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Outstanding resource for preventing & helping cure cancer....

Today's Post: Monday, 5-10-2010

I found a book recently that I’ll report on in more detail later.

I’ve only begun to read through it. But the quality of what I’ve found so far caused me to believe I should refer you to it right away because some of you might well want access to its information sooner.

In my part of the country, we have one of the best bookstores in the country, Keplers, in downtown Menlo Park, California.

I often scan their best selling nonfiction books for those that both interest me and look well done.

My hope is to find books like the one I’m posting on today.

The book is “Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition” by David Servan-Schreiber.

This book is by a doctor who was doing unrelated brain research when as a subject for his own research, his colleagues found a significant cancerous brain tumor in him!

Western medicine was of some help in getting rid of his tumor. But it apparently came back. And somewhere in this process, he became interested in finding methods that worked to prevent cancers and those that worked with conventional medicine that also worked in addition to the first group that prevent cancer.

In what I read of his book, I was quite impressed to find that he covers almost every way to prevent cancer that I’ve listed on the subject over every post I’ve done and usually with much more information on each method.

In addition, he apparently has found many ways to boost the effects of conventional treatments using similar methods.

Some sources for this information suggest using such natural methods OR conventional medicine and deplore the harsh and even deadly side effects that conventional medicine’s treatments often have.

But, this ignores the fact that conventional methods have worked decently well for some people. And, if you and your doctors want to combine the best of both kinds of methods, it’s hard to do from such sources.

THIS book’s approach is NOT like that. This is a book you can share with your doctor since it gives conventional medicine recognition for what it DOES do well.

In fact, he gives the source of his wisdom on the subject in his book. He found some doctors who had experience with both natural methods AND Western medicine and asked them which kind of medicine they thought best was and why.

Their answer was quite immediate and definite; and he got the same answer from each of them.

They said that if the problem was acute and the patient would die or be harmed unless something effective quickly was done, the best system by more than ten to one was the Western kind of medicine.

But if the problem was chronic and you needed something that was powerful and effective over a much longer time, Western medicine was often clueless or worse while some of the natural cures really DID do the job well.

So, it was no contest in either case, the choice depended on what the patient’s problem was.

The bottom line is that this may be the best source ever written on preventing, surviving, or even recovering from cancer.

So, if you would like all its information or the parts you most need or want to know right away, you need not wait for me to finish reading it and doing smaller reports here, get yourself a copy and read it right away.

You may find a copy of this new edition in your local bookstore today as I did initially.

Or, you can buy it at online at .

You can even reward the bookstore where I found the information by going to: and looking under “shop local.”

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