Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ubiquinol, the effective CoQ10, normalizes blood sugar and helps lose fat....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 2-26-2013

1.  A recent animal study found that ubiquinol may also turn off insulin resistance AND burn excess fat!  That’s in addition to its other benefits which already make ubiquinol worth taking.

(More precisely, the researchers found that boosting the health and energy in the mitochondria in the cells did those two things.)

WOW!  Delightful news!

2.  Ubiquinol, we already knew, is very heart protective and helps avoid energy drop off in older people and can boost longevity by 10 to 24%.  You also tend to be more energetic and able to act as if you are younger during those extra years!

Depending on the person taking it, ubiquinol can also lower high blood pressure between 7 over 4 to 17 over 10.

BUT if it turns down insulin resistance too and helps avoid excess fat -- both fat loss and preventing you from gaining it too, That is HUGE news.

Even better, we don't need to wait for a possible drug for this for another 20 years from this research, we HAVE ubiquinol now!

3.  In case you aren’t familiar with ubiquinol, it’s the form of CoQ10 your body actually uses after it converts CoQ10, ubiquinone, to ubiquinol.

It was found that taking the ubiquinol directly as a supplement delivered more of this useful kind of CoQ10 to the body and kept up the level in the blood stream.  This was a huge difference, because ubiquinol delivered four times as much as taking CoQ10 AND that blood level lasted twice as long.

But why do you need it?  And, why do you need to take it?

The bodies of young adults tend to make enough ubiquinol from the protein foods they eat to keep the mitochondria in their cells fully functional.  But like many other things as people age this process begins to stop working and then virtually stops.

So that’s why you need to take it if you are over about 35 and a good bit more if you are over 50.

Here’s the key fact:  Each cell in your body has mitochondria which are the power and energy source for that cell.  And, to stay healthy and working well, your mitochondria use the ubiquinol form of CoQ10.

That means that your overall energy and the strength of your heart depend on having enough ubiquinol.

If you have enough ubiquinol, your body works as if it was younger and this has been shown to extend life and add healthy years of life.

For younger middle aged people 35 to 50, 50 mg a day of ubiquinol can be helpful.  100 mg a day likely makes sense once you pass 50 and 150 to 200 mg a day once you pass 65 as well.

4.  BUT, a huge number of people in those age ranges today take statin drugs.  Regardless of the fact that this is not that beneficial for many people or even needed in many cases, it’s still true.

(We’ve posted on that separately and what works better and more safely instead.)

AND the more effective a statin is or the higher dose that’s used in lowering LDL cholesterol, the more it DEPLETES your body of CoQ10 and ubiquinol.

That has 3 dreadful results. 

People who take statins tend to feel far less energy and act as if they were decades older than people the same age who don’t take statins. 

This effect may help cause and definitely worsens heart failure – which also kills people. 

But the worst result, recently confirmed by research, is that this ubiquinol depletion causes muscle damage in people who do exercise vigorous enough to be heart protective and to work well for fat loss or prevention.

We already knew that taking statins did this though few in the public knew it.  But, the better news is that since the ubiquinol depletion causes it, taking an extra 100 or 200 mg a day of ubiquinol can likely prevent it!

Note that this newest research also explains why taking statins tend to cause type 2 diabetes.

But again, it also looks very much like taking an extra 100 or 200 mg a day of ubiquinol can likely prevent that too!


People who want to stay trim, stay youthful and energetic – and live longer, protect their heart, and avoid type 2 diabetes and avoid being fat  -- should take ubiquinol.

People who take statins and want those things need to take an extra 100 or 200 mg a day of ubiquinol too in addition to that!

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