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Two ways to slow aging that work....

Today's Post:  Friday, 1-18-2013

Many people don’t think they want to live longer since today many older people are confined to nursing home or are invalids at home or simply don’t feel well all the time and have no energy.

But what if you could have 20 or 30 more years of healthy and enjoyable life?

If you simply slowed aging to very, very little & slowed way down AND were able both to be disease free and have the same energy you had as a young person and you could avoid the drugs that cause you to not to feel well or get sicker?

Two unusually powerful ways to do both have each been researched to work.

1.  The better known method is to get vigorous exercise most days of every week.

Stanford Researchers noticed that people there who started out as runners seemed to be younger looking than their colleagues at Stanford who didn’t run besides being less fat.

They decided to set up a matched group of Stanford people the same ages and economic group as the Runners to see if there was a difference over time.

During the study the runners mostly had to stop running from injuries BUT virtually all kept up some kind of regular and vigorous exercise.

What happened?  The exercise group got far less of the diseases the control group got, they tended to stay alive during the study, and they continued to look younger.  By the end of the study, the control group people looked much older and many of them had already died.

Then another study found that blood markers for heart health improved in another group of regular, vigorous, exercisers after a year.  But the huge news is that every year they continued exercising, they kept getting better and better heart and other protection and even more desirable blood markers for heart health! 

Yet another study looked at muscle cells.  Before the older group began exercising their muscle cells were operating less efficiently and at an older, more aged level.  Then after a period of regular and vigorous exercises for those muscles, the post test showed them completely restored and basically young muscle cells!

It’s proved beyond doubt as far as I’m concerned.  Regular vigorous exercise slows to almost stops aging AND is a dramatically effective way to avoid disabling or deadly diseases.

Exercisers quite literally have more years of healthy life where they almost have the same ability to do what they did as younger people!

To me that’s extremely clear and I’ll fight to keep up some kind of vigorous exercise no matter what.

(For exercise to be safe, start at an easy level and make progress slowly but steadily and avoid overdoing it until you know what your body can tolerate. 

Take breaks if you get too winded until you recover.  Working past that point can be harmful.  You just gradually build up to where that point becomes hard to reach. 

AND, it’s imperative that you learn how to prevent heart disease and heart attack.  We post on that often and there is a quick summary in the next section.

I got into studying heart protection so I’d be able to prevent heart problems caused when doing my exercises.  My blood tests show my efforts are working too.)

2.  CoQ10 prevents the mitochondria that are the power source inside all your cells from aging.

People make CoQ10 internally as young people and gradually make less until they lose the protection and their hearts pump less well and they have lower energy reserves.  They then act and feel much older.

Researchers fed older rats CoQ10 and found they acted as if they were younger, they were more active and began having sex again and looked less aged and aged more slowly.

But Coq10 is NOT what your body uses directly.  Your body converts the CoQ10, aka, ubiquinone, to the ubiquinol form and uses that.

So researchers then tried feeding the rats ubiquinol directly.

WOW!  The rats fed ubiquinol then acted and looked like much younger rats!

And they lived about 10 to 24% longer!

Now, in people, we know from blood tests why this is so. 

People who take ubiquinol instead of CoQ10 have FOUR times the blood level of the active form, ubiquinol than people who take CoQ10 at the same dose AND that blood level remains that good TWICE as long!

(One of the reasons statins are such undesirable drugs is that they seriously deplete CoQ10 and ubiquinol in people taking them.  That’s a known and understood effect.

But, far worse, people taking statins without also taking 300 mg a day of ubiquinol tend to have the very protective vigorous exercise they should be doing harm them and their muscles and to feel much older and have far less energy.

Recent research found that indeed it was the CoQ10 depletion that caused the muscle harming effect.  So if you are taking statins.  Find out if your genetic test places you in the group statins help protect you or in the one where they hardly do.

Find out the other ways that work to protect your heart, in addition to regular, vigorous exercise. Taking niacin and sterol supplements, virtually never, ever eating hydrogenated oils, and completely avoiding tobacco smoke are the most effective. But there are many others.

Then, if you are in the group they help and you want to keep taking them, the research shows you can do so with dramatically more safety and side effect if you also take 300 mg a day of ubiquinol.)

To get these effects:

If you are over 40 and often feel less energetic even when you aren’t sick, consider taking 50 to 100 mg a day of ubiquinol.

If you are over 60 take 100 to 150 a day of ubiquinol.

I’m 69 as of next month and take 150 mg myself.

Clearly the research shows that doing regular, vigorous exercise and taking ubiquinol can slow to almost reverse aging.

Sure other things can age you faster, smoking for one.  And there are many other ways it’s desirable to protect your health.

But using those two methods alone can do most of the heavy lifting!   

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