Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Way to make even the worst tap water safe....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 5-19-2015

Here’s the three reasons I’m writing this post for you:

1.  Here in California, because of the extreme and prolonged drought, many water suppliers are including nasty tasting, lower quality supplies in the tap water they send you even if they might be safe. 

And, it may get to the point if you want to take a shower and drink water too or use it in cooking, you may need to find a way to save the shower water and filter it and drink it.

 2.  From BPA from the plastic containers in jugs of bottled water and the findings of drugs including some that should be banned as drugs and pesticides and all kinds of other contaminants in water including even arsenic and cadmium and lead and mercury in some cases, 
it would be really nice to have an effective way to take emergency supplies of bottled water in case of earthquake or temporary water stoppages or use tap water directly and turn them into safe drinkable water with NONE of those things any longer in it.

3.  There have been video ads all over the web about a filter that sounds like it might do this job exactly.  So far so good.

BUT, they link to a video which is LOUD, obnoxious, and extremely slow paced. 

Worse, unlike some of the better online marketers, you cannot click close and get a transcript only version.

So, here’s something that sounds like it could be really important to have but sitting through that video is too high a price even before paying anything!

 The much better news is that I solved the problem!

You CAN find out more and order the product and the replacement filters online without being subjected to that video.

When I look at any video at work, there is no sound. 

So when I did that for a short time with this video I realized I could read the product name, “Clearly Filtered.”

Aha!  I turned off the video and looked for that product online!

I found this:


It seems that the product costs $69.95 with free shipping at this writing.
The replacement filter is $49.95 and it lasts for up to 200 gallons.

We have been using one gallon plastic jugs of filtered water and average about 9 gallons a week.  That costs about $1.40 a gallon or $12.60 a week.  But other than the bad tastes removed, it may be little better for contaminants than tap water plus it likely has BPA or other chemicals leached from the plastic one gallon container.

So, if we ran tap water through the Clearly Filtered filter instead and replaced it after 180 gallons or 20 weeks it would cost us about $2.50 a week plus no longer needing to lug gallons of bottled water home twice a week.

Nice!  Dramatically safer water for a savings of $10 a week!


So, if that sounds good to you too, now you can have it without that horrible video!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would be very useful out in africa.

4:40 AM  
Blogger David said...

Yes it would be in African countries that can afford it and have internet access. Thanks for your comment!

Clearly it would be useful in any community with horrible tasting or dangerous to drink tap water.

I'm not quite enough of a scholar nor do I yet have a knowledge base manager to look it up for me.

But there ALSO is a much cheaper but slower filter designed for use in countries that cannot afford much but have that kind of water or worse. As I remember it uses a combination of layers of gravel, sand and then a special layer of a porous rock.

I just don't remember the name or how to get one or more. Someone at the Gates Foundation probably knows. I think I recall that it was developed by a student at Stanford for exactly this use.

It's also possibly better for water with viruses, bacteria, and parasites in it than the one I posted on.

In fact, to drink sewer or toilet water, you might want to use that one first!

9:05 AM  

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