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More ways to boost your thyroid function & fat loss & lower inflammation....

Today's Post: Tuesday, 5-4-2010

Back in March this year on 3-18, Dr Mark Hyman’s blog had an article about how low thyroid can make you feel de-energized and prevent fat loss by lowering your energy level and metabolism.

Fri, 5-7 newsflash: Avoid eating farmed fish. (Virtually all salmon in restaurants is farmed.) Not only is it high in many pollutants, I recently found out that the PCB's its very high in harm and lower thyroid output !

Last Friday, and yesterday, we did posts on how to boost your thyroid and to lower inflammation.

One of your biggest levers is to lower inflammation if it’s high. High inflammation depresses thyroid function, helps cause heart disease, and even directly helps cause you to feel like eating more than your body needs.

Simply put, it’s worth it to make a strong effort to lower inflammation because high chronic inflammation makes you fat and sick

Today’s post is on how ingesting less sugars and other high glycemic foods cuts inflammation and what supplements lower inflammation or boost your thyroid.

Ingesting a very large amount of foods and drinks that contain sugars and refined grains causes fat gain or prevents fat loss in multiple ways.

The list of health problems and contributions to being fat of this style of eating is quite large.

It causes mood swings in many cases. It increases your blood sugar in surges and then those surges cause insulin surges that tend to store the calories as fat.

Even worse, this gets so overdone, your body has to gradually use more insulin to do the job, you get fatter from the too high insulin levels, your blood sugar levels begin to be too high all the time. That causes inflammation and causes direct damage to your capillaries and when it goes too far, it causes type 2 diabetes.

This also lowers your protective HDL and boosts the dickens out or your triglyceride levels. THAT’s deadly. This means that eating and drinking this way increases the amount of small particle LDL that causes heart disease! (That’s what eating trans fats and the hydrogenated oils that contain them do. It’s also how never exercising helps cause heart disease.)

Worst of all, these high glycemic foods that trigger this sharp rise in blood sugar make you less hungry at first and then cause rebound hunger when your blood sugar crashes down AND they have little or no filling fiber. That means they directly cause you to feel hungry for enough calories to make you fat.

Worst of all, regular soft drinks do all this AND never make you less hungry in the first place! They add calories without turning off your hunger. Then this rebound makes you hungry on top of that! Guess what that does for your ability to control how much you eat and your food cravings? That makes regular soft drinks into reliable fat gain drugs.

(Unfortunately, diet soft drinks both have any and all health problems of their artificial sweeteners AND apparently cause extra rebound hunger to the extent that most people who drink them, have no better luck losing fat or becoming healthier than people who drink the regular ones.)
So, to be less fat, boost your thyroid function, lower your inflammation, lower your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, and protect your heart, drink no soft drinks or only drink two or less per month; virtually stop eating foods made with refined grain flour; and to the extent you can, stop eating rice, brown rice, and white potatoes.

The Atkins fat loss plan’s cutting carbs may not be healthy to do when it cuts having any whole grain foods at all or having milk or fresh fruit or real fruit juice to the extent that it does. (Eating and drinking only a small moderate amount of whole grains and the real fruit juices that are higher in sugars IS a good idea, however.)

BUT, to the extent it bans regular soft drinks, foods made from refined grains, rice, & brown rice, the Atkins diet turns out to have the science to back up its claims.

This specifically means that if you are served a sandwich with bread made from refined grains, your health will be far better and you’ll be less fat if you think of the bread as a biodegradable and disposable wrapping and decline to eat any, just as you decline to eat the plastic or paper wrapping or the plate it’s served on.

No most people don’t eat that way yet. But more and more health and fat loss knowledgeable people ALWAYS eat that way.

Now you know why.

There are also spices and supplements that lower inflammation.

Ginger, curries, and the turmeric in the curries that contribute part of their sharp and spicy taste and their very yellow color all lower inflammation.

You can also take curcumin supplements that contain the major active ingredient in turmeric. Given what they protect you from, that’s an excellent idea! (Once I learned about this, I’ve taken one a day ever since.)

Interestingly, the other spices in curries may make them extra effective anti-inflammatory by making the curcumin in them much more bioavailable and effective.

Taking or eating curcumin in these ways not only lowers inflammation, it has been tested as preventing and maybe even reversing early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and preventing many if not most cancers.

In short, if you exercise regularly, know to eat right in these ways and to drink no soft drinks and do all that, and you take these supplements, unless you get an infection or an injury, your inflammation levels will be low, you will be far less fat without being more hungry, and your thyroid will work better.

Lastly, taking the basic vitamins and minerals that support good health helps to avoid low thyroid function.

Taking a multivitamin plus mineral that contains 150 mcg a day of iodine -- as almost all of them do -- is particularly important for good thyroid function.
People who fail to get that much iodine routinely have depressed thyroid function.

Dr Hyman also says that also taking a good B Complex supplement, and if it’s not in your multi, 200 mcg of selenium, 2,000 to 5,000 iu of vitamin D3, and 30 mg of zinc daily also supports good thyroid function.

I’ll take his word for that myself because of how many things he advocates that clearly do what he says they do.

But even if he is incorrect, taking those vitamins and minerals WILL help keep you healthy. For example, Dr Al Sears found research saying that taking that much vitamin D3 reduces your risk of heart disease by 43% and of getting all cancers by 77%.

(One last note however, unless you are one of the very few people who cannot process any copper at all, you need to take 1 or 2 mg of copper to balance an extra 30 mg a day of zinc. It seems that zinc and copper need to be in balance. So, if you take extra zinc without extra copper, it is like being deficient in the copper your body needs. And copper deficiency tends to cause heart problems and aneurisms in your blood vessels.)

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Anonymous Camille said...

Desiccated porcine thyroid is a great thyroid supplement.Without it I think I would still be lost and in great pain.

8:12 PM  
Blogger David said...

I was pleased to publish Camille's comment & web link.

The writers on the subject I've read say that the animal based thyroid tends to work better for most people and definitely has fewer side effects than the drugs for it.

But animal products from cattle fed things other than grass may carry mad cow disease.

This product has you double protected from that risk.

Pigs are immune to mad cow disease and the pigs this product is taken from are pasture fed only.

I have no idea about their other products. But this one looks good.

8:14 AM  

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