omega 6 oils and taking DHA and omega 3 oil supplements AND eating onions and taking deodorized garlic  often has several benefits particularly when you do them all.

Reducing chronic inflammation strongly prevents both cancers and heart disease.  AND doing this set of thing reduces triglycerides and boosts HDL too!

For people who can get eggs from chickens fed only on pasture, meat from animals fed 100% on grass and organic sprouts and wild caught fish not high in mercury, eating these foods boosts HDL cholesterol, particularly the egg yolks which are also high in choline.

Lastly, you can take choline supplements or lecithin supplements that contain choline.

And, these three things reduce your levels of ALL LDL:

 Taking sterol supplements daily.  I take 3 a day of Natrol Cholesterol balance sterol supplement.

Eating or taking ginger each day.

And, eating &/or taking turmeric or curcumin that comes from turmeric with black pepper every day.

(My LDL was averaging about 106 from the first set of things.  When I added ginger and turmeric it dropped to about 76!)

Summary: That IS a lot of things to do.

But virtually every single one of them has other health benefits.  They boost HDL and lower LDL and triglycerides and lower the dangerous small particle LDL that looks to spread cancer.

On top of that, many of these practices also PREVENT cancer to begin with!  

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Blogger David said...

More good news on ways to boost HDL and lower Triglycerides but reducing the small particle LDL that allows cancer cells to hitchhike all over the place:

I don't always agree with Jenny Thompson of HSI.

But I usually do because she does first rate research.

I'd read that eating avocados also boosted HDL and lowered triglycerides besides being loaded with natural vitamin E and nearly every other vitamin.

She found a more direct piece of research:

"Could eating out at your favorite Mexican restaurant be good for your heart?

It could if you order the guacamole!

A new study found that the trendy green fruit used to make that popular Mexican dish just might help prevent heart disease.

Researchers compared a moderate-fat diet featuring an avocado a day to two others that had none.

They found the avocado diet significantly reduced a risk factor in heart disease called low-density lipoprotein particles.

The people in the study were overweight, but otherwise healthy.

"Research is beginning to show that small, dense LDL particles, in particular, may be more likely to be oxidized and form plaques in the arteries compared to large, buoyant LDL particles," said the lead investigator.

And avocado consumption, they found, helped to get rid of those small, more damaging particles.

Avocados have also been used as traditional folk remedies for things like gout. And they contain 60 percent more potassium than bananas.

So maybe this fruit will replace another fruit in that old rhyme. How about 'an avocado a day keeps the doctor away' -- especially the cardiologist!

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson"

12:03 PM  

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