Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diet AND regular soft drinks make you fat and much worse....

Today's Post: Tuesday, 7-13-2010

You likely already know that regular soft drinks make you fat. But you may not be aware of how effective they are and how sneaky they are about doing it.

1. It’s pretty simple actually. Regular soft drinks add calories but do NOT make you less hungry. Then once your body tries to correct for the sugar surge it tends to overcorrect and the lower blood sugar then makes you hungry. The perfect fattener is regular soft drinks. They are enjoyable to drink but add calories and make you hungry later! Not only that, some studies have found that the high fructose corn syrup in them is a bit more fattening than sugar.

So, it’s small wonder that one study found the for every daily soft drink people drink, they are 15 pounds fatter after a couple of years than if they drank water, coffee, or tea instead. So, if you drink 3 a day, you very likely can lose 45 pounds of fat within a couple of years with no added hunger but LESS hunger if you switch 100 % to water, or tea, or coffee without added sugar etc.

2. One study reports that 60 % of Americans now drink diet soft drinks to avoid this problem. The result is about the same! The reason is that at the biological level, artificial sweeteners are extremely strong appetite increasing drugs that produce strong sugar cravings. Except for a tiny minority who have such a strong drive to be thin that they override the drug like effects and are able to ignore their sugar cravings – perhaps one or two percent – everyone else who drinks diet soft drinks, gets just as fat as if they drank regular soft drinks instead. Oops !

Bottom line, if you know the facts and don’t want to get or stay too fat, you’ll never drink soft drinks or diet soft drinks at all.

The effects of this added intake of sugar or high fructose corn syrup do more than make you fat to harm your health.

And, some of the other ingredients of many soft drinks do other kinds of harm.

Yesterday, NewsMax emailed out this headline story, “13 New Ways Colas Ruin Your Health”

Then in addition to obesity, diet & regular soft drinks making you fat, it lists twelve more ways drinking soft drinks harm you.

Here are those other 12 ways.

1. The added sugar and high fructose corn syrup have been found to increase triglycerides and lower HDL which means they increase the small particle LDL in your blood that causes heart disease. The study NewsMax reported was in the journal of the American Heart Association.

2. Similarly, even one a soft drink a day, makes it much more likely you’ll develop type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes does the triple too. It tends to help cause heart disease, it makes having heart disease more likely to cause a heart attack and kill you, and it also damages circulation to your sexual parts, legs, kidneys, and eyes.

3. Similarly, the regular intake of excessive high fructose corn syrup or sugary foods the appetite boosting effects of diet soft drinks causes you to eat, also tend to produce high blood sugar directly apparently. And this is in addition to the high blood pressure increase from the added fat you’ll have.

That makes heart attacks and strokes more likely and more likely to kill you.

4. Apparently, according to some studies, this excessive intake of fructose from high fructose corn syrup and sugars also tends to cause gout. That makes your joints or using that part of your body give stabbing pains from the uric acid crystals that it deposits in them.

But there’s more yet!

Many soft drinks and most colas have phosphoric acid added. It apparently makes the mouth feel of the carbonation more noticeable and increases the fresh feeling from drinking the soft drinks.

But, according to the information in the NewsMax article, you pay dearly for that effect. Remember, there is an extremely large multiplier effect with drinking soft drinks. If you drink 2 a day for ten years, that’s 7300 doses of phosphoric acid in that time.

5. This phosphoric acid apparently causes osteoporosis by leaching calcium from your bones. The drugs to try to reverse osteoporosis have truly obnoxious side effects and leg, back, and hip fractures can be extremely inconvenient, hurt like hell, stop your mobility at least for awhile, and even kill some older people according to the statistics. Why pay money to go there? Don’t drink diet or regular soft drinks.

Continued, in our next post on Thursday with more harms from phosphoric acid and other components in diet and regular soft drinks.

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