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React fast and think better and much more – with tyrosine....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 3-13-2014

I.  Most of us drive and, in doing that activity alone, fast reactions are often critical for safety.

(Researchers discovered an easy way to have fast reactions.  And, we describe it below.)

A.  You can of course do several things to stay safe while driving besides fast reaction time.:

* You can almost always avoid getting too close to the car etc in front of you by staying back enough distance to go around them if they suddenly have to stop.   

Unless you are watching like a hawk and trying to time getting around them etc, never ever get closer than that.

And, if traffic is not so thick that leaving a bit more distance than that won’t cause someone to take the room in front of you, staying back a car length or so more than that gives you even more reaction time.

To get that right away after you and the traffic stop, if you are packed in like sardines, when the light changes, wait just a tiny bit or go very slowly but only just until you get that room to go around and THEN speed up quickly exactly as fast as the car in front of you. 

(People do stop for dogs and the like right after they start out.  By doing this procedure, you avoid crashing into them due to zero reaction time available – AND, you don’t wind up holding up cars behind you by doing the second part of it.)

(A man who bought a taxi company cut accidents enough to make it profitable by just teaching this and how to do the proper multiple stops at stop signs: – real stop at the line just before pedestrians might cross and look to see if there are any; pause just before entering traffic a bit after the cross walk to look for cars approaching -- & THEN go ahead.)

B.  Be mentally present and watching the road and other cars while your car is moving. Otherwise, you  often have ZERO reaction time. 

*Don’t drink over a drink or so before driving or have someone who has had none drive.

*If you talk on your phone while watching the road like a hawk, that’s OK. And in my experience, watching people who have to do it for work and who don’t have accidents it’s relatively OK.  But if you find you get distracted too much either don’t do it all or say: I’ll call right back and hang up if you need to.

* People who are talking on their phones and do NOT pay any attention such that they run stop signs or don’t notice when the light turns green or drive into a different lane or even drive into oncoming traffic ARE guilty of reckless driving and gross negligence.  They may not be ticketable as such; but they have died and killed other people while doing so.  Please do NOT join them!

*  Simply do NOT text and drive.  And, despite recent court decisions, do detailed looking at maps BEFORE you let your car move.  (In some cars, the next turn is easy to read quickly from GPS which can be OK if you are quick and careful enough.  But if it takes too long, stop to look at it in a safe place or have someone else look -- even if you have to go more distance or be late.  Never arriving is worse!)

People who do this ARE guilty of reckless driving and gross negligence.  They may not be ticketable as such; but they have died and killed other people while doing so.  Please do NOT join them!

* Watch for signs other drivers are doing these things and do your best to stay well clear of these fools and give them LOTS of extra room.  You may be very glad you did. (For this reason people who look like they may not stop at a light or stop sign may very well NOT stop!)

II.  Here’s the info from the article and the link to the original.

Taking the amino acid tyrosine as a supplement was found to effective at increasing reaction speed and reducing the time needed -- AND this faster processing time ALSO boosted mental performance for thinking and problem solving too!

“The positive effect of tyrosine on our reaction speed can have benefits for road safety. For example, if a queue suddenly forms (the traffic ahead of you suddenly stops), fast reflexes can prevent an accident. 

But there are many more examples. 'Tyrosine food supplements and tyrosine-rich food are a healthy and inexpensive way of improving our intellectual capabilities. This makes them preferable to Ritalin and Modafinil, products that students often reach for to improve their academic performance. Tyrosine is safe and doesn't need a doctor's prescription.”

(Egg yolks from pasture fed chicken eggs are a great source of tyrosine. I eat those.

I also take two 500 mg capsules of tyrosine right after I first get up as part of waking up and for its other benefits—which I list next!)

Tyrosine helps you stop faster
A child suddenly runs out into the road. Brake!! A driver who has recently eaten 
spinach or eggs will stop faster, thanks to the amino acid tyrosine found in 
these and other food products.
III. Does this study mean that getting enough tyrosine gives you more short term 
bandwidth to juggle parts of a problem and ability to think quickly 
and effectively and to concentrate well?  Yes it does. And it’s 
apparently proven to work.
IV. Taking tyrosine and getting iodine in your multi and maybe in 
what little salt you add helps keep your thyroid working well. 
(Hain makes a sea salt that is in a standard container and is
 iodized.)  Thyroid boosts your energy and; apparently your 
reaction and thinking speeds!
Ingesting MSG or its cousins does the reverse!  Ingesting MSG 
causes thyroid problems and even dysfunction if you do it long 
enough.  And this effect is worse in women past menopause or 
getting close to it.  
THAT reliably fattens too.  OUCH!  As I’ve posted before and 
will again it is very important to know what names they hide MSG 
behind such as “spices” and 
even “natural spices”  -- AND to never buy or eat those items.
Always read labels to check; never eat in fast food places unless it’s 
an emergency  rarely repeated; and mostly eat at restaurants where 
they know if they use MSG
 and do not.
V.  The other way tyrosine boosts thinking and reaction speed is 
that tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine.
That’s how I began taking it because that extra dopamine 
release increases your resilience under stress too!

The US armed forces discovered this -- and uses tyrosine to 
do this.  
When I found this out, I knew I needed extra resilience under stress 
and have taken tyrosine ever since.  

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