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How to make low carb fat loss work, part 2....
Today's Post:  Tuesday, 4-21-2013
This post in a way is part 3 in a series. 
 First: The post I did on Thursday, 4-9-2015 on Why always read labels -- includes the details that virtually all the carbs you want to stop to help with fat loss are MADE OUT OF ingredients that are proven heart attack starters and health harmers besides being fattening.
Then: The post I did on Thursday, 4-16 last week, the initial How to make low carb fat loss work, has how to use recent research to eat the best proteins to go with stopping bad carbs to help with fat loss with my comments and upgrades. 
AND, it has a proven strategy to make a simple switch in mental focus proven to reverse from “I can’t resist” to “I don’t eat what that’s made out of anymore.”
I began using it and found it to work.  Then I saw research that shows the switch actually moves the focus inside your brain which is one reason why it works so well.
Then we include habit change upgrade specialist James Clear, brilliant comments on how doing it this way both makes the change happen for sure AND dramatically EASIER to do!
If you just read and use those two posts you can be much more successful at knowing what bad carbs you can easily get rid of and how to actually do it in practice.
Today’s post has two parts.
1.  A couple of strategies to use to make doing a low bad carb fat loss diet and what to eat instead.
2.  Some workarounds that help.
Here’s the strategies:
1.  A couple of strategies to use to make doing a low bad carb fat loss diet and what to eat instead.
Know WHY you want fat loss.  The strategy is to interview yourself. Then expand on why you want each thing.  Then put each part in the what I get form!
The trick is to know exactly and what you get out of your efforts that is custom tailored to you.
Here again, if you focus on getting MORE of things you really want, you’ll succeed.  If you focus only on giving up things, you’ll go back to them and fail at fat loss.
So, what do you want fat loss for?
Many people really want to look better.  Do you? If so, how?  Do you want to lose belly fat as I do?  Some women want to remove fat from their arms and hips?  Do you want to look younger? Write down what losing fat will help you do to look better.
Do you want better health reading when tested to get your doctor off your case?  Stopping the bad things and adding the good foods and exercise can solve and has solved that problem!
Is that something you want?  Write it down.  “By taking action to lose fat and doing each part, the day will come when my doctor will marvel at my improvement and get off my case!”
Do you want better health?  How? Do you want to avoid a heart attack?  Do you want to avoid Alzheimer’s disease?  Do you want to avoid prostate cancer or breast cancer?  Do you want to avoid osteoporosis or being in a walker for many years when you CAN avoid it?
Write it down!  “By taking action to lose fat and doing each part, the evidence is I’ll avoid that disease or health problem when I would have gotten it otherwise. And, I want to avoid getting it!”
2.  If you do even one of the two empowering things at a level SO EASY you can do it for sure, research finds it changes your self-image and quite literally multiplies your ability to do more.
Which would you rather do first?  Add even one regular day of an easy exercise or make a small improvement in the exercises you do now?
Or, would you rather add even one health OK vegetable or protein food on one day a week first?
(You can always add the other one later and do more of each one.  But to get there it’s proven to empower you to do that if you choose one to begin with.
So, which one will you do first?)
We post often on what to eat instead of bad carbs and did that recently too in our 10 ways to live long and prosper:
“5.  Eat (or drink in a Vitamix drink) 6 or more servings of organic vegetables each day. 

(Greens and cruciferous vegetables and onions and yellow and orange vegetables are all great!)

(Those who do this -- or do it with the help of the new Vitamix 750 -- slash their risk of heart disease, cancer, and everything else.  Even 3 to 5 real vegetables other than some kind of potatoes a day is far better for you than less. 

AND if you do it, you will find it easy or even done for you to lose excess fat and easy to keep it off!)

[Just pick one kind one day a week to start and do that!]

6.  Eat one or two pieces of organic whole fresh fruit each day. 

(This too cuts your risk of heart disease. Fruit tastes good. And despite being easy to do, dramatically cuts your risk of both kinds of strokes!)”


“8.  Vigorous exercise: Get some carefully built up to but vigorous exercise in sessions of 10 to 25 minutes each most days of every week.  That’s essential. 

(Vigorous exercise slows aging and keeps you mobile and protects you from almost everything from Alzheimer’s disease to heart disease to osteoporosis – even some cancers. 

It helps people keep off excess fat they lose and if well done can help them lose it in the first place.)“

Did you choose to do exercise first?
Make a super easy start at doing it regularly.
Think you can do 10 to 20 pushups?
Pick one morning a week to do a set of 7 pushups.  To start you can do a few over 7 but only if it’s still easy to do.
Then that day each week for several weeks do at least that one set of pushups.
Fifty years ago they found that people who do even that little and it is super doable begin to see themselves as someone who takes action to protect their health and is able to do so.
Astoundingly, once that happens, they find every other kind of better health action EASY to do and find themselves doing more of things they knew to do but weren’t before!

2.  Some workarounds that help.
a) Always eat breakfast and include a large serving of some kind of health OK protein.  And, because your body processes carbs best at breakfast, eat some organic whole fresh fruit.
People who always eat breakfast eat more food and more total calories than people who don’t BUT they weigh less and have smaller waists.
Between being less fat and being able to eat more so you don’t feel deprived, this is enormous help with fat loss and keeping it off!
AND, at mid-morning and later in the day at dinner, studies show that you resist bad carb foods and stuffing yourself MUCH better in practice if you always eat breakfast.
At first, it can be as easy as eating one piece of cheese from grass fed cows and one banana if you haven’t been eating any breakfast.
b)  If you aren’t allergic, eat raw, unsalted, and not oiled nuts at least twice a day.  Like eating breakfast, people who do this eat more calories and weigh less and have smaller waists than people who do not. Just like eating breakfast, between being less fat and being able to eat more so you don’t feel deprived, eating nuts is enormous help with fat loss and keeping it off!
And, there is a bonus, eating some nuts each day was found to cut your risk of dying or getting heart disease.  You literally may live 7 more years of healthy life if you eat nuts!
d)  One author, David Schwartz, said to afford to dress well, buy half as many but twice as good. 
For fat loss, that is a golden rule for eating in restaurants!
Instead of eating in fast food places five lunches a week, take health OK foods for lunch four days a week and eat at an upscale restaurant once a week.
Then, instead of accepting the rolls that are cheap fatteners and heart attack starters, insist they not be brought out or taken back. 
Instead, ask for a small salad or vegetable appetizer they say they can bring out quickly and insist they do that.  And ask for extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the salad --- or to bring out a dressing you like the taste of but on the side and then eat it sparingly.
If they can give you fast bar service asking for one glass of red wine of your choice also be brought out to you right away.
(I’ve done it.  And this works as well or better to avoid being starving hungry by the time your order arrives.)
Order a health OK protein and two servings of  a health OK vegetable.
Ask that no rice or potatoes or bread be included.
A good restaurant can and will do this and they are beginning to see more people do it!
Eating out is still festive and enjoyable and you’ll be full at the end of your meal!

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Blogger David said...

More workarounds and ways to make eating a low bad carb eating style easier I didn't get to yesterday:

Eating nuts to eat more but be less fat also highlights several other strategies:

1. What happens when people only eat low carb vegetables and proteins with no added fat?

Do they do better at fat loss?

Studies show they lose less fat and are MUCH less likely to keep it off.

Fat does stop hunger AND it helps your body access important nutrients from your food that are fat soluble. Plus fat plus spices has much more flavor and a much more mellow flavor than the same spices without fat or oil.

People who have no added fat find their food doesn't taste good AND they get hungry all the time. The same studies found that in practice getting some health OK fats solves these problems. They eat very few more calories; but they are healthier and keep doing the low bad carb eating style! The people who don't add some fats stop and gain the fat back they lost. And they may have health problems.

Raw, unoiled, and unsalted tree nuts in people who aren't allergic work for this. So do avocados and guacamole and mashed avocados. So do avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil.

And, we now know that organic coconut and coconut oil and fats from wild caught fish and animals and poultry fed only their natural diet from unpolluted sources ARE OK for your health to eat!

Eating some butter and full fat cheese from cows fed only grass and ZERO grain IS OK in moderation!

The same is true for eating egg yolks from chickens fed on their natural pasture.

2:09 PM  
Blogger David said...

2. Fats can lower the glycemic effect of the carbs you do eat because if half the calories are from fat or oils, the combination with even healthy carbs has half the glycemic effect of the carbs by themselves -- plus the food tastes better.

This is why full fat milk from grass fed cows produces fat loss better than nonfat milk -- by actual test! The hunger quenching of the milk is far greater and because the glycemic effect is lower -- between both parts there is no rebound hunger and cravings later as there is with skim milk.

It's quite similar to the proven effect of eating nuts!

3. If you must have some real sugar for its stress relief effect or to celebrate a success, if you have some health OK fat with it, the glycemic effect is less so you can get away with some sugar when you you wouldn't have otherwise.

Organic raisins plus raw pecan halves tastes great and has low glycemic impact!

Adding cinnamon also cuts glycemic effect.

So, another couple of treats you can have that are very low glycemic use powdered cinnamon for that effect.

I tried a small glass of chilled half and half from grass fed cows from Organic Valley that I bought at our local Whole Foods and added some organic applesauce with no sugar added and cinnamon. It was delightful but short on sugar to my wife's taste.

So I made her some with some dark brown C & H cane sugar.

She loved it!

Note that both versions net out being quite low glycemic!

And, this would be an even more hunger quenching treat AND even lower glycemic by adding some raw pecan halves or walnut halves.

So one work around when you WANT treats is to use these strategies.

You get to have the treat just fine. But the effect on stopping or reversing your fat loss is quite low and you can easily pass on treats made out of heart attack starters and proven fatteners!

4. Yet another strategy is that eating all you want and some sugars and fruit as treats on a few days a week and eating NONE on some days has been shown to cause MORE fat loss than cutting them out every single day of the week.

And, that's the tip of the iceberg!
To keep the fat off, your food style upgrades must be permanent.

When you have to be Spartan every single day, most people quit.

When you allow yourself some days or even more days each week when you cut yourself some slack, why not keep doing it? It's quite easy in fact!

4. The other similar strategy is to have one or two days a week of partial fasting. You have one normal meal -- I use breakfast; but some people prefer lunch or evening dinner.

And, on those days except for that one meal, eat virtually only extra nonstarchy vegetables. This is similar to the every other day strategy and works sustainably just like the every other day strategy.

But in addition to the fat loss benefits, it's been found to have truly awesome health benefits!

2:09 PM  
Blogger David said...

James Clear, the habit upgrades specialist has a new email as of yesterday.

James says one great way to set things up to do good habits and stop bad ones is to design your home and workplace to support the changes you want.

This is quite true. I've found the only way to avoid eating too much almond butter is to not have any at home!

Removing harmful and fattening food and drinks works the same way.

He does this also himself:

"If you keep a water bottle with you throughout the day, then drinking water rather than soda is more likely to be the default decision."

He also keeps a dumbbell by his desk to do some extra exercises.

I only do dumbbell work at home. But in the same way I keep my set right next to where I do my strength training that makes use of them.

It's a great idea. Decide what habits will support the results and life you want. Then make sure the things that fit are at hand and easy to access. AND make sure the things that will do the reverse are not available or very hard to get to.

11:00 AM  

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