Monday, October 18, 2010

My personal, monthly, progress report on my fatloss....

Today's Post: Monday, 10-18-2010

Last month, despite being unable to do the Kettlebell exercises I’d like with my left hand or doing full weight on the dumbbell exercises AND making no new cutbacks on my food or drink intake, I’d lost another one & a half pounds since August the month before that.

Last month, I also lost a quarter inch off my waist.

This is a bad news/good news report.

Here’s the bad news first.

Since last month I gained back both the one & a half pounds on the scale AND the quarter inch off my waist.

NOT the news I’d hoped to see. In fact, this is the first time since I began my current efforts that I went backwards. The worst before was just no progress one time.

Of course, I know the main reasons why it happened.

1. Since last time I went to not one but TWO birthday parties where I allowed myself extra food, cake, and extra alcoholic drinks.

2. Instead of gradually getting better, just when I thought it was and tried to stay at a low medium level on my way back to my normal weights, I re-injured my left arm. So, I not only was I not doing the amount of upper body strength training I wanted, my ability to do so has been delayed again!

However there is some good news.

1. I did make a bit of progress on my strength training leg exercises.

2. And, the book by Tom Venuto that I’ve been reading suggests that I might make more progress on my efforts to lose fat and inches off my waist if I cut back more on my calories. (Tom Venuto may be THE best expert on fatloss methods now.) He found that enough calorie restriction in people who exercise right reliably lowers the percentage of body fat enough to remove enough belly fat to let your abdominal muscles show up. Cutting back calories too much still stops fat loss. But his information suggests that not losing belly fat means you need to cut calories more or increase your exercise more or both.

3. I also found a couple of local sports medicine doctors with experience helping athletes recover from muscle and tendon injuries that I can see for advice.

4. Lastly, I got my health indicating blood tests done for the first time since the time well before I lost the weight I just lost.

My total cholesterol was 182, about normal for me. My HDL was 96, about normal for me. My triglycerides were 46, still under 50, also normal for me. But, the LDL was the one I wanted to see most. I’d been allowing myself a bit more cheese than normal and wanted to see if that had increased my LDL from the 96 to 106 range I’d been getting. Wow! Was I surprised! My fat loss efforts since I began them several months ago instead had cut back my LDL all the way to 76!

That’s not only good news for me, that’s good news for everyone. Since my LDL started at 130 and would have been over 160 then had I not already been doing some things right, to me this shows – from the actual evidence as shown by these tests – that you can get to such desirable levels with NO need to use statin drugs. And, that goes double if you add a bit of successful fat loss to the mix.

Here’s my action plan based on the good news and bad new this time.

1. I’ve still lost a pound more than my initial goal and two of the six inches I needed to lose off my waist. So, I’m going to continue everything that got that job done. I KNOW better than to quit everything just because of a temporary set back.

2. I had a plan already to cut back my remaining sugar intake in half but was waiting to do it a certain way that I couldn’t yet do. Now that I know I’ll go in reverse a bit without cutting back now and that cutting back now might start removing more inches off my waist, I’m going to simply stop eating half of the small amount of dark chocolate I’ve been eating instead of waiting for a way to eat the same amount of chocolate with just half the sugar.

And, instead of thinking about cutting my sugar intake on my oatmeal my remaining 3 days every two weeks in half using agave syrup as I discussed in my last post last Friday, I’ll be doing that also.

3. I’m going to see my regular doctor for his advice on my left arm and to see if he has any referrals for more info. Then, I’ll probably see one of the sport’s medicine doctors too.

(I want to be sure I’ve not injured my left arm in a way that needs surgical correction before I assume that it will just get better if I wait long enough. And, I want to start taking action to blast the obstacle out of the way!

Since I could literally feel the muscle growth effects of my new kettlebell program, I not only want to resume it with both arms, I want to work to increase it!

I know that will help add muscle to several parts of me and help me lose inches off my waist by having what I still eat feed that muscle instead of my belly fat.)

My goal for next time is to lose back the pound and a half I gained and another half pound for a total of 2 pounds and at least lose back the quarter inch I gained back on my waist.

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