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Foods to cut back for successful fat loss....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 12-13-2012

Recently I read a report of a study that DID show that people who pruned out fat from their food but did NOT make an effort to cut back on how much they ate lost fat.  They lost pounds AND inches from their waist.

But other studies have shown better results from cutting back on high glycemic carbohydrates

And yet other studies have shown that people cutting back their fat and oil intake to ZERO – including the fats and oils that are beneficial, lost LESS weight than people who continued to have a moderate amount of the beneficial fats and oils.

The answers I think are four fold.

1.  Come as close as you can as fast as you can to cutting out virtually ALL harmful fats and oils.

2. Then eat a relatively moderate amount of the beneficial fats and oils but those only – and be careful not to eat too much of them.

3.  Come as close as you can as fast as you can to cutting out virtually ALL harmful or very high glycemic sweeteners and those that increase your hunger or never turn it down in the first place.

4.  Then minimize the amount of real sugar of any kind that you eat both in how much per time and how often you eat it.

Doing those four things enables you do cut back calories but not that much on how filling and hunger satisfying or health supporting your food and drink is.

That way you lose fat you keep off because it’s quite doable to keep eating that way; and your fat loss dramatically improves your health instead of making it worse!

Why waste ANY caloric intake on stuff that makes you sick or fat or will help kill you!?

Learn what that stuff is and eliminate it as close to 100 % of the time as you can!

1.  Come as close as you can as fast as you can to cutting out virtually ALL harmful fats and oils.:

There are 4 kinds of fats and oils that are huge parts of the average American’s food intake but which cause serious and deadly health problems.

With two exceptions, you can come very close to eliminating all of them. 

You can replace a third to half that calorie content from eating beneficial fats and oils. 
 Then you not only lose fat without hunger but doing this helps you move from having what you eat cause disease and speed aging to protecting and improving your health.

a)  Hydrogenated oils are heart attack starter.  If a food shows ANY hydrogenated oil on its list of ingredients, never eat it or buy it.

(Eating less hydrogenated oils is not safe either.  It takes your body weeks to get rid of half of one serving.  That means that if you eat a small amount every day, you build up enough to cause heart disease.)

Shortening, nondairy creamer, most margarines, and a very high percentage, close to 100 %, of packaged snacks, desserts, commercial baked goods, and similar foods served in fast food outlets  -- all are loaded with hydrogenated oils.

Always read labels! Some peanut butter, bread, ice cream, and candy bars have contained this junk and many likely still do!

The bonus for fat loss is that many of these foods are also high in exactly the kinds of high glycemic carbs and sweeteners that fatten you and cause rebound hunger a bit after you eat them.  So you benefit your fat loss program triple by eliminating virtually all of them from what you eat.

b)  Oils that are high in omega 6 cause chronic inflammation in any amount over a tiny intake.  That causes heart  disease, helps cause some cancers, helps cause Alzheimer’s disease, is a direct cause of osteoarthritis, and speeds aging too by shortening your telomeres.

They are cheap and virtually come from GMO crops that are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides some of which remain in the oils.  These oils: soy, corn, saffola, canola, and cottonseed and some others are the oils used to make hydrogenated oils.  And the way they are processed I recently read causes these oils even without extra hydrogenation to contain some hydrogenated oils.

As far as I yet know, at this time ALL commercially sold “mayonnaise” contains one of these oil and almost all salad dressings contain no other oils.

(What to use instead?  Extra virgin olive oil has none of these problems.  Just don’t overdo how much you use and eat.)

c)  Grain fed animals and poultry are fed grains such as corn that are extremely high in omega 6 oils and are also almost always from GMO crops.

So, their fat contains bioconcentrated herbicides and pesticides and a massive overdose of omega 6 oils.

d) Refined grain should be virtually eliminated due to no health value and its very high glycemic index  So should most whole grains due to also having a very high glycemic index but you may want to eat some since 100% whole grains do have fiber and real nutrition.

But even with whole grains, all grains are high in omega 6 oils and even whole grains should be eaten very sparingly for that reason too.  (Quinoa is a grain like food that’s lower glycemic that may make some sense because it also is high in unusually good quality protein.)

2.  You have 3 ways to overcome this:

Eat other kinds of protein foods such as wild caught fish or beans and lentils or whey supplements, nuts, etc for most of your protein intake.  (The best choice.)

Eat only smaller amounts less often of the most fat-trimmed and lean grain-fed meats and skinless poultry as you possibly can.  And use and eat lowfat and nonfat dairy products.  (Sometimes this the best available choice and is inexpensive but is not the best choice overall so it’s best done as little as possible for foods that still contain any fat at all.)

This one is great for cutting back on total fats because there is a big drop in fats from full fat to low fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese.  The nonfat versions have the calcium and protein you need and that turns down your hunger but ZERO fat and fewer calories and far less omega 6 oils!

Eat protein foods from animals fed only their natural diet such as 100% grass fed beef, 100 % grass fed lamb, chickens and eggs from chickens only fed on pastures, and cheese and butter from cows fed only grass.  (This is a good choice but less available and it costs more -- each of which tends to make it less used.)

3.  Come as close as you can as fast as you can to cutting out virtually ALL harmful or very high glycemic sweeteners and those that increase your hunger or never turn it down in the first place.

a) Soft drinks either have excess sugar or high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.  The regular kind add calories and produce zero hunger reduction and then cause rebound hunger for sweet foods later.  The diet kind uses artificial sweeteners many believe not entirely safe to ingest.  And while they have no calories, they too cause rebound hunger for sweet foods later.

So, soft drinks are quite literally the perfect fattener!

If you want to lose fat you keep off, you want to minimize excess calories and hunger!

All soft drinks are effective at causing rebound hunger for sweet foods and do not turn down hunger in the first place.

If you want permanent fat loss, never drink ANY soft drinks!

b) High fructose corn syrup is sweeter than regular sugar and costs less to add to foods.  That makes the foods and drinks containing it more addictive. The glucose and fructose in it are not bound together as they are in regular sugar, so consuming HFCS causes more fat gain and health problems than real sugar would do.

And, due to how HFCS is made, about 30% of it contains mercury, a neurotoxin.

Worse, the foods and drinks that contain HFCS tend to also have other harmful or fattening ingredients or be served traditionally WITH such foods.  So, your best choice for fat loss and health is to always read the label and do not buy or eat or drink something with ANY HFCS listed as an ingredient.

c) Artificial sweeteners many believe not entirely safe to ingest.  And while they have no calories, they too cause rebound hunger for sweet foods later.  They also have been shown to cause obesity and related disease in people who eat or drink them often.  So they too are a great food category to simply never buy or ingest.

Natural very low calorie sweeteners used in place of half the real sugar in recipes that also cut back on the total sweeteners may be somewhat safer to eat.  Stevia has a very strong aftertaste which I find unpleasant and is always overpowering when added to foods or drinks.  But there are some very low calorie natural sweeteners that taste sweet but without adding a separate taste.

d) Agave nectar to me doesn’t taste that good and it’s pure fructose.  So it’s not that much better for you than HFCS, it costs more, and has an off taste.

For your sweet tooth eating pieces of whole fruit or eating real sugar but far less of it far less often make much better sense than these other sweeteners

e) Refined grains and the foods made with them are almost always made with GMO crops—mostly wheat.  AND they are extremely high in glycemic index and have almost no food value.

They are used in so many breads and buns commercial desserts and the like.

Simply put these foods are cheap but proven fatteners.   (And they are high in omega 6 oils too.)

Despite the challenge of eliminating virtually all of them from your diet, the better you do it the less fat you will be and the better your health will be!

And, just like omega 6 oils and hydrogenated oils, refined grains as ingredients are in such completely avoidable and unhealthful foods such as packaged snacks, desserts, commercial  baked goods, and similar foods served in fast food outlets. 

Cutting carbs even from nonstarchy vegetables and fruit may not be that good for you.

And, it may not add that much to your fat loss.

But cutting out virtually all HFCS, artificial sweeteners, agave nectar, and refined grains will massively boost your fat loss and protect your health.

The surprise is that it doesn’t tend to make you hungrier, yet you become less much fat!

We’ve covered what to eat instead in other posts.

But the DASH II diet with all these food ingredients removed and extra virgin olive oil added works.

The Mediterranean diet with all these food ingredients removed and the red wine drunk in low moderation and not more also works well.

Considering that many of the foods with these ingredients are still thought to be safe and normal to eat and still make up the majority of foods on the shelf of most grocery stores does make it a challenge to eliminate them all.

But the more completely you do it and the sooner you do it the less fat you will be!

The first bonus is that you won’t be that much hungrier and may even be LESS hungry after you do this.

The second bonus is that your rate of aging will slow down and you will tend to escape a huge list of harmful, expensive to treat, and even deadly diseases!   

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