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MSG fattens AND makes the fat harder to get rid of....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 6-17-2014

A.  MSG has been shown to increase fat gain even when the same foods without MSG do not.

To stay healthy and fully functional and look reasonably good, it’s important to avoid getting or staying fat.

If you are fat now, it’s equally or more important to permanently get rid of most or all of the excess in ways that boost your health NOT harm it.

The ideal is to eat and drink things that make this easy to do. 

For those who aren’t allergic raw, unsalted, and not oiled tree nuts do just that.  People who eat them take in more calories but are less fat and weigh less!

Green and nonstarchy vegetables allow you to eat large amounts of food, feel full, and take in very few calories and huge amounts of key nutrients of hundreds of kinds.

Three things do the exact opposite!

1.  High fructose corn syrup or high amounts of sugar or fructose in liquid form cause you to take in calories that do NOT make you less hungry.  Hello soft drinks! Then the fast blood sugar boost causes an insulin response that drives down blood sugar. THEN you get hungry for more.
Got that?  You take in fattening calories without reducing your hunger.  Then you get hungry! Bingo, the perfect fattener!

2.  Except for soft drink industry backed research, the rest show that diet soft drinks are even more fattening.  (Worse, the artificial sweeteners range from unsafe for some people to unsafe for everyone which recent research found is the case with Splenda/Sucralose.)

3.  MSG

MSG has been shown to increase fat gain even when the same foods without MSG do not.

The study of foods in multiple areas of China done many years ago when the ethnic foods were less eroded by “Western” influences found that people who used a lot of MSG were considerably fatter than people eating very similar foods who ate very little if any MSG.

Incredibly this was so even though both groups ate about the same number of calories a day.

This means that if you use quite a bit of MSG, you will be a good deal fatter even if you don’t overeat on the calories in your food.

So, the converse is true.  If you want to be trim or less fat without hassle, NEVER ingest MSG.

Where do you find it in your foods? 

To this time, although it could change, all fast food restaurants use MSG in virtually everything.  Almost all packaged dinners & snacks have MSG.   (It’s not only somewhat preservative, it’s somewhat addictive and adds an extra flavor boost to foods that would otherwise not taste very good. And, it’s cheap!)

But most unfortunately, that’s far from all.  Many people don’t want MSG in their food already.  But makers of condiments and spice blends like to use MSG because it’s cheap and gives their product an extra flavor kick.  And, there is not yet any law or rule making it mandatory to disclose MSG as MSG in all foods.

Two things happen to allow these companies to use MSG but not tell you on the label.  The use something that means MSG but doesn’t call it that or they pretend it’s spice and list it as such.

If a food has MSG on its label, don’t buy or eat any.  But also include foods that list autolyzed yeast, “natural spices” or just “spices.”  If it lists any of those as an ingredient do not buy or eat any!

For example, virtually ALL mustards and ketchups list “spices” on their labels except the 365 house brand and Whole Foods and those from Annie’s Naturals which is also sold at Whole Foods.

You really have to read the labels every single time to avoid MSG.  Even Whole Foods still carries spice blends and condiments that contain MSG.

(Note that the right amount of horseradish paste can give you a similar flavor kick in such condiments.  But you have to be careful since it is such a powerful and concentrated food. 

The much better news is that where MSG makes you fat and may also cause brain damage, horseradish is a cruciferous vegetable and very effective as a cancer preventer!)

B.  MSG has been shown to cause damage over time to the thyroid if you ingest very much of it too long. That also causes obesity by slowing metabolism.

Many women find they get fatter after menopause or even before it as they get older than 35.  But all women who have low thyroid do.  They have a bit less energy and their metabolism gets lower.  They eat the same as they used to do – maybe even good foods that normally are not fattening.  But they use fewer calories and gradually add extra fat.

We now know one cause of this is eating MSG over several years. 

So, if you don’t want this result AND that extra fat, do NOT ingest MSG.

C. The recent study we quote in this post even found evidence to suggest that MSG also causes fatty liver disease AND makes the fat it adds harder to lose than fat gained in other ways!

We list the link to that study next and quote from it some.

(Note that they say in their discussion that cutting back on calories does NOT remove fat gained from ingesting MSG.

The bolding of that section I did; but the researchers clearly thought it a serious finding.

The last thing you likely want is to eat something that not only makes you fat but the fat it adds to you is harder than normal to get rid of!)

“Monosodium glutamate, obesity and fatty liver disease   Thursday 29 May 2014

The commonly used food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been linked to obesity and disorders associated with metabolic syndrome including progressive liver disease.

A new study that identifies MSG as a critical factor in the initiation of obesity

and shows that a restrictive diet cannot counteract this effect but can slow the progression of related liver disease.

   is published in Journal of Medicinal Food, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The paper is available on the Journal of Medicinal Food website.

Makoto Fujimoto and a team of international researchers from Japan, the U.S., and Italy monitored the weight gain and development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and its progression to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in MSG-treated mice fed either a calorie-restricted or regular diet. They report their findings in the article "A Dietary Restriction Influences the Progression But Not the Initiation of MSG-Induced Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis."

"Although MSG has been deemed a safe food additive, its dosage, interaction with other drugs, effects on vulnerable populations, and effects on chronic inflammatory diseases and neurological diseases are unknown," says Co-Editor-in-Chief Sampath Parthasarathy, MBA, PhD, Florida Hospital Chair in Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando, in the Editorial "How Safe is Monosodium Glutamate? Exploring the Link to Obesity, Metabolic Disorders, and Inflammatory Disease." The findings by Fujimoto et al. "may have far reaching implications, as childhood obesity is a major problem across the globe."


Monosodium glutamate, obesity and fatty liver disease
The commonly used food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been linked to
obesity and disorders associated with metabolic syndrome including progressive

liver disease.

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Blogger David said...

In this post we very strongly suggest NOT to ingest high fructose corn syrup and MSG. They each independently work to make you fat and cause multiple kinds of health harm.

We quoted research at the end of this post that found that MSG consumption caused fat gain that deposited fat that was resistant to you trying to lose it later by taking in less calories.

The same research found that MSG intake also was a direct cause of fatty liver disease.

Then just after I did this post, I saw a number of health articles in the media that said two things.

1. Ingesting high fructose corn syrup also is a direct cause of fatty liver disease.

High fructose corn syrup is also is an almost perfect fattener of all you as we note in the article.

2. But the other point in the recent media articles about fatty liver disease was scary!

For many fatty liver disease is as deadly as liver cancer or alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.

Because of the recent very heavy and widespread intake of high fructose corn syrup and MSG, 25 million people are predicted to have fatty liver so bad that they will be diagnosed with it as a disease and have obnoxious symptoms.

Worse, 5 million of those people will die without a liver transplant or liver regeneration.

There won't be that many livers available and we don't quite know yet how to regenerate livers although it is being worked on.

That means most of those 5 million people will die from their fatty liver disease.

Why volunteer to be one of them so the food companies not willing to avoid harming you can make more money?

Don't drink soft drinks or eat foods sweetened with high fructose corn syrup at all ever if you can manage it.

And, to the best of your ability, never eat foods that contain MSG voluntarily.

For now, never eat in fast food places because they use both things.

Never drink soft drinks.

And to avoid MSG and high fructose corn syrup always read the labels and refuse to buy foods or drinks that contain them!

Not only will you be much less fat, this new research says you may well also save your life!

2:28 PM  

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