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Hidden double fattener you likely eat now....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 9-10-2013

1.  A few years ago, I happened to see the data on the health results of different diets and foods in China.

In that data, they found that people eating very similar or comparable foods in different parts of China ate about the same number of calories. 

They looked at how fat and heavy the people were.  And, the ones that in their area ate lots of MSG were fattier and heavier than those eating the same amount of calories from very similar or comparable foods who used little or no MSG.

Turn that around and what it proves is that if you eat MSG you will be fatter than you would if didn’t.

And, if you stop eating MSG, you’ll likely be less fat –AND that will even happen if you do NOT eat less food or calories.

This is a huge point in permanent fat loss because every single thing you do to remove excess fat that allows you to keep eating well makes keeping off the fat you lose doable! 

So if you do fifteen such things, you will become less fat and it will never, ever come back.

So, when I saw that to avoid MSG, you not only had to read labels and not buy foods that list it, you also have to avoid foods that say they contain autolyzed yeast, “spices”, and “natural spices”; and of course you have to NEVER eat or use meat tenderizers like Accent which are made out of MSG!

(For far more info on MSG, I found this on Google just now.  And, if you want more background on what MSG is and the many reasons food companies like to sneak it into foods, it’s a good site:  http://www.msgtruth.org/ http://www.msgtruth.org/  .)

(For tenderizing meat such as superlean most fat removed, grain fed meat and for 100% grass and organic sprout fed meat which is quite lean to start with there are effective mechanical meat tenderizers.  They are more effective and faster than pounding the meat with a hammer.  Also slow cooking helps tenderize meat as it cooks, such as in a crock pot.)

So, at that point I knew that it would pay me to avoid MSG and I did stop buying foods with those things on the labels.

But recently, I found out that MSG is dramatically more fattening than I had dreamed!

 And, I found out a whole set of foods I’d not known to avoid for containing MSG.

Right away, MSG makes you fatter on the same food than you would be if you used other spices and completely avoided MSG.

The graphic I saw comparing a normal rat fed their regular food and rats fed that same food but with MSG was truly startling.  The MSG fed rats were almost twice as big and all the difference was fat!

With foods you eat regularly, you have a massive multiplier factor over a period of a year or more!

So, if you’d rather not be fat, clearly it would pay you to avoid MSG!

Also more recently I read a study showing that MSG and related compounds are one of the several triggers of Alzheimer’s disease.

But the real bombshell shocker is this one:

“MSG an Epidemic of Thyroid Disease  

A 1981 study by Dhindsa showed that MSG administered to lab rats caused marked hypothyroidism with striking histology changes in the thyroid gland.(10)”


That was 32 years ago!  When that came out, it should have been front page news and MSG and related compounds should have been made illegal to use or add to food!

If your thyroid hormone is low, “hypothyroidism” the direct fix is to take animal based thyroid or drugs.  But these are expensive and often have side effects.  Plus some doctors don’t test for low thyroid well.  So you can have enough low thyroid to have low energy, low metabolism, and fat you make an enormous extra effort to lose and might not take off -- and not get help from your doctor.

That means that not only does MSG make you fatter right away, after it lowers your thyroid, it will do a job on you and help KEEP you fat –even when you do the right things that would normally get rid of it!

THIS means that hidden MSG IS a real cause of the obesity epidemic!

It makes you fat when you eat it.  AND, after it lowers your metabolism by reducing your thyroid hormones, it keeps on making you fat!

I found that and this on Facebook in article on Aspartame, MSG, and other harmful food ingredients recently.

That article also had this:  “Hidden Sources of MSG – It’s not on the label.

Virtually All Fast Foods Contain Large Quantities of MSG

A new problem with MSG is that many of the sources are hidden.  In other words, the processed food contains MSG in some form, yet the name MSG does not appear on the label.  MSG is present in all Fast Foods, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizzas, Wendy’s etc.”

The problem with deliberately hiding MSG is hardly new.  But this certainly makes eating in a fast food place a dramatically more fattening and less desirable thing to do than you may have dreamed!

MSG is quite common in canned soups and packaged foods that are designed to make a soup or pasta dish just by adding hot water.

If you have low thyroid now, could making sure you don’t consume any more MSG help make your thyroid problem much better or go away?!

Given how fiendishly well they hide it, it might!

The author makes of study on Facebook makes the point that to avoid it, you need to never eat at fast food places, ever.

It’s also in virtually every savory snack or pre-made and packaged dinner sold.

Worse, it’s in spices and condiments and spice blends – including those at Whole Foods!!  

(Yesterday my wife Abbie made her own BBQ sauce from a recipe in the Joy of Cooking.  Every single one sold at Whole Foods listed “spices” on the label!)

If a label has ANY listing of “spices”, “natural spices”, or “autolyzed yeast” it DOES have MSG and they don’t want the buyer to know!

I was delighted to find a yellow mustard by Annie’s Naturals at Whole Foods that does NOT include “spices” on the label.  It really is just mustard!

I also found recently that the 365 Whole Foods brand Ketchup has no high fructose corn syrup OR MSG recently.

Warning:  Virtually ALL mustards and ketchups sold except for those two also has MSG and the ketchups have high fructose corn syrup too.  

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