Monday, February 18, 2013

My monthly fatloss progress report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 2-18-2013

As is often typical, this month’s end of the month report is mixed but a bit better than last time.

BUT, there are MAJOR improvements coming!!

This month’s post is much like last month’s post.

I lost no weight on the scale this month. 

But I also did NOT gain any despite having a holiday week the last week of the month due to eating out and eating extra meals and eating those out!

Again, this end of the month result obscures some strong progress from several sources.

The much more effective strength training and resulting muscle gain;  the greater control of my evening snacks; and my big drop in wheat and lactose intake are totally repeatable!

During the two weeks I did those with no outside problems and using these new upgrades I lost a pound each of those two weeks.

I did those the last week of the month too.  But I also celebrated my birthday that week three times and due to eating out and eating extra meals and eating those out, I gained back the two pounds I lost.  BUT, I did NOT gain 4 pounds but only 2 and those two I did gained that week did NOT cause ANY weight gain in my monthly results!

As I will do my normal program a bigger share of the time most months and I will add my second level of upgrades to my new upgrades, for the very first time, I really feel in control of the process!

(I now measure just my weight every Saturday to catch changes during the month between my main weight and measuring day I do one Saturday each month.)

Last time, I listed more details on my several new strategies that have given me this sense of control. (That post was on Monday, January 21,2013.)


Between cutting more calories with the exercise bike at work and adding that extra muscle in my at home strength training, I NOW EXPECT to see no more weight gains on the scale AND see some lower waist measurements!  I’ll lose fat and add muscle.

And, that’s far from all!

The other changes I’m making to cut sugars and milk and wheat from my diet most days and almost totally on two days each week, may help me lose a few MORE inches from my waist.

At the very least, the cut in my calorie intake each week will help me lose a few pounds on the scale.

The combination of those looks very promising to put it mildly!

Even better, it’s working well enough I now feel I am in control of the process.  For the past two months every week I did things right every day that week I lost a pound or more on the scale.

And, I am continuing to add upgrades from here!

Lastly, even though the fatloss still has a good ways to go, because of my more effective exercises, my muscle definition is already better!

As I lose the fat too, I’ll look great!

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