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Be SURE to get your flu shot this year!....

Today's Post: Monday, 10-11-2010

HealthDay News ran a story on Thursday, 10-7-2010, last week that I somehow missed. Mercifully Yahoo news decided to feature it today. So, I got to see it after all.

The article was titled: “Many Americans Plan to Skip Flu Shot This Year.”

Although the flu vaccine protects people from getting it AND helps prevent the spread of the flu, many Americans said they & their children won't be getting a shot this time.

Despite the attention surrounding last year's outbreak of H1N1 flu, 43 % of Americans say they will not be getting the flu vaccine this fall, according to a survey from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases…

Another survey from the same group found a third of American mothers who said they have no plans to get a flu shot for their children.

This may be a VERY bad idea indeed!

Flu puts people in the hospital often and even kills people. Every year millions of people get the flu; and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized and thousands of people die.

So, in general even if the flu shot is less than a 100 % effective, it’s both important for your quality of life and your safety to get yourself and everyone in your family and household to get the flu shot.

A mild case can make you feel awful and be less productive at work and a medium case can cost you a week at work -- which for some means that much income lost. If all the flu shot did was to increase your odds of missing THOSE things, which it DEFINITELY does, it would be well worth it.

But it also can prevent you from paying up LOTS of money in medical costs or even save your life.

Every single year that’s so including this year.

But this year, there are two new reasons to make sure that even if you miss some years, it isn’t this year!

1. They lost some of the people last year who got bad cases of the H1N1 flu. And, many people, including me, did not get the extra H1N1 flu shot.

It WILL be back this year. And, this year, the regular flu shot has the H1N1 flu protection in it. And, even if you got the H1N1 flu shot last time, by getting the flu shot with it this time, your protection will be better.

2. With so many people this year NOT getting flu shots and so many families NOT getting them for their kids, you are as much as four times as likely to be exposed to the flu this year and NEED the protection of the flu shot.

HealthDay news quoted Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as saying this:

“"There is plenty of vaccine available," he said. "This year we think that the three strains of influenza in the flu vaccine are going to be excellent matches with the flu that's circulating."

He also said that this year's shot contains vaccine against the H1N1 flu that caused the major outbreak last year.

They also quoted flu expert, an associate professor of medicine at New York University, Dr. Marc Siegel, as saying that many people who choose not to get a flu shot are falling prey to myths about the vaccine. "It's all because of this nonsense that's been circulating that somehow the flu shot is dangerous," he said.

"The fear of the vaccine outweighs the fear of the disease and that's a huge mistake, because the disease is more dangerous than the vaccine."

He also said that children should get the flu shot not only so they won't get the flu, but so they won’t spread it.: "Children don't have any immunity. They are super-spreaders of the flu," “

HealthDay closed by saying the most knowledgeable people, doctors, nearly all have gotten the flu shot already or plan too soon

And, “most doctors recommend flu shots to their families, friends and patients, the survey found.”

Of course, healthy people are less likely to get the flu or a serious case of it. And taking things like 2,000 iu a day or more of vitamin D3 and a daily probiotic supplement might help you avoid colds and the flu. So will going out less in public and washing your hands every time after you have and touching your nose or the corners of your eyes ONLY with a clean tissue and NOT directly with your fingers.

But as obnoxious as having the flu can be and as horrible as a bad case can be, this year because you are almost certainly going to be exposed to the flu, I very, very strongly urge you to get the flu shot AND do the list of things in the last paragraph!

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