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Make the best health and fatloss method doable....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 3-27-2014

Successfully being healthy and staying that way for decades of healthy years and achieving fat loss that is truly permanent is simple but NOT always easy.

We’ve posted often that exercise has massive health benefits.  We’ve posted often that some kinds of exercise force fat loss.  And, we’ve posted that the exercises that force fatloss tend to produce the best health effects.  AND, that set of exercises is time efficient enough most people can do them in the time they have.  Every bit of that is true and well researched.

But as enormously powerful as exercise is, it is still the number two recommendation for living many healthy years and for achieving permanent fat loss!

The number one way to have many healthy years and to achieve permanent fat loss is to stop eating and drinking things that harm you and eat LOTS of vegetables each day.

There are many ways to eat or “diets” that get great results for many people who follow them.  Those include the DASH II diet and the Mediterranean diet and the best diet that combines the best of those two and adds our new information on harmful and beneficial foods.

But both the DASH II diet and the Mediterranean diet, and the Ornish diet, the Paleo diet and all the other health oriented diets work best to produce good health if you remove or cut way back on all grains AND if you eat LOTS of vegetables each day.

(In that kind of daily volume it’s essential to eat only organic produce by the way.)

Such high vegetable intake diets have been tested to force fat loss and help you lose belly fat the best.  And, the health benefits of eating that way are comparable to that good or even better. 

It’s actually common in people who have fat to lose, to drop 25 pounds of fat or more after beginning to eat this way and do so without making ANY extra effort to eat less or exercise more.

One woman doctor had MS to the point she was unable to leave home or keep working.  She ate almost only lots of vegetables and her MS vanished for all practical purposes. Other people with MS who have followed her eating style have had similar results.  We posted about that woman last time since her style of diet with only organic vegetables might also help reverse Parkinson’s disease.

Many people who begin eating a LOT of vegetables have reflux disease and high blood pressure disappear or get radically better.  So have people with type 2 diabetes.

Such high vegetable intake diets have helped people slash their risks of heart disease and stroke.  And, their blood tests reflect this too.

Onions and garlic and kale and cabbage and cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts and carrots and pumpkin and many more kinds of cruciferous vegetables and vegetables high in carotenes all help prevent cancer too!

As you can see, a lot of the drugs people take often become unnecessary when people switch to eating such high vegetable intake diets.

They also become a LOT more likely to have decades more of healthy life.

But for many people, eating a lot of vegetables is close to undoable in practice!

THIS post is about the new solution to that problem.

Some of the best for health vegetables are a bit on the bitter side. 

As busy as most people are, it can be challenging to eat vegetables that take a LOT of chewing and do so at every meal. 

And, although there are many ethnic recipes for almost every kind of vegetable known that make it taste good, the work and cleanup needed make this logistically impossible for many busy people to do several times every single day.

Early on it was discovered that using blenders and juicers could make vegetables taste good and quite easy to eat.

You can add a bit of ginger or cinnamon or carrots or a piece of fruit to a harsher tasting vegetable and have the juice be quite drinkable.

I tasted the drink a man I met had for lunch each day with kiwifruit and ginger and kale for example and found it quite palatable although I’d have used a bit less ginger than he did.

But this solution, though it makes it possible to actually enjoy eating vegetables you might not have otherwise been able to eat at all, still has 3 problems:

Two of them are that you don’t get most of the fiber and any other nutrients in the fiber AND you then have to dispose of the fiber for an extra clean up step.

(If you use a blender and just have it blend the whole thing to avoid missing the fiber or having that cleanup, for some things the fiber makes the juice too thick or gritty to want to drink it often.)

The third one is that the cleanup of juicers takes forever.  You have to take the parts apart and clean them being careful not to lose or break any.  Then you have to rinse and dry them and re-assemble them.

For many years the Vitamix has solved those problems.

Its power and high speed make even navel organges or raw celery blend to a smooth and drinkable drink.

And, the cleanup is close to instant.  You don’t take anything apart.  All you do is add dish soap and water; run the Vitamix a bit; pour that out and then repeat the process with rinse water; and then set the top aside to dry.

The Vitamix did have two drawbacks. 

Most blenders and juicers are loud enough you likely should have ear protection like the crew who land jetliners have to protect your hearing.  And, the Vitamix though faster to do the juicing was even louder.

Secondly, like many blenders and juicers, the top was too tall and easy to tip over to make storing a drink in the refrigerator in the top container very doable.

But what if they engineered out 95% of the noise and made the top a bit wider and shorter so it fit in most refrigerator shelves and was very tip resistant?

Vitamix has done just that!

The best retailer right now to buy one of these new quiet Vitamix super blenders  is Williams Sonoma.  They have stores in most upscale shopping centers and sell online.

This new Vitamix, I’m told by the company, has two model numbers.

The one I saw demonstrated at Whole Foods recently with just one speed costs a bit less and is the model 300.  There is also one with five different programs you can run to do different kinds of blending jobs that is called the 750 and which costs a bit more.

I haven’t got ours yet.  But we will.

In my case, I have three problems I think it will help me solve.

a) There is a good bit of evidence that if I drink two Vitamix drinks a day I’ll lose at least two inches off my waist and lose as much as ten pounds of fat.  Even better, I’ll be less hungry than I am now while this happens instead of hungrier! 

I really want that result. So I look forward to trying the new Vitamix!

b)  A man had blood pressure of 158 over 82 had heard that celery could lower his blood pressure.  (You can be relatively safe with that reading if you eat right and exercise even without taking drugs.  But it’s high enough to want to lower it too and uncomfortably close to the higher readings that make taking the blood pressure drugs mandatory for protection of your health.)

He ate 4 stalks of celery a day for several weeks.  Did it work?  Wow did it ever work!  After doing this, his blood pressure was 118 over 68!

I HATE celery.  The taste isn’t too bad but it’s like eating canvas twine.  Yechh!

But with a Vitamix, having the juice of two stalks of celery before breakfast and right after I get up and another two stalks of celery right after I get home from work would be quite doable.

I’d be hugely pleased to have my blood pressure drop half that much!

So I want a Vitamix for that reason too!

c)  In part because of my big belly and love of food and my schedule that has me eating only two hours before bedtime, I have acid reflux which tends to be pretty bad at night.

The Prilosec I take keeps it from making me feel like I just drank an industrial strength acid drink or harming my esophagus enough to make cancer likely.

But taking the Prilosec proton pump inhibitor drug also turns out to be at least half the reason I have high blood pressure and it also helps ensure my reflux problem continues!

However, drinking fresh cabbage juice has enough healing properties that if I lose enough belly fat to cut my reflux way back, I may be able to safely stop the Prilosec and then have the rest of the reflux go way.

And, if I manage that, my blood pressure will go down and my already good heart protection will get even better.

I really want those results.

So I want a Vitamix for that reason too!

What about you?

Would you like those kinds of health results now and not develop the several kinds of diseases that this kind of Vitamix use will prevent?   

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