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Another way Diet Soft Drinks Fatten!....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 9-3-2013

An email I get is from Medical News Today.

They list the key information from reports of recent health and medical research.

We already know that diet soft drinks consistently test as causing more obesity, bigger waist measurements and the visceral fat that causes them, and trigger more type 2 diabetes than regular soft drinks do.

And, regular soft drinks do all these things enough to cause people who drink them to become fat and stay fat even at a few a week!

But people who drink diet soft drinks also drink MORE per day than people who drink regular soft drinks.

So far most people think this doesn’t make them fat.  Some health coaches still even believe this.  Ouch!

So the reality tests out that diet soft drinks fatten more per drink and people who drink diet soft drinks drink more of them than regular soft drinks.

And, drinking this super fattening drink at five times a day believing it’s not so, is truly unfortunate!

People who do this are quite literally making themselves fat!

But how is that the case?  And, what about alternative explanations that could be causing the tested results?

I happen to believe the alternative explanations are also true. 

People who are already fat are more likely to choose diet soft drinks.  People who drink any kind of soft drinks are more likely to eat fattening foods such as fast food and French Fries and packaged desserts and the like.  And some people who drink diet soft drinks then allow themselves more of such food since the diet soft drink they think saves enough calories it’s OK to do that.

Each of these IS true for some people.  But, the research consistently shows that diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them DO fatten people on their own IN ADDITION TO those other causes of the end results!

A different recent study found that when people drink diet soft drinks, it causes the same excess insulin release that people get when they drink regular soft drinks!

That excess insulin causes your body to store more fat and NOT allow you to remove fat from storage even when it’s actually needed.

But it gets worse.  This frequent extra insulin release is like the Sheppard who cried Wolf in the parable.  When it happens too often, you develop insulin resistance and even with the extra insulin, your blood sugar stays high because your insulin begins to be ineffective.

It’s also been found that artificial sweeteners are so sweet, they reset your taste buds and you then need a lot more regular sugar to taste sweet when you crave sugar or a sweet taste.  Unless people override this which few are able to do, they then eat more sugar.

In fact, studies of rats who don’t do the alternative explanations and who even eat the same total calories but are fed artificial sweeteners still get fatter than rats who don’t get them.  This extra insulin release is clearly a big reason for that.

Now it seems that the extra sweetness of the artificial sugars may also cause type 2 diabetes another way also. 

That’s because new research has found that some of your body’s taste receptors are in your gut – NOT just on your tongue – AND if they get reset by this effect, they cause excessive glucose uptake and slam it into your blood stream far more than normal.

And, that causes the excess blood sugar of type 2 diabetes and the health problems that causes.

Here’s the link to the Medical News Today story:


“Abnormal gut taste mechanisms discovered in diabetics” is their title.

The Article Date was: 27 Aug 2013 - 0:00 PDT, last week.

“Researchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered that the way the gut "tastes" sweet food may be defective in sufferers of type 2 diabetes, leading to problems with glucose uptake.

This is the first time that abnormal control of so-called "sweet taste receptors" in the human intestine has been described by researchers. The work could have implications for a range of health and nutrition problems experienced by diabetes patients.

Dr Richard Young, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in the University of Adelaide's Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory, says taste buds aren't the only way the body detects sweetness.

"When we talk about 'sweet taste', most people think of tasting sweet food on our tongue, but scientists have discovered that sweet taste receptors are present in a number of sites in the human body. We're now just beginning to understand the importance of the sweet taste receptors in the human intestine and what this means for sufferers of type 2 diabetes," Dr Young says.

In his study, Dr Young compared healthy adults with type 2 diabetic adults. He found that the control of sweet taste receptors in the intestine of the healthy adults enabled their bodies to effectively regulate glucose intake 30 minutes after exposure to glucose. However, abnormalities in the diabetic adults resulted in more rapid glucose uptake.”

So, what causes this abnormality?

One known way to get this effect is to have a person eat or drink a lot of very sweet artificial sweeteners.

And, what group of people does that the most?  People who still drink diet soft drinks!

So, if you drink diet soft drinks now, you will be far less fat and MUCH healthier if you never drink another one!

Regular soft drinks are very nearly as bad in part because they often still use high fructose corn syrup!

So anyone who would prefer not to be fat or have dreadful health and very high medical bills and to have many years of healthy life instead would do well to virtually never drink soft drinks – or diet soft drinks!

Even more than that, the alternatives have health benefits and many of them even help you lose fat too!

Clean water, iced or chilled, helps burn calories when you drink it!  Drinking black tea, oolong tea, an/or green tea without sweeteners or milk has health benefits AND increases your metabolism a bit too!  Drinking coffee without sweeteners or nondairy creamer of any kind, also has health benefits which we will post on soon!

Why drink soft drinks or diet soft drinks ever? 

The best current information is that it just isn’t worth it!   

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Blogger David said...

Mark Hyman, MD What the food and diet industry doesn't want you to know...

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat (and Other Food and Diet Industry Secrets) ....

( See: http://drhyman.com/blog/2013/02/15/how-diet-soda-makes-you-fat-and-other-food-and-diet-industry-secrets/ )

How do you lose weight? Substitute diet drinks for sugary drinks. Eat low fat foods. Just eat less of the bad foods... is ALL false!

David Eller 1. This is the best explanation of how diet soft drinks make you fat that I've seen! The information that they do reliably make you fat plus people thinking they are safe to drink more is totally accurate. I did not yet know they are also addictive!! Ouch!

2. He has another crusher in this too! People who eat extra heath OK proteins and oils and virtually no sugar or artificial sweeteners burn 300, repeat 300, more calories a DAY than people who eat a low fat diet!

8:52 AM  

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