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Short diet tips....

Today's Post: Friday, 5-14-2010

I do many long posts.

Another web based fat loss source asked for some diet tips.

That person & site,, has 3 principles that in themselves are diet tips.

1. Increase protein-fiber

2. Decrease saturated fat-cholesterol

3. Significantly reduce sugar.

For starters, I’ll add these two:

4. Drink NO soft drinks other than plain, carbonated water.

5. Do some vigorous exercise virtually every day.

Now let’s do more tips in these 5 categories >>>>>

1. Increase protein-fiber

a) Eat health OK protein foods because they both turn off hunger best and longest. And, IF they eat enough protein, even people who cut back on calories a bit too much often can avoid poor health and triggering the shut down the fat loss famine response.

b) Eat lots of nonstarchy vegetables because they have hardly any calories but tons of fiber so they allow you to cut calories without being too hungry PLUS both cooked and raw nonstarchy vegetables such as tomatoes and cauliflower and broccoli, particularly if organic support your health in dozens of ways.

c) Eat lots of nonstarchy vegetables because you automatically eat less of the more fattening foods than you otherwise might with virtually no willpower needed at all!!

d) Eat more fish: eat two or three times a week of health OK, high omega 3 fish such as wild caught salmon, fresh or canned sardines, herring, and the smaller kinds of mackerel because their protein turns off your hunger while the omega 3 oils in them protect your brain, improve your mood and make you less irritable, AND turn off inflammation and lower triglycerides both of which protect your heart!!

e) Eat cooked lentils and beans most days every week because they have both fiber AND protein without excessive calories so they turn off your hunger well
-- plus their soluble fiber helps lower your bad LDL cholesterol. It also helps that you can cook up a batch on weekends to eat servings from during the work week. Last, they are CHEAP per serving since they cost so little in bulk.

f) I’ve found that cooking up a batch of boiled eggs on weekends and then eating one for many of my breakfasts is a great way to get convenient, fast and good quality protein in my breakfast each day. (The yolks increase total cholesterol a bit; but the choline in them ensures that it's virtually all the protective HDL that increases.)

g) Want to avoid prostate or breast or ovarian cancer? Eat one serving a day of raw and organic broccoli florets or cauliflower. One study found it cut the dangerous kind of prostate cancer in HALF to do that and they hardly have any calories either.

2. Decrease saturated fat-cholesterol

a) Make a strong, focused, and consistent effort to eat just as close to absolutely ZERO foods made from refined grains. They have very little fiber or nutrition and boost your blood sugar and insulin and INCREASE your fat stores. Guess what? They found out that doing this also lowers your LDL cholesterol; lowers your triglycerides, and increases your protective HDL cholesterol. So, doing this is fat loss leverage and heart protection in one pass. Eat nonstarchy vegetables, beans, or a smaller serving of only 100 % whole grains instead.

b) Eat red meat twice a week or less since this cuts back on your levels of saturated fat and saves you money.

c) It costs more which helps you eat it less often; but when you eat red meat, insist on ONLY eating meat from animals fed only grass because they have less fat and less than half the saturated fat as meat from grain fed animals.

d) NEVER, EVER voluntarily eat foods containing trans fats OR which contain ANY hydrogenated oils. Those are heart attack starters and have been found to boost your dangerous small particle LDL cholesterol that is a major cause of heart disease. Why waste your calorie allowance or your money on any of this junk? Always read labels to check; never eat foods with shortening; and simply refuse to buy or eat foods with this junk in them.

e) Do vigorous exercises virtually every day. That’s been found to lower LDL cholesterol; lower triglycerides; increase your protective HDL; and the effect gets better and better the longer you keep doing them! It also lowers high blood sugar, lowers your fattening insulin levels, and burns calories too!!

3. Significantly reduce sugar.

a) One great way for many people to eat less sugar is to simply never eat any foods or drink any drinks that have ANY high fructose corn syrup in them. At best these foods have a kind of sugar and if you eat none, you’ll be far less fat. But this also protects your brain, nerves, and health too. It was recently found that 30% of the high fructose corn syrup in many of the foods that contained it was contaminated with mercury. I’ve found knowing that makes it really easy to motivate myself to avoid it. Always read labels and don’t buy, eat, or drink anything that contains it.

b) The average American today eats or drinks about 10 times too much sugar and they wear the difference in the fat they carry around. Here are some ways to cut back on sugar I’ve used myself. Always buy only apple sauce labeled no sugar added. Cut back some on how many times a week you eat a food with sugar; cut back just a bit on how much sugar you have when you do; then cut the number of times you eat sugar in every two week period in half.

c) Remember that cutting back on sugar cuts down on your fat deposits with little increase in how hungry you are. In fact, refined grains and sugars cause a rebound hunger effect that causes you to feel MORE hungry. To put it bluntly, cutting back a lot on sugar improves your fat loss double or triple as much as the effort required.

d) Never, ever eat a dessert or sugary treat that’s not a favorite that you really like. Refuse to use the sugar you do allow yourself on things you don’t really like anyway.

e) Drink NO soft drinks other than plain, carbonated water. The average American gets over half his or her excess sugar from this one source. Worse, the sugary soft drinks don’t turn down your hunger despite adding calories and THEN they cause rebound hunger to make you MORE hungry later. They are quite literally fatteners and fat loss sabotagers. Simply refuse to spend your money or sugar allowance on this junk.

4. Drink NO soft drinks other than plain, carbonated water.

a) The average American gets over half his or her excess sugar from this one source. Worse, the sugary soft drinks don’t turn down your hunger despite adding calories and THEN they cause rebound hunger to make you MORE hungry later. They are quite literally fatteners and fat loss sabotagers. Simply refuse to spend your money or sugar allowance on this junk.

b) One source calculated that you can multiply your average number of soft drinks a day by 15 pounds to see how much fat you carry that drinking them supports. THINK about that! It means that if you are 40 pounds too fat and drink two a day average, you can lose 30 of the 40 pounds by simply drinking carbonated water, tea, water, or coffee black or with a bit of 1% lowfat milk instead.

5. Do some vigorous exercise virtually every day.

a) Even two minutes of at home vigorous exercise such as a minute doing fast pushups and a minute doing fast crunches has been shown to lower blood sugar and insulin. Since those are each fattening when high, even that much makes fat and weight loss MUCH easier.

b) Even that much vigorous exercise turns down depression and improves your mood and the effect is virtually immediate. No legal drug known can do that.

c) Slow exercise can be boring; but vigorous exercise demands your attention. And, doing just a bit more every week becomes an interesting challenge you can overcome.

d) Vigorous exercise burns more calories for up to several hours after you stop.

e) Both interval cardio and strength training add to your muscular weight. Muscle burns more calories than the fat it replaces and is smaller in size. So you burn fat in addition any calorie restrictions you practice. And, you begin to look smaller and lighter. This also ensures you lose only fat instead of parts of you that you’d be better off keeping.

f) You don’t have to be good at vigorous exercise AT ALL to start doing just a tiny bit. Even better, by just doing a bit more each week for a couple of years, you can get astoundingly good at it. Best of all if you make progress slowly over a long time like that, it’s one of the very safest ways to exercise.

g) Virtually everyone who loses fat and weight and keeps them off does regular exercise.

h) Regular, vigorous exercise has also been shown to improve your sex life and grow new brain cells and slow aging. That’s in addition to helping you lose fat and keep it off!

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