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Cut colon cancer risk & inflammation 4 ways....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 2-4-2014

(Actually there are 8 ways.  The four reported by the new study.  Two highly desirable ones that also work well for one of the other 4 methods in the study.  And there are two more in this post.)

A couple of weeks ago a study was reported that may wind up being extremely important for several reasons.

The researchers started with the finding that people who ate a high fiber diet tended to be less likely than those not doing it to get colon cancer.

They missed a reason that we will end this post with.

But they apparently did find a major reason that does help explain the finding.  And, there are 4 ways you can maximize the effect they found.

That’s really great because high chronic inflammation also:

Helps cause heart disease;

Helps CAUSE osteoarthritis and make it hurt more once you have it;

& it helps cause other cancers or make them more aggressive in addition to colon cancer.

It was reported in Medical News Today  about two weeks ago & the link is in this post just after two quotes.

1.  What they found was that a high fiber diet and a probiotic bacteria that thrives on a high fiber diet produce butyrate which lowers inflammation through its action on the immune system.

“The digestion of fiber leads to the production of butyrate - a short-chain fatty acid. Previous research by Dr. Singh revealed that butyrate activates the Gpr109a receptor.

But he says that this only seems to happen in the colon and that a high-fiber diet significantly increases butyrate levels in this area.

Butyrate triggers the Gpr109a receptor in immune cells - macrophages and dendritic cells - in the colon.

Dr. Singh explains that these immune cells produce anti-inflammatory molecules and transmit signals to T cells - white blood cells that play a major role in the immune system - which also causes the T cells to produce anti-inflammatory molecules.”

2.  They also found that taking niacin had the same anti-inflammatory effect on the immune system.
They somehow thought to check and found that in mice with no probiotic bacteria as people taking antibiotics would be that giving them niacin had the same result.

“…on giving niacin to mice who had no healthy colonic bacteria - because it had been destroyed by antibiotics - the researchers found the vitamin pushed immune cells into an anti-inflammatory mode.”

Here’s the link to the whole article:

Vitamin B3, fiber 'protects against colon cancer and inflammation'
A new study helps to explain why a diet high in fiber can protect against colon
inflammation and cancer, but it also suggests that niacin, or vitamin B3, may
have a similar effect.

So there are four ways to get this effect:

a)  Eat a high fiber diet including lots of vegetables, beans, and higher fiber fruit. 

b)  Ensure you have probiotic bacteria in your colon. Avoid sucralose totally because it kills your probiotic bacteria; avoid taking antibiotics when you can; and take probiotics daily as a supplement.  And work to avoid eating animal protein from those routinely given antibiotics.

c)  Consider eating some butter and cheese from cows fed only grass.  Butyrate is in butterfat I understand.  There is a reason the words sound the same. Avoid eating them after using high heat which has other problems.  And eat them in moderation.

Those three actions help create the conditions the researchers found caused the immune system to lower inflammation.

d) If you don’t take statins, consider taking 300 mg of niacin right after breakfast and lunch – or after your two biggest meals of the day.  For most people that delivers enough niacin to be effective but avoids most of the problem with the flushing effect.  (In some people taking both niacin and statins is harmful.  And, in everyone who exercises taking statins is harmful we now know.)

This inflammation lowering effect apparently is one of the reasons that taking niacin is so heart protective and has been found to cut the overall death rate of people who take it!

Based on niacin’s ability to increase HDL, lower LDL, and lower triglycerides, this means that it lowers the amount of the small particle LDL that causes heart disease.  NOW we know it also lowers high chronic inflammation too!  That’s extremely good news since high chronic inflammation also causes and worsens heart disease.

So besides this anti-cancer effect, taking niacin is unusually effective at helping you avoid heart disease.

The four other things to add are:

a) Avoid eating hugely too much omega six oil by NOT eating the foods that contain high levels of it such as eating grains and too much sugar and fats from animals fed grains;  & avoid using oils like canola, soy, corn, and safflower that are high in omega 6 oils instead.  Use only extra virgin olive oil instead; and either eat animal protein foods from wild caught or 100% naturally fed animals or eat only the most no fat, fat reduced animal proteins from animals fed grains and do it far less often.

b) Take DHA and omega 3 supplements daily and eat wild caught fish high in omega 3 oils and low in mercury two to three times a week.

Those two things together also lower chronic inflammation far below what it is for people who do none of these things.  They cause you to have a close to one to one balance between your omega 6 and your omega 3 oils and DHA also has added benefits on your brain and nerves.

Here’s the part the fiber researchers missed.

What kinds of fiber foods you eat can also help prevent cancer!

There are two kinds that do so unusually well.  So for your high fiber be sure eat some once a week or even two or three a day once you build up to it.

c)  Cruciferous vegetables that are eaten raw or very lightly cooked, ideally some of each, have multiple micronutrients proven to prevent cancer or make cancers less aggressive.  Men who eat raw broccoli or cauliflower florets at least once a week, cut their risk for aggressive prostate cancer in half as just one example. Kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and water cress are just a few more kinds. 

d)  Many vegetables have literally hundreds of kinds of carotenes.  And those that do, the more you eat them, the healthier you look because of the rosy glow it gives your skin, the healthier you ARE in every way, and the fewer cancers you get or keep going!

Broccoli and kale and other dark green cruciferous vegetables fit in BOTH of these groups!

Other vegetables that are high in carotenes include carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, and squashes – particularly pumpkin.

And, for best bioavailability of the carotenes either eat them with extra virgin olive oil or cook them or both.

Does that mean that eating both of those kinds of vegetables as a way to get your high fiber intake is highly effective at helping you avoid cancer?

That’s EXACTLY what that means!

It doesn’t hurt that eating those vegetables protects your health in other ways and makes it much more doable to avoid gaining excess fat or take it off permanently!  

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