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Several ways to avoid fatal heart attacks....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 7-10-2014

1.  About 6 weeks ago I saw a story in Medical News Today that had research showing that a combination of a poor immune response involving T cells with very high chronic inflammation was an indication of an above average risk of having a fatal heart attack.

But since we have ways to prevent both, it seemed to me at the time that taking the actions that prevent both is a great way to protect yourself against having a fatal heart attack:

Better T cell regulation from D3 and slashing inflammation prevent fatal heart attacks

This test measures T cell regulation and inflammation with the finding that low T cell regulation and sky high inflammation cause &/or trigger fatal heart attacks.

So, in addition to slashing omega 6 oils and increasing DHA & fish based omega 3 and virtually eliminating sugars and grains to get fast heart attack protection, adding 5,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 and using natural anti-inflammatory foods and extracts to further lower inflammation will make repeat heart attacks and fatal heart attacks less likely.

a) D3 helps prevent autoimmune disease in part because it improves T cell regulation in addition to its other health benefits.  And, 3,000 to 5,000 iu a day looks to be the real optimum intake for most people based on the research I’ve seen. 

(People who are outside a lot on summer days make more than that from sun exposure but few of us are outside that much even in summers.  In addition, most research on the beneficial effects of taking vitamin D3 has found that the greatest beneficial effect was in taking amounts of 4,000 iu a day or a bit more. Moreover, unlike vitamin D2 which is a manmade analog, vitamin D3, the natural form, is clearly safe up to 10,000 iu a day and likely far more. So, 5,000 iu a day is extremely likely to be safe.)

Oils like soy and corn and canola are high in omega 6 and are inflammatory.  Extra virgin olive oil is quite low in omega 6 and has tested to have health benefits both for that reason and others.  So to avoid the inflammation part of this, stop ALL the oils that are high in omega 6 and use extra virgin olive oil instead.

Grain is high in omega 6 oils.  And, eating a lot of it and meat and poultry and fish from animals fed grain dramatically boosts your blood levels of omega 6 past the safe level and causes this high inflammation.

So, also cut out all refined grain or virtually all of it; cut back to a low level of 100% whole grains, and either cut out meat and poultry and fish from animals fed grain and eat grass fed or pasture fed or wild caught only – OR cut way back on how much you eat and then only the trimmest and least fat versions and eat beans and lentils and nuts instead of animal source proteins much of the time.

You can also eat turmeric and take curcumin and eat ginger to sharply lower inflammation.  And, doing so also tests as lowering the small particle LDL that causes heart disease.

And, if you do those things and cut out most sugar and all high fructose corn syrup as well, this too lowers chronic inflammation and the small particle LDL that causes heart disease.

And eating wild caught fish high in omega 3 oils and taking DHA and omega 3 oils from fish in addition to cutting back on all sources of omega 6 oils also sharply drops inflammation AND the small particle LDL that causes heart disease.

In fact, one study found that doing this sharply increased heart protection with a few days!

Here’s the research about the test:

A genomic signature for lethal heart attacks in at risk patients
A simple blood test could be used to predict whether a patient with coronary
heart disease is at significant risk of having a heart attack or of dying from a
related cardiovascular condition.

2.  Suppose you are at risk for a fatal heart attack and there was a button you could push to trigger a heart attack, if you didn’t want a fatal heart attack, wouldn’t you be sure to avoid   such a button or even going near it?!

Surprisingly there IS such a heart attack trigger!  Some people push it themselves several times a day and some people have people near them push their button for them.

This trigger is tobacco smoke.  So the closer you can come to zero exposure to tobacco smoke, the less likely you are to have any heart attack – including fatal ones.  

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