Friday, February 22, 2013

Diet soft drinks DO fatten and harm your health....

Today's Post:  Friday, 2-22-2013

A recent study found that in their very carefully regimented study people did not eat more when they drank diet soft drinks.

The much worse news is that longer studies of real diet soft drink drinkers show they routinely have MORE belly fat and more type 2 diabetes THAN drinkers of regular soft drinks. 

Does that mean they are WAY fatter and more at risk of disease than people who drink ice water or coffee without extra sweeteners or tea or green tea instead?

Totally, that’s exactly what those other studies mean!

Has this new study changed that?  Nope.

In fact a French study was reported in my Newsmax email earlier this month that said that in the women they studied more moderate drinkers of diet soft drinks were 33% more likely to get type 2 diabetes than women who drank regular soft drinks.  And heavier drinkers of diet soft drinks were 50% more likely to get type 2 diabetes than women who drank regular soft drinks.

And they found that women who drank diet soft drinks drank 75% more of them than women who drank regular soft drinks. 

So a woman who drinks 12 regular soft drinks a week their study found will drink 21 diet soft drinks if she switched to diet.

Last but far from least women who drank real fruit juice had about the same risk of type 2 diabetes as women who drank water only.

And there is worse news too!  Other studies also show that diet soft drinkers drink MORE of them than people who drink regular soft drinks.  Between falsely thinking it’s safe and not quite getting what they were getting from regular soft drinks before, studies now show this result.

But some of the health harms of diet soft drinks and regular come from ingredients in them that cause calcium loss from your bones.  Does that mean diet soft drinkers are more prone to osteoporosis even than regular soft drink drinkers & WAY more at risk than people who drink NO soft drinks.

Looks like it to me.

But there is more.  The artificial sweeteners used have regular reports of many kinds of minor and even a few health harms.  Apparently some people drink less or have better heredity to withstand this.  But when millions of people believe diet soft drinks are NOT fattening and safe, and drink this volume of them, there are a LOT of people artificial sweeteners seemingly DO affect.

Just recently went to a Chiropractor to correct a posture problem with more success than I’d initially expected.  And, on his wall he has a poster he made himself with a dozen or more of the kinds of pains he treats in his work.

Because of the research he has read, he says that many people get those or keep getting them because of their intake of artificial sweeteners.

So, as part of his service and a desire to see HIS patients pain free, he says plainly to avoid them, and STOP all intake of artificial sweeteners!

But obesity – getting way too fat -- and diabetes and related diseases, and making osteoporosis more likely are to me way more than enough to recommend very strongly to never drink diet soft drinks!  

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