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Important new information about successful fatloss & weight loss....

Today's Post: Thursday, 9-9-2010

Last Tuesday, earlier this week, Reuters had a story titled:

“.Long-term weight loss may be harmful to health”

The conclusion suggested by this headline is already known to be false.

BUT, the study it refers to IS something new that people who have lost fat and weight successfully should know about –
-- and so should people who are working to do so.

It seems a recently announced study done in South Korea found that successful weight loss apparently released into the blood of the people doing it a class of pollutants linked to:

type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, gum disease & rheumatoid arthritis.

Yikes !!

These pollutants, called persistent organic pollutants, or “POPs,” are stored in your fat, but when fat breaks down during fat loss, the results of this study suggest they wind up in your blood instead.

The researchers found that the people who lost most weight over 10 years had the highest concentrations of persistent organic pollutants in their blood, compared to those who gained or maintained a steady weight.

Yet the conclusion suggested by the headline is totally false!

First of all this actually shows that significant and successful fatloss is even better for your health than we originally thought.


Virtually ALL those diseases and conditions get dramatically BETTER or don’t happen with successful fat loss of more than 10 percent of your initial bodyweight.

The sustained upgrades and in what you eat and drink plus the increased regular exercise necessary to lose the fat --- plus the release of the weight literally making your life more difficult each make these better or less likely to happen to you.

So, if this just reported effect was fighting back, the actual effect of the fatloss had to be even stronger than we thought.

It would be as if I asked as a favor to get change for the laundromat if I could buy two dollars in bills or quarters from you for a ten dollar bill. You would be out the two dollars in bills or quarters; but the net would be that you would be $8 ahead.

1. So, the first important fact about this recent news is that it is NOT a reason to avoid losing significant amounts of fat successfully.

2. However there are some new things you should do based on this research that you might not have looked at doing before.

a) It may pay you to do things that remove these toxins from your blood.


b) It DEFINITELY will benefit you to stop them from getting into you in the first place in every way you can.

a) It may pay you to do things that remove these toxins from your blood.

There are people who know more than I know about detoxifying your body than I do. Worse, most of what I read on the subject ranges from clearly silly to downright dangerous.

That said, there are some things that likely will help that are safe to do. Many of them will also help you lose fat and keep it off!

There are even many foods that help you to lose excess fat that also have been shown to help detoxify you!

Any green and nonstarchy vegetable you eat adds close to zero net calories; adds significantly to the health supporting nutrition you get; and fills you up enough to make eating less of things with more calories almost automatic it becomes so easy. The fiber in these foods tends to bind to pollutants in your stomach and intestines and remove them. Abundant fiber in your diet also helps move your food through the system a bit faster, so you absorb less of any pollutants in the food.

Organic apples, apple sauce with no sugar, and cilantro each tend to be even more effective at this.

Eating beans and lentils and maybe some 100 % whole grain foods occasionally also add a lot of fiber to help clear your blood and cut back your net calories you eat without making you hungry.

Drinking pure or properly filtered water or drinking drinks like tea and green tea made with it can also help. Plus drinking enough water for good health will enable your kidneys to remove some of these pollutants.

Sweating can also help since some of the pollutants will get carried out of your body in it. And the best way to sweat more for people trying to lose excess fat and keep it off is to do vigorous exercise for more than 8 minutes.

b) It DEFINITELY will benefit you to stop them from getting into you in the first place in every way you can.

Eat virtually no packaged, prepared foods, particularly no snacks or desserts and drink NO soft drinks. As you likely already know, that also will be a huge help in losing excess fat and keeping it off. These foods tend to be heavy in pollutants, low or zero in fiber, and virtually all contain preservatives.

Similarly eat virtually no foods made with refined grain and not very many whole grain foods. The grains tend to be grown with heavy use of pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified grains with the herbicides or pesticides incorporated into the grain itself where they cannot be washed off.

When you can afford it and it’s available, always buy organic produce.

Organic produce has fewer pollutants and more nutrition.

To the extent you can do so, store food in glass and ceramic or sometimes metal containers instead of using any kind of plastic.

Never use plastic containers or nonstick pans to cook with!

Eat no soy products other than traditional tofu or fermented soy foods. The other soy food “products” tend to be bad for you directly in several ways where the traditional foods usually are AND they are virtually all made with soy grown with heavy use of pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified grains with the herbicides or pesticides incorporated into the soybeans themselves where they cannot be washed off.

But all that is the little stuff.

To the maximum you can manage, do not use room freshener or anti-smell sprays or pesticides or herbicides around your home.

Even more important, do NOT eat foods or fats that contain bioconcentrated herbicides or pesticides.

This may be the most important and effective item on this list.

Do NOT eat farmed fish. If you ever saw the list of pollutants in it, you’d wonder how it could even be legal to sell.

Worse, you may consider farmed salmon for the omega 3 oils. Since it’s a fatty fish, farmed salmon has MORE pollutants than most farmed fish. Get canned Alaskan salmon or wild caught salmon instead. (So far, all canned Alaskan salmon is wild caught.)

To the maximum extent you can, avoid eating meat, poultry, or dairy products from animals fed grains. Eat plant proteins such as beans and lentils and nuts and animal proteins such as wild caught fish or beef from cattle fed only grass.

And or, when you do eat dairy products or poultry or pork or beef from grain fed animals, eat the least fat and leanest versions you can manage. The pollutants from the grains they are fed are bioconcentrated in their fat.

Similarly, do NOT use oils high in omega 6 or eat foods containing them. These oils, corn, soy, safflower, and canola, are made from plants that are treated with pesticides and herbicides and virtually all are genetically modified too. (Extra virgin olive oil is usually an OK oil to use instead.)

This last set of things has also been shown to lower your inflammation in ways that have been shown to prevent heart disease and make cancers and gum disease less likely. It may even help prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Here too, since many of these foods are those that people with fat to lose may have eaten before in large amounts, NOT eating ANY of them will also help you lose fat and keep it off.

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